Short/tight, plush and woolly/fluffy coat. If you have the time to teach them they will give you their all, Pomsky’s are always eager to impress there owners in every way.

I’m so grateful to them both because my puppy has the most incredible nature. It was initially bred to be a small version of the husky breed and is now known as one of the most beautiful designer breeds alive today. Nala took the travel home by car without any problems (7 hours to Newcastle) and has since settled into her new home well. On average an F1 Pomsky will meet in the middle in size and weighing between 10-25lbs. My gut instinct suggested that Ross was decent and genuine. Something that many other breeders haven’t been able to accomplish whilst the pomsky staying small, true to size.

They are use to playing with children, children picking them up and running after them, our puppies are use to the noises of a baby and everyday house hold activity. May 17, 2018 Find out more see our. We begin potty training at five weeks old, so they're off to a great start. Some of the colours and markings we are known for having, Black & white, Grey & white, Red & white, Cream & white, Sable & white, Chocolate & white, Black & tan, Wolf black tan & white, Black grey & white, TRI COLOUR, Agouti, Pure White, Red.

Eevee has a cheeky and smart personality, we cant wait for her to go out into the world and explore. "When my brother brought back a chowski puppy Gus from Celtic star, I wanted a dog myself more and more each day because Gus is such a wonderful and amazing dog, as he always brightens everyone’s mood. Please note we breed all types of colours/markings in each generation we specialise in. All these came from Celtic star. I would highly recommend buying a Chowski puppy from Ross & Chantele, as they are not only beautiful, but healthy dogs with amazing, kind temperaments. Thank you so much Ross, Chantelle, Lulu and Bertie for bringing this beautiful pomsky girl into our lives. I am very very tempted to buy her a friend, and rest assured I wouldn’t buy from anyone else!!! We can’t recommend Celtic Star enough, Ross was our main point of contact through out and was great at keeping us updated with photos and videos. Her nature is adorable and is testament to the care and attention she received, during the early weeks of her young life. we have no doubt she will do very well. Super confident, playful, great with children.

Weight can also be down to diet but our smaller generation pomskies are guaranteed to stay small in height, Like a mini huksy. ", "We purchased Cana from Ross & Chantele as an 8 week old puppy. Celtic Star’s pomskies Mum will be a Pedigree Siberian husky, Dad a pedigree Russian import Pomeranian, our F1 generation Pomskys vary in size, as you can imagine, there is a large size difference between the two parents. She was so tiny and so cute! Pomskies are one of the most beautiful-looking dogs on the planet. I was nervous about how little Remi would adjust, but in the first few days it was clear that he felt right at home. I found my little soulmate at Celtic Star, and I couldn’t be more happy with him! ", "We picked up our little Bear on the 18th May 2018… its been almost 3 weeks and she has settled in so well. Why Is Your Pomsky Barking Excessively and How Can You Stop It ? Either way is just fine with us. These types of scams happen often; the only way you’ll know is with a DNA test. ", "I had been interested in a Pomsky for years and finally decided the time was right to get my own baby. Our pomskies are not known as mini huskys for no reason, they have the husky features alongside the true husky markings. Please note that the weights of puppies are estimates from the parents and cannot be guaranteed, as larger or smaller puppies may result from this hybridization. From placing the deposit electronically to setting the date to collect our little boy, everything was so well explained and easy!

She will be very well cared for. Our F1b /F2b generation Pomskys can vary in size, As they follow more of the husky genetics they tend to be a larger generation. Your Pomsky puppy can be kennel trained and taught to proficiently obey all basic obedience commands by just 11 weeks of age! The Pomsky hybrid as a breed is regarded as ‘Designer dog breed’ and are still quite rare, its like having your own genuine mini husky. Celtic Star Kennels have been so helpful from the moment a deposit was placed to the time she arrived, and beyond, when advice was needed. This Pomeranian – Siberian Husky cross has grown rapidly in popularity over recent years. Even though she is timid at first, she is an adorable bundle of joy. Our experience with Celtic Star Kennels was so reassuring and simple. One small disclaimer is that you will get nowhere quickly with the puppy – every dog owner stops us to ask about the dog and we can’t walk down the street without being stopped for pictures or people running out of the shops to fuss Nala – she’s become a little local celebrity and has recently become the face of a local dog themed cafe, The Barking Bistro gaining 100+ Facebook “likes” in the first weekend. A perfect match, made possible by you both. Having two dogs from the same breeder speaks volumes of how good they are as breeders, and I would recommend Celtic star Kennels to anyone. Even after I picked him up they were always on hand to help with any questions. Yet calm at home, out about and loves a pass out on her back for hours. ", "We have had our gorgeous F3 Pomsky for 5 weeks now, and we honestly cannot love her anymore. We all love her to bits as well as our friends and family who now want a Chowski lol.

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