The R.A.D. In this way the action is opened, the bolt moves back, the empty is extracted and the new round placed in the chamber. There are basically only three ways to reduce recoil in a shotgun: The first is to simply increase the weight of the gun. Add to cart. O ne of the main reasons shooters are at such a risk of shoulder problems is due to the recoil and kick experienced when a firearm is discharged. Tel: (704) 798-5150, Granny Sherman [email protected]

adjustment allows for single point pad adjustment without going through the pad The new body material is also popular with gunsmiths as it is very easy to grind to shape. Around 6,000lbs of recoil force is released in the first millisecond following a gun's discharge but with the ISIS II Light, this force is first absorbed by the damper, compressing the miniature shock absorber, which then releases it over approximately 7 milliseconds with a steady force of about 1,000lbs as it decompresses back to its initial state. The linear bearings were replaced with polymer lining and the shafts by lightweight aluminium with a hard anodised finish. or removing it to do so. Benelli embraced the inertia system and incorporated it in its line of semi-auto shotguns, including its iconic Super Black Eagle. reduce the kinetic energy produced by the firing of a shotgun or rifle. After lengthy research into component manufacturers around the world, along with a number of prototypes built and tested, Recoil Systems was born and the original ISIS Recoil Damper launched in 2001, receiving very positive reviews from the press and shooters. The OAL of the unit is 1/8" shorter than the original and 2oz. R.A.D. There are so many variables to calculating the expressed recoil … The average 12-bore shotgun with a typical 1 1 / 8 ounce load will produce approximately 20 foot pounds of recoil. To find a dealer near you contact [email protected] Recoil is something we would rather not experience when firing a gun. Tel: +44 (0) 1763 837 140 (from the USA dial 01144 1763 837 140) - email: [email protected], Recoil reduction for the serious competition shooter, Standard and Semi-Auto versions available, Lifts comb height to maintain eye/rib alignment, A new innovation in shock absorbing material technology, Specially crafted Green Pad to fit straight onto EvoComp stocks, Fully adjustable pad for a perfect fit & consistent gun mount, ISIS II Light Recoil Damper (Standard & Semi-Auto). A highly efficient, compact and lightweight recoil reducer that has the looks of a conventional recoil pad. Please take a look at our various products and see just how they can help you improve accuracy, consistency and overall levels of enjoyment and success, as they have with many other club and competition shooters. fitter while the gun is mounted saving time and allowing for a more precise fit.

System #1.

The real genius in the 1100 action is that it’s basically a gas-powered Model 870 pump gun. This provides for long life and a low coefficient of friction. Ask any new shooter as they line up to try the shotgun, and the thing they’re universally most worried about is getting kicked. So in true engineering style, David started to research the materials that would be required to design and manufacture the ultimate recoil damper. Making the body of the unit from high quality impact-resistance polymer is a major breakthrough in recoil reducer design. 502 N. 9th Street Although we are strictly following the UK government’s lockdown during this global pandemic, Recoil Systems’ workshop is adjacent to our home and we can therefore continue to supply our various recoil solutions to customers, without risk. Making the body of the unit from high quality impact-resistance polymer is a major breakthrough in recoil reducer design.

Recoil is the greatest obstacle of novice and first-time shooters even getting introduced to the sport. 100 straight products. the hydraulic fluid to dampen recoil the kinetic energy is dissipated during the superior to other methods that use springs to store the energy during the shooting equipment. First, it used the length of the individual shell being fired to regulate how much of the expelled gases to be used. stands for Recoil Absorption Device. RAD2 Recoil Reduction System $ 490.00. The point is, shooting a shotgun should be fun — and that means we need to do all we can to control recoil. Having tried every known remedy and type of gun to cure the problem, without success, David started looking at recoil-dampening devices but was disappointed by what was available. Hart Systems, L.L.C. Remember: The “kick” you feel when shooting a shotgun — known as felt recoil — is subjective. Welcome to Hart Systems designers and manufactures of professional shooting equipment. Please contact us if you would like any further information and we hope that you are all keeping safe and well during these difficult times. Lancaster, MO 63548 RECOIL SYSTEMS, Elmdon Barn, Heydon Lane, Elmdon, Saffron Walden, ESSEX. “The VersaPort system utilizes the pressure from a fired shell sooner than other gas systems by venting it through the orifice holes in the chamber. The new Sjörgren’s shotgun harnessed the force of inertia and used it to move the bolt backward as it pushed against a spring. adjustment allows for single point pad adjustment without going through the pad

RAD2 Recoil Reduction System quantity. 502 N. 9th Street The reduction in felt recoil will not only make your shooting more comfortable and pleasurable, it will probably improve your accuracy as well. The recoil compresses the piston against the strong spring which, in turn, forces it against the weaker spring. This enables the V3 and Versa Max to convert the energy created by the gas into work to drive the system sooner … and over a longer period of time. The Edwards RECOIL REDUCER® design is based on a piston, suspended between 2 springs of unequal ratio, being placed in motion by the reward movement of recoil. There are legions of shooters who will carry bad habits to the grave, most of which are associated with recoil. mounted on almost any shotgun or rifle. Price includes the Recoil System, Kick-EEZ pad, and install labor.

Get the latest news and reviews from And with a 3½-inch shell, only three ports are uncovered. This device uses hydraulic fluid to reduce the kinetic energy produced by the firing of a shotgun or rifle. Hart Systems, L.L.C. Six major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed. Like all gas-powered actions, the Model 1100 has one big nemesis: The accumulation of burned powder and fouling from the fired shells.

lighter in weight. The Progressive Comfort recoil-reduction system incorporates three sets of patented interlocking flexible buffers that absorb recoil at different stages, dependent on the strength of the shotshell’s load. Without a doubt, the greatest foe of our shooting enjoyment is the old demon recoil. Inertia guns are generally considered less finicky, easier to clean and will operate under severe conditions. A nice addition to the Benelli line is the ComforTech Plus Comb Pad. 100 straight dead mule recoil reducer. to be free from defects or failures. Price includes the Recoil System, Kick-EEZ pad, and install labor. O ne of the main reasons shooters are at such a risk of shoulder problems is due to the recoil and kick experienced when a firearm is discharged.

The gas from the fired round is used to work the action and move the action sleeve, which connects to the bolt carrier and ejects the empty casing. Recoil Systems continues to develop new products for professional and amateur shooters and now offers a variety of impact absorbing combs, recoil pads as well as 2 variations of the ISIS II Light Recoil Damper (Standard & Semi-Auto). In 1903, both unveiled what would become iconic recoil operated shotgun actions. in anyway possible. The inertia gun uses the force of the gas to move the action of the gun rearward — it doesn’t vent any of it off to lessen recoil. (660) 279-0055, Questions or comments can be emailed to [email protected] Firearms engineers have long known that the faster the gases are captured and used to function the shotgun — or ported out of the system — the less recoil will be transferred to the shooter. (660) 279-0055, Questions or comments can be emailed to [email protected]

With this versatility the system can be mounted on almost any shotgun or rifle. lighter in weight. Lancaster, MO 63548 Recoil …

How much you think a shotgun kicks may not be the same for me or your shooting buddy. No doubt you’ve heard more about a gun inventor from Utah named John Moses Browning than you have about Danish gunmaker Christer Sjörgren. These three sets of fingers each have a different elasticity, and the load used determines which sets of fingers are utilized for maximum recoil reduction. Recoil Systems design and manufacture various custom damping and comfort mods for shotguns, using the most advanced materials available. lighter in weight. This allows the shooter to

Looking back, 1963 was definitely the watershed year for gas-operated shotguns because Remington introduced the Model 1100.

microinches. stands for Recoil Absorption Device. Categories: Accessories, Recoil Reduction. Boom, boom, boom. Reducing the amount of powder and lead in the shell will help greatly with recoil reduction. motion of the gun during recoil. bearings.

So, how do we handle the old demon recoil in inertia guns? This allows the motion of the gun to achieve series Hart Pad Adjustment System built into the unit. The stock is designed so the exterior shell flexes outward to further dampen recoil.

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