Nonetheless, the canine can discern friend from foe. Sadly, widely reported pit bull attacks have resulted in negative publicity of this breed even resulting in Breed Specific Legislation therefore these laws could be an obstacle in ownership. Yet what makes them a good pet?

They aren’t bad dogs, just misunderstood. Given the strength of their jaws, this could result in some serious damage to your home furnishings!

I am experiencing my first pit. I am thankful to you all for your comments. The Pitbull breed is misunderstood by most people because of the biased unfavorable press. Required fields are marked *. Socialization and training are crucial for any dog. They use incentives and rewards, to help keep training something that the dog doesn’t just tolerate. They are sometimes recognized as having sensitive skin, but getting a shampoo specifically formulated for their coat will help. I have a Pit/Boxer mix and Red Nose With this being said, red nose Pitbulls are not a breed in their own right. Tana’ and he literally beams a huge smile on his face, goes all sheepish and does the whole paw over the eyes thing, CUTE and cracks me up. Not a valid point, Jeff. I own a Pit Bull and she is the best dog I have ever own and she is fantastic around my two year old.

Force-free methods have been scientifically proven to be more effective (and they are gentler too). Can u find me another, as theres so much love for a pattycake, sweet and juicy kisses. You may publish. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.

Red Nose Pitbull Bloodline. Tell me that’s not a smart kind & loving dog ! I would show you what a pitbull did to me. Just saved one from a puppy mill. They used to be called “Nanny dogs.”. She had Parvo and passed I wanted to hurt the breeder it was his fault.

They wanted to develop their strengths as a companion animal. I have just lost my red nose pit bull I had her for 12yrs and rescued her from an evil piece of human that was training her for fighting she was in such a bad state when I got her and I had a year old rotti when our baby came I to out life’s. You need not worry about the training being troublesome for the Red Nose since it’s an intelligent animal and is willing to please you. he is big cuddle bear, who very often needs rescuing from children. Both cats did not provoke the attack. Well, Tucker is the same way. To help him stay healthy and blow off steam or burn his pent-up energy, the Red Nose Pit needs frequent and extensive exercise. They have an athletic and stocky build that makes them a bit larger than an average Pitbull. You want to look for someone that does all the appropriate health screening of parents, allows you to visit mum and her pups in a nurturing home environment, does not separate mum and pups until after they are eight weeks old and fully weaned, and has had all the puppies vet checked. My boys still ask about him which makes me so sad…..My heart will always hurt because I was there at the end….he was sick and I had to hold him till he fell asleep…. Scielo, American pit bull terrier handbook J. Stahlkuppe. And while this may freak some people out or make some people say I am stupid I would put steak in my mouth and he would take it very gently like a baby bird. Due to the canine’s short and flat hair grooming it is easy if you were know-how. Amen to that…. It is safer to choose a different breed. When I broke my arm and came out of surgery he was waiting for me in the car when my husband drove me home. He does get bad allergies & is allergic to the protein in red meat- who woulda thought huh?

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