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Dodging is the name of the game for Rogues, and there are plenty of great ones in Age of Magic. But you will have to replace him as soon as possible with the other 2 tanks in this guide if you don’t want to risk finding yourself stuck on a level unable to progress. Let’s see who are the best ones. Another hero who makes the list of best heroes despite not having a passive ability, and for a very good reason called Demonic Kiss. Lucky is a lower level hero than Azariel, so he only has access to 2 skills instead of 3, but don’t let this fool you. Myrddin is a Druid, and as such he has the ability to trigger Druid faction marks, decreasing the speed of the target of 30% for 2 turns. Sacrif increases her own initiative by 12% for every Archon ally she has. This means your Sun Wukong will always be able to fight, even against powerful disables like Demonic Kiss or Wood Spirits. This spell is okay, but nothing spectacular, although the dodge can lead to some hilarious moments if you get lucky.

Close. r/ageofmagic: Age of Magic is a new mobile game by Playkot.

Suggestions? Shards are rewarded for completing certain missions in the Campaign mode.

Armor Class — defines the level of physical damage a hero can block. This isn’t serving some higher power nor is it an offering of any kind. Dusk of Arekhon is an extremely powerful spell, as it reverses all healing done for the next 2 turns into damage. activate sacrif's 3rd skill at the start to avoid them accidentally kill your lucky. Learn more... Health — defines a hero's HP. It isn’t very clear in the game what their specialization is, plus there are only 4 boss units as of now, so it’s hard to figure out what’s going on with them. If the target has their full HP, they will get a shield that protects 17% of their maximum HP. Created by VRecorder:http://vrecorderapp.com/free #vrecorder Restores 40% HP of the ally with the lowest HP and of all Archon allies. He is lackluster as a main healer, which is why we are putting him below Azariel, but as we’ve already said, he is just as capable, so make sure to at least consider adding him to your squad.

Level — affects hero's Physical and Magical damage, HP, Armor Class, Resistance to Magic.

Death Strike is a very interesting ability, as it deals a powerful blow that makes it impossible to resurrect the hero it hits, if it deals a fatal blow.

Join the AoM Tools Discord server. Allies that aren’t Druid “only” get half of the boost. Is this list still up to date with the new heroes that added in to the game? The class system is a staple of any RPG, and Age of Magic is no different. All rights reserved. So without further ado, we are presenting you our Age of Magic tier list, showcasing the best heroes in the game. Furthermore, allies will take half damage form the next 4 attacks that hit them. This concludes our tier list for Age of Magic. All of this comes just from Monkey King, Sun Wukong’s passive. Raarspit, Angrim, Infernus, Jagg, Sabertooth. The reason for this is Lifebloom, an ability that resurrects a random hero and restores half of their health, while also granting them the regeneration of 15% of their max HP for the next 2 turns. If one of her allies is dealt a fatal blow, they won’t die, and they won’t be able to get killed for 2 more turns, or until they get hit 8 times. Little is known about his future as … To unlock a new hero, you need to collect a certain number of their Shards.

Physical damage — damage inflicted by regular weapons and blocked by Armor Class. Don't touch sk or denaya before mag lucky sacrif die, to not trigger the rage.

User account menu. https://ageofmagicgame.fandom.com/wiki/Shards_and_Rarity?oldid=2075. Lastly, Red Shadow is an amazing offensive ability that attacks and curses the target, reducing their fortitude and healing Azariel’s allies, plus attacking a cursed target heals the attacker by 60% of the damage dealt. Restores 40% HP of the ally with the lowest HP and of all Archon allies. Age of Magic is released worldwide! Press alt + / to open this menu.

Arekhon Guard is a good tank for starters, its ability to tank hits is very good thanks to its great health and armor stats. Resistance to the Elements — defines the level of elemental damage a hero can block. HP can be restored in battle thanks to special skills. Magic Story. (1)SK 3rd skill on sacrif, (2)Maedb 2nd on Roinar, (3)if sacrif has dodge buf remove it with Deneya basic attack otherwise use Deneya 2nd skill, (4)lock sacrif with Bellara 3rd skill, (5)use SM 2nd skill, (6)let goldies attack, use basic attacks unti you remove taunt with Bellara 2nd skill. Overall a pretty good spell, especially when combined with other heroes able to cast debuffs on enemies, as it prolongs them.

It makes it impossible for him to skip a turn or block his abilities.

Age of Magic Heroes.

To find out which missions reward Shards, tap on Search. ... Age of Magic. It’s simply an exchange. Rock is a sorcerer who belongs to the Beastmen faction. We put a lot of emphasis earlier on how crucial it is to have more than 1 healer, and how important healing is in this game.

Maedb is pretty similar to Succubus, as her Wood Spirits also prevents struck enemies from using any of their special abilities for 3 turns, while also removing buffs. Dexterity — affects hero's Chance of Critical Strike and Dodge.

The shield protects 6% of the the target's maximum HP. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The game is pretty detailed, and while the number of heroes are low at the moment, the developers are working hard to bring us new content.

If the next attack against marked target ir by a Melee Damager, then the target misses a turn. Resistance to Magic — defines the level of magical damage a hero can block. Rarity is increased by means of Shards. r/ageofmagic: Age of Magic is a new mobile game by Playkot.

Roland is one of the great Mages who has been studying magic since an early age. Always bring a tank to fights.

Ranged damagers deal a lot of damage from distance, whereas melee damagers are specialists in dealing huge damage from close distance.

The amount of utility that Kage brings to the table with his skillset is very high. Shards are rewarded for completing certain missions in the Campaign mode.

They tank attacks and spell so that their frail teammates don’t, protecting them from harm.

She is very good at keeping people alive through her multiple shields though and the fact that she purges debuffs is very useful as well. Age of Magic, and Age of Magic logo © Playkot 2020.

September 30, 2020.

You have to pay for it. Remember, Demonic Kiss will stop enemies from using any of their active skills, so you can for example block Healers from casting their heals or shields or resurrections, or you can prevent Casters from wreaking havoc.

There are 7 classes in the game: Boss, Caster, Healer, Melee Damager, Ranged Damager, Rogue, and Tank.

Frost Spike is a powerful spell that deals considerable damage to a single enemy and it has a cool down of 4 turns.

You can play around this ability though: Azariel herself isn’t affected by this ability, so by focusing her you will prevent it from activating. As if all of this wasn’t enough, when he uses Ryuji Jingu Bang he has a 80% chance to remove all armor and magic resistance buffs from the enemies he hits. Luckily for us, there are plenty of great Rogues in the game, so it is easy to build a competitive team around this. Chance of Critical Strike — defines the chance of inflicting a Critical Strike. This combined with Blades of Fury turns Maedb into an extremely dangerous Rogue who can deal massive amounts of damage quickly, while her enemies won’t be able to move. Speed — defines the priority of heroes' turns.

Roland starts his journey to find and set his folks free.

He also ignores the targets’ armor when he strikes a critical hit, and his critical hits cannot be dodged or blocked.

; Cabal Therapy can turn any creature into a targeted discard spell for a card you already know.

This spell has a cooldown of 3 turns. Age of Magic is released worldwide!

Unlike with tanks though, there are plenty of great healers in the game, so it isn’t as clear-cut as with Siegfried.

That’s all Rok does.

His other abilities allow Sun Wukong to buff himself to obscene levels and deal more damage than just about every other hero in the game. Copyright © 2020 AOM Tools v.2020-10-22.Privacy policy.Age of Magic, and Age of Magic logo © Playkot 2020.

You can’t go wrong by having an Azariel on your team, so try to get her, she will massively improve your team.

Each hero has a range of stats that define his role in a battle.

All in all, Monkey King is a super solid choice for every lineup, and you should prioritize getting him, he is just that good. Age of Magic, and Age of Magic logo © Playkot 2020.

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