Available on Deviantart with the links of all the resources used in the creation.

Everything is available on the source URL to download from icons to astro weather.

Watch the tutorial and download for yourself.

Interstellar ambience will make you flaunt your desktop screenshot on Reddit, facebook and other creative social media groups. You want something from RPG world? So, I noticed a while back that my visualizer had stopped working, but had decided to ignore it until today, since I'm re-doing my entire desktop. However, from the minimal point of view this looks wonderful.But, the links are not provided again, and I have approached the OC for links by comment. Share on reddit.

The thin lines of system monitoring make this desktop elegant. You may only request creation of skins in the weekly help thread. Minimize your desktop, disable transparency, choose dark pink as an accent color, and enable taskbar accent. The blue color of skins fabricates the culture of the cyber world and the wallpaper is from game itself.Glad to know SkaFiend uploaded the entire theme with all the themes and wallpapers which you can find from here.

Contrasting color of white and red makes a divergence to other cyberpunk and neon based themes and gives a fresh and urban look to your desktop.Download the setup from Deviantart. This Rainmeter theme keeps your desktop simple but also qualify as the full screen theme. ... Monstercat Visualizer for Rainmeter. Rainmeter is an open source software that lets you put custom skins on desktop to give your PC a fresh and stunning look. This has minimal properties but still good to say it covers maximum part of your desktop. In case, you’re missing something, the translucent taskbar is on the top blending with the grainy backdrop. You can use Tago Fence on the left side of desktop for you navigation.

The latest version is compatible with Windows 7 and above. Wallpaper comes along with the ZIP file as well.

My personal suggestion is to omit the visualizer, which would make it look better. Desktop music visualizer. Leave a reply Cancel reply.

Make a title that describes the look and design of your post. Also, the women’s image is edited to monotone using photoshop or similar image editor. Share on whatsapp. MarcoPixel. This is another video game based Rainmeter skin which takes inspiration from Persona 5 artwork. Versa Visualizer II.

It’s a good replacement to your default desktop or a free alternative to fences. Although many of them could be an assortment of skins or a whole suite. So, let’s admire the 20 best skin’s of August 2020 which I found from Reddit and Deviantart. Circular Spectrum. Pleasant blend of blue and purple shades and the contrasting black background make it eye soothing. Read the Wiki for terminologies. Something a Cyberpunk 2077 fans can adore here, Simplicity. This is one fine Rainmeter theme with a transparent taskbar, quote widget, music player, and visualizer.

This setup requires you to download a third party plugin, Chameleon. Wallpaper, visualization, everything is transcending the limits of a Desktop.

Provide all download links for any skins, wallpapers, etc. Press J to jump to the feed. ... 14 Good Reddit Alternatives You Should Check Out. Rainy Days, desktop music visualizer. It’s a pipe dream for LOL (League of Legends) fans who are looking for personalization which goes beyond a wallpaper.

This subreddit is the best place to see nice desktops, sweet skins, and find answers to all your Rainmeter problems!

Get all the resources from Reddit. 1.9K Comments. It’s hard to distinguish which theme falls under minimal and which falls under Full Desktop Rainmeter Suites. If you wish to obtain the OC Submitter Flair. Check out inspiring examples of visualizer artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists. This cover all four edges, has an icon dock, a music player, disk monitor, date, Rainmeter weather, and network monitor. Everything this theme has looks quite minimal. Voice Search inside Mobile Apps — Everything you need to know!


This suite left ample of space to add your favorite skin on either side. 1 click, easy download! Deviantart user PrimaRoxes uploaded the entire theme which you can downlod from here. What we have here, a day date skin, Rainmeter weather, and some abstracts colored lines scattered around it.

You will transform your desktop into sweet flavor of festival in just few clicks.Available on Reddit.

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