Compared to other racial and ethnic groups, Asians are least likely to be satisfied with the speed of their care, doctor-patient communication, and office staff.• Fewer preventive services. “Heart disease death rates are more than 40 percent higher for African Americans than for whites. Hadley and Holahan (2004) stated that the cost of poor health among those who are currently uninsured was almost 125 billion dollars.

Inequalities can be seen throughout the, It can be inferred that many of the current minority populations have the highest probability of being uninsured. Age-related differences in doctor-patient interaction and patient satisfaction, Physician effects on racial and ethnic disparities in patients’ experiences of primary care, Explaining low ratings of patient satisfaction among Asian-Americans, Racial disparities in the quality of care for enrollees in Medicare managed care, Patient ethnicity: A key predictor of cancer care satisfaction, The influence of ethnicity on patient satisfaction in a standardized patient assessment, Health plans effects on patient assessments of Medicaid managed care among racial/ethnic minorities, Survey response style and differential use of CAHPS rating scales by Hispanics, Race/ethnicity, language, and patients’ assessments of care in Medicaid managed care, The influence of ethnicity on patient satisfaction, Controlling for race/ethnicity: A comparison of California commercial health plans CAHPS scores to NCBD benchmarks, Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Patients’ Experience With Skilled Home Health Care Services,,,,, Health disparities in the diverse American demography creates challenges in the overall health According to the American Health Association (AHA), by 2050 Minority groups will compose almost half of the U.S. population by 2050. 13-0002, Workforce issues and consumer satisfaction in Medicaid personal assistance services, Quality of care and patient satisfaction in hospitals with high concentrations of black patients, Evaluating measurement equivalence across race and ethnicity on the CAHPS Cultural Competence Survey, Racial/ethnic disparities in home health care: Charting a course for future research, Adjusting for subgroup differences in extreme response tendency when rating health care: Impact on disparity estimates, Patient satisfaction and ethnic identity among American Indian older adults, The home care satisfaction measure: A client-centered approach to assessing the satisfaction of frail older adults with home care services, Medicare CAHPS: A tool for performance improvement, Racial/ethnic differences in patients’ perceptions of inpatient care using the HCAHPS survey, Racial and ethnic disparities in patients’ experiences with hospital care, Racial/ethnic disparities in Medicare part D experiences, When does a difference become a disparity? Disability has often been associated with poor health.

Due to this fact, instead of regularly visiting a primary care physician’s office for preventative care, they are more likely to visit the emergency department for non-urgent health care needs (Moonesinghe, 2013).

In this section there would be included the statistical data that came out from the survey questionnaires. Most of the questions will be multiple choices and in some there would be open field for people to express their views. Racial, Ethnic, and Socio-economical Disparities in Mental Health November 13, 2010 After the methodology, the next section will be the “Research findings” or “Results of the Survey”. Overall, the United States should spend more money on preventative care that would decrease chronic diseases and illnesses.

Factors, such as infant mortality rates, poverty, levels of income, educational levels, and language barriers, have influenced health care provision, leading to disparities. (. As a matter of fact, almost three-billion people around the. Again, these will not serve as the ultimate solutions for breaking down racial disparity factors of health insurance utilization, but could likely help lead us in the right, Factors Leading To The Energy Crisis Of The 1970s, Steve Jobs: The Modern Technology Giant Apple. The situation of present healthcare of minorities with regard to major diseases and their respective treatment will also be including in the background information. In the next section “Back ground Information and Statistical Data” there would be complete factual information about the situation of healthcare disparities related to minorities. In the long run, it will in turn lead to the creation of various opportunities including research and training of health workers. African-American women are more than twice as likely to die of cervical cancer as are white women and are more likely to die of breast cancer than are women of any other racial or ethnic group. In 1900, one in eight American was non white but at present one in four is non white and it is estimated that by the year 2070, each one of two American will be non white. In 2000, the black-to-white ratio in infant mortality was 2. In the Surgeon General’s Call to Action report (2005) it is generally defined as “a feature of the mind, body or senses that can affect a person’s daily life”. In fact,cervical cancer...... ...HEALTH DISPARITIES

” Background Information There is great rise in healthcare discrimination for minorities in United States. Once the results came out they can be analyze in different ways, with respect to race and ethnicity, with respect to age, with respect to gender or with respect to profession or locality. That translates into over 54 million people in the United States alone.

(2013), a healthy disparity is "A chain of events resulting from a difference in: i) the environment; ii) access to, utilization of, and quality of care; iii) health status; or iv) a particular outcome."

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