At least Totodile will get a good Water STAB from Surf at Ecruteak. Hope everything works well and if it doesn't well try balancing out your team so that it doesn't have a weakness. The overexposure knocks it down a few pegs, but just a few.

Also, in the dark cave (is that the name?) But I'll stress the importance of speed again, it can win you battles.

This one is based on looks, rather than effectiveness. If by starting you mean after you beat the game and are battling someone then I would useFeraligatrRaikouPinsirTyranitarElectabuzzSteelixAll of them being on level 100You could replace witch ever with draginite if you please. Best starter for Crystal? Every day I am going to be posting a different part of the bracket until we reach what we think the “best starter ever” is. All you get is a Pokémon susceptible to more attacks.

Close. Over time and exposure to it in Smash Ultimate as well, the Pokémon Company is going to have to work very hard to precision engineer a Pokémon more tailored to my interests than this powerful cat. Maybe it does not have wild coverage and high attacking stats, but that bulk in combination with interesting support moves are much more useful. This is my team....and feel it's awesome.

It will become very useful against flying and water pokemon, and can learn flash. ". It just looks so happy to be there.

3- Been a very viable pokemon in every generation. Dewott looks legitimately cool, and if the line had continued in that direction, I’d be all aboard the Oshawott train, but Samurott ruins it. Yes, yes, overrated fire lizard. save hide report. You can include abilities, items, natures and the like, but they are not necessary. Or click here to search for specific content. Plus, it’s another mono Grass, a typing I hate. It has great Special Attack and Speed and will OHKO a lot of Team Rocket's Pokemon easily. Press J to jump to the feed. Plus, its final evolved form (Torterra) is a very cool looking Pokémon, with a typing I like (Grass/Ground). I will be perfectly honest; Grookey is her entirely because I loved that scene of Rillaboom banging the drums in the Pokémon rock band at the end of Sword/Shield. Look at him.

I lost my Zigzagoon there on my HG run and my Totodile starter was useless.

Currently I am just working with Totodile and Spearow. Scorbunny is my second favorite Sword/Shield starter, but I like both of its evolutions significantly less than the final forms of its peers, so it gets points docked. You'll win more money from this too.

It's a dual water/electric type that is interesting.

I was in the middle of watching, at the time, which did, even more, to sell me on this as the best starter Pokémon the series has ever cooked up, with its clear inspiration from the real-life wrestler (and character in the anime) Tiger the Dark.

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