Literally. All Rights Reserved  •  Site by, How to order the CD of the Coastal Plants, Subscribe to the Australian Plants Journal. They will rapidly reshoot. Produces mauve flowers from spring through to autumn. Prune by removing the spent flower heads to maintain good shape and increase flower production. Phone: (02) 9628 4448

© 2020 Reg. If a bushy plant with heavier flowering is desired, prune immediately flowering has finished as far down the branch as the green wood or the last leaf buds nearest the trunk (typically about one third of the branch). The material presented on this website, may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of CTC Productions. To order one, see the Pacific Plant Promotions reservation card (opposite page 64) for details.

They should be pruned and fed a little fertiliser when they have finished flowering or begin to look a bit untidy.

Zanthorrea Nursery, Maida Vale. We know someone who cuts some to the ground but for us that is too radical. Like many other Australian plants, fertilizing should be kept to a minimum. Tom obtained plants from Lullfitz and Zanthorrhoea nurseries, two well-known native plant nurseries in the Perth region, and sent them to me in May and June of 1989. Consider replacing them with a smaller plant. Some species can be pruned down to bare wood. Eremophilas have great potential for cultivation, and a few species have long been grown in California, the most well-known being the red-flowered Eremophila maculata, its yellow-flowered form ‘Aurea’, and some of the many selections of E. glabra.

Eremophila or ‘Emu Bush’ are increasingly popular as garden plants. Remove diseased and damaged wood as soon as possible. Blunt, dirty tools damage plant tissue and introduce disease organisms. Other common names include native fuchsia and emu bush, the derivation of the latter unknown to me, nor can I even speculate on the association. This point is called a leaf node. Author: Bob Saunders. Cut on an angle just above a leaf node as this is where new growth shoots form. Phone: (02) 9548 2818 Although perfectly adapted to survive in the drier parts of Australia, in humid coastal zones this plant is not easy to grow and is susceptible to fungal problems. These notes supplement the pruning rules and should be read in conjunction with them. Um, basically you have a branch that has leaves coming out of it. This increases the number of flowers, makes the plant bushy and prevents it from becoming straggly. Straggly plants can be cut back to near ground level during spring and will rapidly reshoot. Other types of pruning are not tolerated. Growing naturally on sand overlying clay, like many other eremophilas, it tolerates and even prefers heavy soils, although it appreciates good drainage and demands full sun. Palm Land & Sydney Wildflower Nursery, Terrey Hills. Sie erreichen bis zu 5 cm Länge und sind violettfarben. Phone: (03) 5356 6351, SA More information on eremophilas can be found in our plant database - Plant database Shrubs. Make pruning cuts at an angle so water will run off and not collect in growing shoots where it will encourage fungal growth. Keep the cutting blades of secateurs and shears free of build-ups which might wedge between the blades springing them apart leading to bruising of plant tissue and ragged cuts. The shipment from Lullfitz included twelve plants of Eremophila nivea. Further information. Picking flowers for indoor use and removal of old flowers immediately flowering finishes, stops the plant putting energy into seed production thereby increasing flower production next season. Pruning to ground level is used on plants with a lignotuber, and suckering plants, to encourage the growth of multiple stems leading to a better shape, more foliage and more flowers. Performs best in an open sunny position, Very drought tolerant and tolerant to coastal exposure and frost. Author’s photograph. Don looked at Eremophila nivea, an emu bush with silvery stems and leaves, and purple tubular flowers in spring and summer. If the branch is very heavy, cut it off a few centimetres further out from the trunk than your final cut so that most of the weight has been removed. Eremophila nivea was first described only in 1986 by RJ Chinnock of the State Herbarium of South Australia; Chinnock is in the process of revising the entire genus. The best time is when the flowering has slowed down but often that isn’t possible so just do it when you can. It's best to speak to a local nursery in that regard. For many species a savage pruning will rejuvenate them. Membership benefits apply to gifts of $50+: – Invitations to special members-only events Old plants can be rejuvenated by cutting them back almost to ground level. Eremophila nivea grows best in a dry, sunny position, with perfect drainage.

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