Lil' bitch!/Got' em runnin scared of a bigga nigga/'Cause I put that heat to his um, Hilfiger/Now on dat drank and on some of dat dank/My pistols gettin' thirsty now it needs another drank" -- Bone Crusher, "I go hard in the muthafuckin' paint nigga/Leave you stankin' nigga, what the fuck you thinkin' nigga/I'm gon' die for this shit or what the fuck I say/Front yard broad day with the SK/See Gucci, that's my muthafuckin' nigga/I hang in the Dale with them hit squad killers/Waka Flocka Flame, one hood ass nigga/Ridin' real slow bendin' corners, my nigga", "No love cry when only babies die/And when I go that casket better cost a hundred thou/I pray to god I look my killer in his eyes/Snatch his soul out that shirt let's take him for that ride/OG is one who standin on his own feet/A boss is one who guarantee we gon eat/Fuck a blog dawg cause one day we gon' meet/I'm a spazz on yo ass like I'm Mo'nique" -- Rick Ross, "I'm Chewy, I'm some hot nigga/Like I talk to Shyste when I shot niggas/Like you seen him twirl then he drop, nigga/And we keep 'em nine millis on my block, nigga/And Monte keep it on him, he done dropped niggas/And Trigger he be wildin', he some hot nigga/Tones known to get busy with 'em Glocks, nigga/Try to run down and you can catch a shot, nigga", "Just think if I ain't empty the clip and he killed me/Would I still be living, would my homeboys miss me?/How many niggas bust they gun when they have to/Don't need no ski-mask when it's time to get at you/I'm glad you didn't see what it looked like when we left/Brain fragments for shotgun blasting, I'll take a nigga breath", "Money the root of evil, wait 'til them shooters see you/Lurkin in Grand Marquises, scopin' on you, your people/Made a movie with niggas, murder and you the sequel/Bullets gon' riddle you, they gon' use tubes to feed you/Momma gonna pull the plug/Head big as Hey Arnold's is, full of blood/Smell the death in the air when we pullin' up/Bullets go B-B-BRRRR, fill 'em up", "Man I murder fo' fun but my job is never done/From morning morn' to the setting of the sun/Bad men come come, come get murdered for fun/The hundred round drum in my tommy gun/Be a cat in the Hum' I'll cut out your tongue/Me and Ox, man we murder fo' fun/Talk talk bad man, come get murdered fo' fun/The Gucci Mane, man I murder fo' fun", "Or Osama bombin' shit/We slay niggas wit K's, we the drama men/Get it right young scrap don't even try it boy (boy)/You rather slide down the razor blade slidin' board/I'm a live wire, hula hoop barb wire/Run through hell with gasoline draws on/You can't mute me put the pause on/My guns shoot like fast-forward's on/And dress cute when the war's off" -- Beanie Sigel, "My dogs is my guns/They attack any nigga that comes or any niggas that rings/If my Glocks on safe that means my dogs on the leash/Twenty shells in the clip, each bullet's the teeth/Keep my dogs starvin', they ain't ate in days/Keep my guns loaded, they can't wait to spray/My Glock is a rot, my Four-Fifth is a pit/My D.E. Am on the back with a loaded tray (I love it) Reekz has to be one of the hardest drill rappers!”, “R6 is from the younger 67 camp, the beat on this one is crazy and was produced by Carns Hill, who produces a lot of 67 stuff.

Representing Brixton, south London, 67 need no introduction. Mobbing and raping her, Saudi Arabia/I'm 89 tho, Audi and Avias/Beef in N-O, I had to call No Limit up" -- Cam'ron, "For my legion, fill up the season and start squeezin'/Niggas talkin' shit, be behind the cars weavin'/There's no breathin', ain't nobody in here leavin'/You kill my man, I kill your bitch, now we even/I'm from a cold world, where it's bleeding 20 degrees in/Fahrenheit, niggas get sniped for no reason/Do a lot of work, got plenty funds and many guns/Many sons, niggas do anything to anyone", "Half steppin with your weapon on safety/Now break yourself motherfucker, 'fore you make me/Take this 211 to another level/I come up with your ends, you go down with the devil/Now roam through the depths of hell/Where the rest your busta ass homeboys dwell", "I be comin' up wit da Glock toy/You can stop boy/You ain't heard I'm off tha block boy/Chipp-pedy chop boy/Off in ya cut is where I'm layin'/Ready fo' sprayin'/Soon as I see yo face and hand/I ain't wit dat playin'/My daddy showed me how to play it in a situation/My daddy tol' me I ain't shit wit outta occupation", "Rhyme slayin', straight, suckaz I'm slayin'/Hoes, I'm layin', niggas can't barely stand/I got 'em layin' and prayin', delayin', decayin/Ask them hoes, I ain't playin' with 'em/Wanna get beef, I have to turn my cheek/Cock back like like Mad Max and knock out one of dem fuckin' teeth/I'm a mean, gene machine, the executioner, be appeased with gillotine", "He was on the road, it took 'em 10 to do him in/The killas fled, damn, but they'll be back again/He was Polo'd down with the matchin' socks/I mean stuffed like a turkey with a half a key of cooked rocks/The reaper came and took him/I saw the tears from my baby mama's eyes over look him/As I walk through the shadow's of death/Where no rapper or no man can spare no breath", "Talkin' out his neck, pistol to his throat/Blow this motherfucker, he gone choke/On the ground, on the floor/Someone pick him up, take him to the morgue/I'm ridin' through New York/Finna go and shoot New Jersey up/Tryna take my chain, I ain't goin'/We gon' come and blow New Jersey up", "I just bought a chopper, gave it to Numbanine/Slipping up in traffic that’s a one to nine/I catch an opp on traffic I'mma gun him down/Posted up on normal on the summer time/My block my block, you an opp, you get shot/That drum beating like chop/So get back or get thatNow run up on me and get wacked, in other words get stretched/And if Durk is here he’s gonna catch", "But me, I grab the banger, I don't care about size/Hope the whole block watch when I tear out your eyes/C-O pullin' the pin, turtles is comin'/But before I hit the box dog, I'm murderin' something/Thick is thick, frail is frail/Make sure that my name ring bells wheneva I'm in jail/It's the belly of the beast, bottom of hell" -- Styles P, "It's the young Frank Matthews the rap version/Touch my trap on my smack the gats burstin'/That's certain leave ya face and ya chest and ya back jerkin'/Uh, y'all got me fucked up like/My desert eagle and my sick doom bust right/Like my guns is racin', muthafucka don't you know I/Make ya heart stop and ya body start shakin'/Now you know the bottom line of this rhyme crime/25 to life plus nine", "Yo, everybody's a snake/That's why I try to keep the grass cut/So I can see 'em when they coming, then I heat they ass up/'Cause them niggas that you went to school with/Will catch you while you in your new whip/And turn your brains into Cool Whip" -- Jadakiss, "My momma said don't be that, the little nigga that sell crack/Gangbanger that street jack/Always trying to figure where the beef at/Knock, knock, put your brain on the doormat/Bitch nigga, what you call that?/We on block patrol, nigga fuck your roll, got the gat on me/Nigga look, it's right here, bulldog bark, you could die right here/Real gangsta niggas don't have no fear/Real niggas never tattoo their tears", "It'll be a cold day in hell the day I take an L/Make no mistake for real, I wouldn't hesitate to kill/I'm still the fat one that you love to hate/Catch you at your mother's wake/Smack you, then I whack you with my snub tre eight" -- Fat Joe, "Hopped out the back seat they gave me a revolver/Blass, you distract him while I go and whack him/Entered through the back side of the bar and then attacked him/He's screaming for his life, reaching for his wife/Shot him in the back of the head and shanked him with a knife/And that goes for anybody who's gotta pay they dues/You lose, cause I got the Ill street blues" -- Kool G Rap, "Don't sleep, I get deep when I creep/I see right now I got to show you it ain't nothin' sweet/Go get your muthafuckin' hammer/And act like you want drama, I send a message to your mama'Hello, do you /know your one son left?/I had license to kill and he had been marked for death/He's up the Hill in the back of the building with two in the dome/I left him stiffer than a tombstone" -- Billy Danze, "Coming hard as fuck I be like acin' and I'm icing/Stepping into the ring fuckin' 'em up like Michael Tyson/Gimme all your cash, cause I'm about to blast/And bust 50 bullets in your motherfucking ass/Niggas think I'm crazy cause I'm poppin' off at the mouth/And plus I had the chopper pointed at your damned house/My name is Spice 1 I be a vicious motherfucker/Get you for a key and leave you lyin' in the gutter" -- Spice 1, "I'm stackin' and mackin' and packin' a 10 so/When you're slippin', I slip the clip in, but ain't no set-trippin'/'Cause it's Death Row, rollin' like the mafia/Think about whoopin' some ass, but what the fuck stoppin' ya/Ain't nothin' but a buster/I'm stranded on Death Row for pumpin' slugs in motherfuckers/Now you know you're outdone, feel the shotgun/Kurupt inmate cell block one" -- Kurupt, "Checking my rearview/'Cause niggas, they will do jack moves, black fools cause I smack fools/Try to set me up for a 2-11/Fuck around and get caught up in a (1-8-7)/But I don't represent no gangbang/Some niggas like lynching, but I just watch 'em hang", "My nigga, you done pushed the wrong button/I ain't never ran this hot/Now you the number one nigga I wanna whoop the piss out/And this not a threat, bet that, I ain't gonna let that slide/Gotta get that bitch right, want him dead by midnight/I followed him from his crib to the crack spot/I watched him go in and come back out, I got ready to pull the Mac out/Sandwiched him by the feeder of 610/Unloaded the pistol, now dirt is now what his dick in" -- Bun B, "Solitaires on me, no cards/Niggas gon' pull up and spray in broad/Got that yopper on him right now/And he ready to pull up right now/Choppa hit a nigga with the scope/Fuck that pussy shit, we sellin' dope/Turn the hood into Iraq/On the corner, flippin' that pack", "We ridin' all night, finally got lucky/We saw 'em chillin' back, turned on the block hustlin'/Hit the lights, park, jumped out, walked/Crept down on 'em, let them AK's bark/One of them niggas broke out, I broke out behind him/Went down the alley, went under the house, I went behind him/Caught him, then I ch-chopped him up/In the process my Reeboks got fucked up", "Let a choppa go plow, to your melon/Now the plasma is oozing out of yo cerebellum/Attention!

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