Today I was reading a comment on a news article and the commenter used the phrase 'sanpaku eyes' (they were describing a criminal's mugshot). Don't think about that right now, goddammit! According to ancient Chinese and Japanese medicine the whites showing below the eyes portended misfortune while the whites visible above the eyes indicated rage and psychosis. Fear not, though: plastic surgeons have developed a second cosmetic procedure to remedy the effects of procedure, Exophthalmos, or proptosis, is a bulging of the eyeball; among the underlying causes can be Graves’ disease (an immune disorder that leads to hyperthyroidism), or eye injury or cancer, etc.

As a skeptic I place no credence in the notion that those with sanpaku are doomed to die a tragic death while young, but I do wonder about the condition. The sclera under the iris – the current imbalance of vital energy – appears as a result of work overload, a feeling of “pressure,” nervous tension, which causes a constant feeling of anxiety and panic attacks. Ohsawa poached the concept of sanpaku from old Asian diagnostic traditions of facial reading, in which different features were thought to reflect aspects of your physical or spiritual health. This indicated a willingness to die and an enormous level of stress. How did “nuts” and “bananas” come to mean “crazy”? Some historical incidents are... Dakota Johnson And to the extent anyone’s aware of the trait today, it’s because they’ve heard this roster of unfortunates, which has since been expanded to include John Lennon and Elvis. Call me a silly rube but I find the phenomenon a bit fascinating. All of these photos are of people looking forward and all of them display either very sanpaku or near sanpaku eyes. The sclera above the iris indicates a permanent imbalance of Fire. If you work at your desk all day or play computer games a lot, chances are you have experienced severe pain in the neck,... "A picture is worth a thousand words," we've all heard, but what does that mean?? How did some crime fiction come to be described as “hard-boiled”? (The sclera of our closest relatives, apes, are either colored or otherwise obscured.) An interesting fact, physiognomists studied the photographs of the terrorists. However, in our time, it has not received scientific confirmation, which put it on a par with esoteric directions, such as palmistry, astrology, fortune-telling in tarot, and other mantic systems, and this does not prevent its use in our time, as well as other methods.

Send questions to Cecil via [email protected] AliasesSanpakuSanpaku ganSanpaku-ganSanpakugan. Recall that, among species, humans possess notably visible and well-demarcated sclera. newsletter. Who originated, “Now is the time for all good men …”. What’s the origin of the skull and crossbones pirate flag? Finally, a milky white ring around the cornea — not quite sanpaku, but I guess it could be mistaken for such — indicates the presence of lipid deposits. It was believed that the eyes could determine the general condition of a person and the degree of consumption of his vital energy. Eyes 1-4 of Lincoln, JFK, RFK and Heath Ledger are clearly very sanpaku while eyes 5-8 are “near” sanpaku with President Obama being still alive at this time. Is there anything to sanpaku eyes medically, though? "A picture is worth a thousand words," we've all heard, but what does that mean?? This is chronic anxiety, but unlike the first case, it doesn’t entail the risk of danger. It means that the person is “burning to the full extent,” however, complete burnout is possible. In Japanese media, this is far more common in male characters than in females. Sanpaku-gan produces a more “piercing and sharp” look that lacks cuteness, so Japanese fiction tends to apply it to aggressive, delinquent, mean and/or rude characters. In his writings Ohsawa claimed that three-whites was a particularly nasty characteristic, indicative of someone “suspicious, fearful, insecure, quick to misunderstand, and passive.” Furthermore, “his heart, sexual organs, liver, kidney, and lungs are very sick,” and so forth, and the condition can only be treated with a macrobiotic diet. The word is Japanese, from elements meaning “three” and “white,” the idea being that the iris is bounded by sclera on three sides, rather than the usual two. The best of The Straight Dope, delivered to your inbox.

In either condition, it is believed that these people attract accidents and violence. Several sources on sanpaku point with satisfaction to an August 1963 interview (by Tom Wolfe, no less) of George Ohsawa in the New York Herald Tribune, in which he’s said to have predicted JFK’s death. Sanpaku eyes. Less stress, clean hands, and of course, less internet! Or could they? A character with this trait has Sanpaku eyes.Sanpaku eyes refers to eyes in which the white space above or below the iris is visible. But they’re sometimes seen as a sort of benign effect of certain other conditions: Anyways, the sanpaku crowd isn’t just swimming against the tide of good science — if we follow one credible theory, they’re up against the whole of evolution.

Japanese culture enjoys superstition, Tofugu have written a nice article about it here. See more ideas about Eyes, Beautiful eyes, Female eyes.

It’s thought that our eyes evolved to look this way so we’d be better able to communicate — by reading one another’s eyes and tracking each other’s gazes.

The photo of Obama was taking during his campaign when he was under attack for his association with … Sanpaku eyes.

What causes sanpaku eyes (and what the hell are sanpaku eyes)? Sanpaku eyes refers to eyes in which the white space above or below the iris is visible. Possible medical complication: increased irritation due to greater exposed area of the eyeball. Such people take everything to heart. So more may be better when it comes to the sclera, though I hope this doesn’t mean Charles Manson is the next step in human development. In Japanese media, this is far more common in male characters than in females. So basically in Chinese medicine and Asian culture, eyes where three sides of the white are visible at the same time (either above or below the iris) are called "Sanpaku" or "three white" eyes. Ohsawa came armed with examples, too: his list of prominent people with sanpaku included John F. and Robert Kennedy, Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, and Marilyn Monroe. Then there’s Charles Manson, who had the … First off, Bill, “sanpaku eyes” isn’t exactly a medical term. Not really — as an isolated trait, nobody ever died from showing too much sclera. You have entered an incorrect email address! “Sanpaku” is a Japanese term that translates to “three whites.” Sanpaku eyes show white space above or below the iris in addition to the white space to the left and right of it. This might cause a sanpaku look, but here the most striking aspect isn’t really exposed sclera. Famous people with this trait include Sal Mineo, John F. Kennedy , Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, Sharon Tate, Princess Diana, … Ohsawa came armed with examples, too: his list of prominent people with sanpaku included John F. and Robert Kennedy, Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, and Marilyn Monroe. Stop and listen to yourself sometimes.

What are they hiding? What are the glass squares on either side of the presidential podium?

Lo and behold, the Wiki mentions 'sanpaku eyes'. The location of the sclera above and below the iris was considered a sign of genius or a madman. Not everyone knows that physiognomy was one of the most ancient Chinese professions. Sanpaku describes eyes in which the sclera — the white part — can be seen above or (usually) below the iris. However, most... What are the chances on earth that your favorite celebrity will fall in love with you? Such people can be hysterical, take offense at all sorts of trifles, overly nervous. Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith's daughter Dakota debuted in 1999 in Alabama in the film Crazy and in 2006. She became a star... We usually cannot imagine celebrities living in the same lives as us and that they have the same day-to-day challenges as us.

To understand this, you need to consider what your sclera looks like – the white parts that are usually located on either side of the iris. Those with prominent examples of yin sanpaku, where the whites of the eyes can be seen below the iris, include the late United States president John … Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. What is the origin of the song “There’s a place in France/Where the naked ladies dance?” Are bay leaves poisonous? Whatever dent the sanpaku concept has made in the Western consciousness is largely the doing of George Ohsawa, a Japanese thinker who last century helped bring to the wider world the dietary philosophy called macrobiotics, which emphasizes maintaining one’s yin-yang balance via intake of various whole foods. A character with this trait has Sanpaku eyes.

I've been planning on reading it since last year, but only today decided to research the author.

Clearly this group had its share of high-profile troubles, one concedes, but not ones that could have been foretold from the visibility of their sclera. Ectropion, or eyelid droop, occurs in aging people as their faces lose muscle tone; as the lower lid droops, you might catch a little more white. Jump to a few hours later and I'm looking at the Wikipedia page for the author of a book I plan to read. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What causes the condition known as sanpaku eyes? Perhaps you should sharply press the stop button and slow down so as not to burn out. Well you might ask. Sanpaku-gan produces a more “piercing and sharp” look that lacks cuteness, so Japanese fiction tends to apply it to aggressive, delinquent, mean and/or rude characters.Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4. And second, the phenomenon the phrase refers to isn’t exactly a medical condition, but rather a not wildly uncommon physical trait — it’s like you’re wondering about the condition known as dimples.

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