An attempted analysis of Norm Chow's philosophy and (partial) playbook By Underbruin on Feb 25, 2008, 4:38am PST 10.

Now, we have a second and four situation.". ", "Always throw the football to the receiver.

I think these are versions of 'tags,' though not necessarily the exact same thing (remember, BYU playbook doesn't exactly equal USC playbook). Arizona Cardianls - Marc Tresman Offensive Coordiantor. UCLA Basketball Moves Up To #2 In Both Top 25 Polls After Taking Out Kentucky, UCLA Women’s Basketball Faces Hawai’i In A Rematch of Last Year’s NCAA 1st Round Game, UCLA DL Steven Mason suspended indefinitely, UCLA to take on Kentucky on Dec. 19 in CBS Sports Classic, UCLA Week 1 Preview: The QB battle has it’s contenders, Bruins open as 6-point favorites over Colorado, "[The QB should] Never give a command that will be misunderstood, and always give a command that will be understood. If the D is man, obviously you hope the safety has crept forward.

In his speech, he lists them as such: He mentions his 60 series.

The WR out wide on the right, behind the LOS, is the flanker or 'Z.' [, "We are going to try to control the football with the forward pass... there are two statistics we believe in. Now we enter the 'progressions' - see the "1"s next to the X and Y receivers.

Throw the ball straight ahead."

!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="//";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Receive a FREE copy of our Spread Offense Playbook! At some point, the players have to play, but a well-designed offense gives them that opportunity - a 'position to succeed' instead of a 'position to fail,' and the like.

West Coast Offense Playbook 1. But the proximity of the X and Y receivers should mean that one will come open as the man coverage gets mixed up in the middle.

4-man rush) release the backs to catch passes. In Nestor's post on the LA Times interview of Neuheisal and Chow, there is this comment by BHW linking to a speech by Chow, and a sample from his playbook.

He talks about 'tagging' routes - that is, take a play and change one specific route for different situations. Incorporate Trick Plays into Your Offense (Part 2) – Basic Trick Plays, Offense Playbook Series: Play Call Procedures, What We Look For In A Quarterback Part 2 (The Qualities), What Are We Looking for in a Quarterback? Note: a 'mesh' is not a pick. BYU Offense.doc. The crossing routes threaten the underneath zones in the center of the field, with the potential for a runout into the deep zones on the strong and weak sides.

BYU. 10. ", "We want to know what the QB saw on the play and why he made his decision.

1985 BYU Passing Offense.pdf.

on Feb 25, 2008, 4:38am PST Again, as I stated at the top, this information may be entirely wrong. Say, changing the halfback's route if the linebackers are playing the pass. Anyway, at the end of the drop, the QB must 'peek' at the free safety (safety support on that side). The play is designed to allow the QB to make a decision with the ball as soon as his drop is completed (the FS peek/zone checkdown), or let the play develop (mesh). First, let's look at the QB's responsibilities.

Possible, but unlikely.

It uses all 3 levels of the field (deep, intermediate, short), and threatens all 8 zones. If the "Sam" tag is used, the 'Sam' linebacker (usually strongside LB) is unblockable. As an aside, I would like to note that, contrary to what I think is being suggested, this is not the entire Norm Chow offense, only the 5-step drop patterns (and a couple of 7-drops if they're still in use - see below).

Lots more very play-specific stuff.

The other statistic we want to win is the turnover battle... What does this mean in our terms?

Now, how does this work? [, "We are going to protect the QB, otherwise nothing works. The dot on the end of the strong side of the LOS (the same side as the flanker) is the tight end, called the 'Y.'

The white dot immediately behind him is the QB, and the two dots on either side are the rest of the OL. ", "The third rule for the QB is that he is never wrong.

He is concerned about throwing the football. Then you have 5 zones underneath (usually the underneath routes extend to about the safety coverage at the snap) - 5 instead of 3 because with the shorter distance, passes must be more precise. BYU pass concepts with reads by Norm Chow LINK. Bruins Nation's Site-Specific Community Guidelines, Standing in the Shadows of the San Gabriels, Ten Thoughts On The Great UCLA Basketball Win Over Kentucky.

Norm Chow's Airraid Offense: Inexperience Is The Problem For The Struggling UCLA Football Program ... so Chow dampened his playbook wisely, … Uploaded by. You have 3 deep passing zones, strong/middle/weak. 8?

Summary point number 1, is to understand Chow's "rules" for quarterbacks and offense in general.

Now, it IS possible to blow this play up (an overload blitz with WLB/SS comes to mind), but if the exact defense isn't called it comes down to the D outplaying the O. This affects blocking schemes - block 'big on big' - so an RB should never take on a DL, and if the smaller players don't blitz (e.g.

Vermont Ice Storm. From this point he begins breaking down specific plays (I'll get to that in a bit). But far more instructive, I found, was the link to Chow's presentation on the precepts of his offense. This is a play designed against a man defense. The '60' is the protection, the 'ones' digit is the pass patterns.

Follow @FootballXandOs Norm Chow Concepts.doc. I hope this clears up these diagrams a bit. While the 62 Twins accomplishes the exact same goals as the regular play (TE and split end mesh, flanker runs post into the middle of the field), it is out of a different formation. By Underbruin Otherwise, at least one 'passing zone' will be open - find it and you're in business. The tight end determines how deep the mesh is (where is the hole between LBs and SS - 4 yards off the LOS? So we come to our mesh option.

Offense. etc), and the split end must cross closely enough to throw off the defense without losing speed.

I would like to note before I begin that a lot of my football knowledge has atrophied greatly. There's no designed contact. Air Raid Offense Pass Plays. Cross-posted from Standing in the Shadows of the San Gabriels - some images embedded over there as well. San Francisco 49ers -1991 Holmgren Offensive Coordinator. The idea seems to be that each one is the same general play, either with a route change (like a tag), or run out of different offensive sets. Ncaa Division I Fbs Football Seasons; Brigham Young; Ncaa Division I Fbs Football; Documents Similar To 1995 BYU Playbook. Check downs! The mesh Coach Leach now runs at WSU is a little different from this BYU starting block. NORM CHOW LAVELL EDWARDS. Or using the tight end to take advantage of a safety in man coverage. Part 1, Coach, looking for an email for Jack Gregory. Some tags tell the QB if he needs to use his hot read or not. Nevertheless, it's a good sampling of what he seems to like to accomplish with his offense, so I thought I'd look through it. Another money quote: One important point to understand: the concept of the "8" passing zones (I was always a little fuzzy on this, as I played DLine, so forgive me if this is confusing and/or incorrect; I think I have it right). Carousel Previous Carousel Next. But I hope not, and I do hope that it gives some insight as to the philosophies of our new OC, as well as a general look at the inner workings of some of his offense. The reason this play can be effective is that it is designed to use the offense's built-in advantages over the defense.

Hence the 'partial' in the diary title. Tags can also change the order of the QB progression (which receivers should get first look).

FballGuru . Really, do read the full thing if you get a shot - it's fascinating.

", "The third aspect of the passing game is this: We want to kiss it... Keep It Simple Stupid." I hope this might answer a few questions, and raise a few more (hey, if you're not learning something new, why bother with anything at all?). I mean: Now, I'd like to cover one of the plays available in the BYU playbook.

It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors. If you don't know how to read a play diagram: the square with the X through it is the center. So for the 62 Z Shallow (the image in the middle row, on the right), you can see the alignment is the same as the normal play. What’s Bruin: Does UCLA Basketball Look Like a National Title Contender?

"We want to throw the ball three yards and get three more on the run. Scotish Claymores - … I doubt that's still the case, though, as Chow seems to have become very critical of 7-step drops. If he blitzes, the QB must take his hot read (generally HB/FB). Big money graf for me: To control the blitz and hard edge rush, use screens and traps/counters - use their eagerness to get into the backfield against them.

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