And other matters is: a harmonious relationship. Messages, important news and perspectives. Very favorable card for you! Full satisfaction and understanding. Piatnika synové, Ritter a spol. Perhaps one particular spread gossip and slander for you. Favorable attitude towards you. Perhaps the most suitable will be your own choice when relying on your natural instincts. What heights will you be able to reach, will be determined by your diligence. For women, the card is also positive. Bright and strong emotions, reliability, love and devotion. The second part shows the complete and beautifully preserved deck of genuine gypsy cards from my aunt. Ignore them and try to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Exactly in this period will be supported by higher powers, and several options for development of the situation, you can choose the most loyal and reliable. Good health. All His thoughts are just for you. You should expect a sharp increase in your income. They have only minor color differences, which stem from the imperfections of the printing process and then probably also from another year of publication. Watch out for the timely payment of loan you have. Except these 23 cards the deck contains 4 other handcrafted and illustrated cards that should probably replace missing pieces.

Disputes concerning money or unresolved problems at work. Your wildest dreams can become reality sooner than you think. You bring joy and happiness to your partner, and he wants to repay the same. Deep and genuine feelings, love and devotion. Your plans will be changed by external forces.

Strong love for a dear person. Interesting are also the five-language titles. Favorites, relatives and friends will create many worries. Merriment, games, explanation, execution of desires. It will not change anything on the aesthetic quality, on the contrary, the new gypsy fortune telling cards are more detailed and clearer. Joy gifts.

Based on a playing card deck of 54 cards, the Gypsy Witch cards come in an orange tuck box with basic instructions. Dishonesty, fraud, lie. Our free Gypsy fortune telling cards may just be what you need on your divination journey. Gifts, prizes. Your reputation and your options will suffer from unfair play and deception.

For your partner has arisen not big but very significant event with your participation.

The more dirty tricks your opponent applys, the more sad, everything will end for you. Also, your own efforts will be rewarded handsomely. My gypsy fortune telling cards have a major inscription in Czech language and the surrounding four inscriptions are Hungarian, German, Croatian and Italian. Perhaps the situation is in some way related to money or property. "It will be always a rare souvenir for me." Happiness, boundless love, smile from heaven. The first part shows the incomplete gypsy fortune telling cards from my grandmother. It could be interesting to know, weather the other missing cards met a similar or worse incident and therefore is the deck today incomplete.

If your friends support you financially, you can rely on financial success. Maybe it has something to do with your friends. Disease and care. There is also one special red card worth noticing. All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2016. Tarot cards are usually read as part of a spread, but each card has its own meaning, as well as how this card’s meaning interacts with its position in the rest of the spread. This will lead to a significant loss. I suppose that gypsies, from which these cards originally came, traveled across European countries, where they carried out they card readings. Meeting recognition. But they lack the charm of the originals. My great-grandaunt Zdenka was born in 1899 in Czech republic. The best way out is to find a new object of love. Your partner feels restless and worried. Dishonesty, fraud on the part of the partner. The two spreads given are good for the cards… Resentment, sadness.

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