Good product! All in all, I wish the texture/consistency was a bit creamier....."looser" or "thinner" would be a good word, I guess. Having trouble finding a colorful liquid eyeliner? We're really sorry!

Can’t get a ton of precision due to the brush but otherwise I love the colors! Other than that, once you finish your creative look, It’s beautiful! Smooth application, great, I love to color!

Do not waste your money! Bought the bright neon pink one for a Sugar Skull makeup look for a Day of the Dead party I am going to... primer, base and a waterproof gel eyeliner were underneath it and it still stained my skin pink.

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire to ensure this is appropriate for you which our pharmacist will check.

Learn more about our

If I hadn't lost my receipt I would've set the world record for quickest return. I had purchased 3 colors, Blossom, Sapphire and Delight. It’s high pigment, last long & pops out! bvseo-msg: Http repsonse status: 404 - Not Found. Hertzstr. then used my micellar cleansing water to remove it and it came off, only problem is that there was visible stains on my face. Bring your most artistic ideas to life using our 12 pigmented eye colors. But a significant upside is that it doesn't seem to dry out as crazy quickly as the Inglot gel liners do--when you have over a dozen of these types of products for your brows, you can't possibly use an entire container in a few months, and the Inglot ones are all cracking inside of their little pots. Fantastic (purchased two blues in different shades. It’s kind of waxy and clumpy when i tried to “paint” it into my face using a fine tip liner brush & an angled brush. NYX Damen Kosmetika, Multicolor, One Size: Sport & Freizeit.

My skin was stained for 3 days. It’s a little clumpy so beware of how much product you put on at a time. I wish the texture was as creamy as it claims. Some of them are super dry, you can even take pigment and other ones are impossible to apply, the colours are amazing but you can't use them. I suppose you could microwave it but I usually just warm it with my hands/clean fingers. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Ultimate Shadow Palette, Brights, 0.46 Ounce None of the eye-shadows came cracked or powdery.

i purchased this for a phantasy look i wanted to create. I had an issue with delight, it made my eyelids red and itchy. Add a bright pop of color to your makeup with Vivid Brights Liner.

Wouldn't recommend! 175. I ordered Bad Blood which appeared to be a deep oxblood red In the photo/description but it's more of a barely rust red.

The color is nice but cant even use it :(. It also won't budge for ANYthing. Creamy and good color pigmentation! And as soon as my brush touched the product I knew it would all go down hill. I purchased Vivid Envy thinking it would be a gorgeous emerald green. Um farbige Statements zu setzen, den Eyeliner im inneren Augenwinkeln ansetzen und nach außen hin einen Strich ziehen. Great color payoff but the product dries out immediately in the pot and gets very sticky/waxy. The lavender was also hard but pulled my eyelid skin when I tried to apply it. This is a Pharmacy Medicine item. I bought this NYX Vivid Brights liquid liner and it got delivered yesterday. I wanted to mix it with another product but because it wasn't really orange, it didn't work. Both had amazing color pay off!!

The product was dry and hard to get on the brush.

return policies here. MELDE DICH JETZT FÜR DEN NEWSLETTER AN UND VERPASSE NICHTS MEHR. In person it's more like coral.

so i took my makeup off with a makeup wipe remover, and tried removing whatever i could of the creme color. i read that it was hard to come off as well. I put water on it and tried to mix it around but it didn't want to absorb the water. Can't use them as creme shadows or even as a liner anymore, they've become tacky and chunky and impossible to work with. Very disappointed with this product from NYX. Lot Of 2 New NYX Makeup Glitter Primer Eyeshadow Base Foundation GLIP01, 0.33 oz. Smells horrible, hard to work with, and is extremely clumpy. Application was very difficult. Well look no further because we've got every shade to make your color eyeliner dreams a reality!

I'm guessing I was reacting to a dye used in that color.

Sport & Freizeit . Exclusions may apply. But the product itself seems unusable.

Let your imagination run wild with Vivid Brights Crème Colour. It's still a shame since the pigmentation is fantastic.

FREE CHOICE OF EYE LID TINT W/ $30 PURCHASE. and its not that bad but it could of been better.

I kept trying to add primer oil to make it work and it just wasn't worth it for the color anymore. Great color but lacking in texture. I have learned to remedy this by using about 1/8th of a drop of Inglot Duraline and mixing with the Vivid Brights on a metal palette. It is a little bit of a hassle--even though I use a palette every day for brows, the mixing is more work--but the color is so beautiful and it last so well throughout the day it is worth it to me when I want one of the colors of brows I only have in Vivid Brights. This was supposed to be a cream eyeliner.

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