Hasty. [12] Women in Georgia were not given the right to vote until 1922. A desperate search is being carried out to reunite Bentley Park man Shane Coleman with his 1.8 metre lace monitor. And I said no, and I was done at that point, and we never looked back. Saying she thought her husband had been killed by robbers. But was that enough for her to shoot Larry four times? "He was gonna order pizza, take a nap and then get up around 6 o'clock to watch the game," Rebecca tells Crime Watch Daily. Killer Women with Piers Morgan was a British television documentary series, broadcast on ITV and consisting of interviews by Piers Morgan with convicted American women murderers.

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I think my husband might be dead. "I started screaming at Larry. Michael Hasty. Detectives questioned the authenticity of her grief, why she’d run out of the house after finding Larry if she thought there was a chance he was alive, and why she went upstairs in the home if she worried an intruder had ransacked the place and shot her husband. But Rebecca, who had gone broke and was in need of money, claims she had nothing to gain from the fire -- not even an insurance payout. How killer wife Rebecca Fenton was caught for husband Larry’s murder SIX YEARS after he was shot dead in their home FL – Larry Fenton, 57, murdered in his Clearwater home, 3 Feb 2008. And now the evidence overwhelmingly doesn't point to a burglar -- it points to Rebecca Fenton as her husband's killer. Tizzard says he's astounded Rebecca could be convicted on the strength of the evidence. Suddenly the one-time nurse's aide was enjoying all the luxurious trappings of being a spoiled "real housewife" of Clearwater. "I would not have had a home to live in, and that home was in foreclosure," said Rebecca. After her husband's death, Rebecca Fenton became the owner of their two-story house, where she continued to live until it was engulfed in flames last year. Rebecca and Larry were soon married in Clearwater, and then had another wedding four months later in Laughlin, Nevada, this time for Rebecca's friends and family members who missed the first one. Hasty. It was the fancy restaurants, the places I got to travel to. Detectives believe they finally have enough evidence to charge Rebecca Fenton with the murder of her husband Larry. Crime "It was right before we started talking marriage," said Rebecca.

Rebecca Fenton, 49, was found guilty of the first degree murder of her husband Larry, 57, who was discovered dead in a pool of blood at their home in Clearwater, Florida in February 2008. Honeyed phrases are pleasant to listen to, but the sensible women of our country would prefer more substantial gifts. "Like I was in shock, didn't even really know what I was doing," said Rebecca. Hasty. Sign up to receive breaking True Crime Daily news, exclusive stories and behind-the-scenes info. Hasty. It was the excitement. The biggest breakthrough was the emergence of a witness, Alfred Nolen, a former boyfriend of Rebecca, who claimed that during a dispute she'd once held a knife to his throat and said she'd "kill him like I killed Larry.". The only loot found in the abandoned Jeep is some costume jewelry, a jar of coins, Larry's iPod and his laptop computer, leaving detectives asking themselves why any bandit wouldn't at least make off with that. Rebecca says she went to their detached home gym to work out, never imagining she would be the last person to see Larry alive. Unauthorised reproduction is prohibited under the laws of Australia and by international treaty. Learning what really went on behind closed doors wasn't going to be easy though. I just came in from the gym," Rebecca Fenton says in her call to 911. Felton.

She was sworn in on November 21, 1922, and served just 24 hours. Larry wasn't stabbed, he was shot," said Rebecca. I really believe she thought she was going to get away with this.". "He was watching Tiger Woods (on TV) and then was going to take a nap and watch the Super Bowl later that evening," recalls Fenton.

"Came back down the stairs, touched him again, tousled his head a little bit, told him 'Hold on honey,' and I ran outside and called 911," said Rebecca. She wrote, in 1915, that women were denied fair political participation, except in the States which have been franchised by the good sense and common honesty of the men of those States—after due consideration, and with the chivalric instinct that differentiates the coarse brutal male from the gentlemen of our nation. Watch new episodes of Snapped, Sundays at 6/5c, only on Oxygen. But rather than investigating, she shrugged it off and continued to exercise. Laura C. Morel can be reached at [email protected] or (727) 445-4157. I think they came down the stairs and they had that gun in their hand, and I think somebody panicked," said Rebecca. She was the most prominent woman in Georgia in the Progressive Era, and was honored by appointment to the Senate.She was sworn in on November 21, 1922, and served just 24 hours. Rebecca says she was afraid that whoever killed her husband might have still been in the house. Pets & Animals "I cooperated with every test: gunshot residue, hair, fibers, clothing, everything the night that Larry was killed," said Rebecca. Tizzard tells Crime Watch Daily via Skype that he became convinced Rebecca Fenton was innocent after watching a TV report on her case. I'm not a monster," said Rebecca.

She pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and remains at the Pinellas County jail without bail.

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