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Top 15 Mobile Game Development Trends in 2020, The game is compatible with Windows 10 & Microsoft Windows 8.1, The game comes with the Apple Watch companion application that emphasizes on the multiplayer of this game, Presence of amazing processors & graphics in smart devices, Game is equipped with Mint 3 Engine that incorporates dynamic reflections for improved reality, importunate car damage, etc, The visual effects and graphics are amazing, There are 10 distinct brand & models of cars, For saving yourself from the hands of police, you can be the racer, You will need to debar the racer if you want to be the police, The game interface is outstanding & it backs up a huge array of gamepads, Game is equipped with superior quality post-procedure effects & graphics, The game can be played with players from all across the world, Offers both multiplayer and single shooting experience and all these can be experienced in the environment of a zombie apocalypse, There are 40+ kinds of weapons and 150+ missions with an amazing storyline, Easily players can control heroes and game action, There are 10 distinct modes of war that players can enjoy, Fight & win battles alongside your companions, Customizing the heroes is possible and they can be paired with an exhilarating Mercenary system, The customs and the skills of all the heroes can be easily boosted and upgraded, There are 6 separate kinds of worlds that comprise of peculiar monsters, The sound effects are funny & the game comes with amazing visual graphics, Even the game can be played with random players if you do not have online friends, Playing with two to eight buddies is possible in multiplayer mode, Upgrading the characters is possible and enhancing the skills is also possible by amalgamating power-ups, The characters can be modified with various suits, taunts, hats, accessories, greetings, etc, Construct your very own villages along with necessary things, As defenders, you can use spells, cannons, traps, walls, troops, bombs, etc, Partake in this game that comprises of wars and battles along with buddies and have the best gaming experience of your life, Troops such as archer, healers, witches, goblins, giants, king, barbarians, wizards, queen come with exclusive features, Connect with all your gaming friends and be a member of any one clan under one clan leader, Each of the 4 players will be receiving thirteen cards, Playing with virtual Facebook friends is also possible, The theme and the background of the game can be modified, Playing with random players is possible in the case of not having online friends, The game comes with squad mode, solo mode and duos mode, There is an Arcade mode as well and also a night mode version in Erangel, A plethora of weapons are available such as smoke and hand grenades, health kits, etc, The 3D sound & HD graphics is simply jaw-dropping, The voice chat, mobile controls and training modes are customizable, The ballistics are realistic and the control is smooth, There are detailed battlegrounds like Sanhok, Miramar, Erangel, Vikendi and these vary in weather, size and terrain, There are anti-cheating mechanisms installed as well that ensure that players get to play in a fair gaming environment, You can challenge the top players in the game and secure a position in the leaderboard, There is a lot to unlock when it comes to new levels and there are more than 30 power-ups, There are a plethora of options for modifying your avatar, When it comes to racing with buddies, 8 players can enjoy, You can only play when there is a sound internet connection, The graphics are satiating and the sound quality is a funny one that makes the entire gaming experience a great one, The control & game tactics are impressive, Various brands and styles of bikes are available, Participate in the exciting races for sharing enthusiasm and thrill among friends, The visual and sound effects are extremely noteworthy, Designing made with physics, the visual graphics is simply stunning, There are many game modes such as free practices, tournament modes, animation tutorials, arcade game mode, etc, The designing of the game is done as per human behaviors such as speed, endurance, reaction, strength, defense, etc, Offers 3D music and also players can play their own music, Players can play in multiplayer or single-player mode, There are 50 levels that players can enjoy, Skills in the game can be updated and characters can be modified very easily, There are a plethora of options like heavy guns, assault rifles, med-kits, sniper rifles, machine guns, frag grenades, shotguns, etc, The graphics & visual effects are very impressive, Inside the map, players can discover the areas such as warehouse, oil rig, dockyard, bunker, etc, Game involves action adventure with hidden audiotapes & email.

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