OMGOSH.. BEST CHASE SCENE IN THE GAME | Detroit: Become Human (Part 5), i searched the deep web and this is what happened.. | Welcome To The Game 2, DO NOT WATCH AT NIGHT. Like “part one” per say? 10/10 would hide in filthy bathroom stall again. It doesn't have a name yet but I'm going to have a short teaser ready within the next few days. Thanks for letting me know. Download:, Update: Figure I'll just name it 0.6 since it's a significant update. Stay tuned. As far as the final version goes: long story short, I ran into a lot of problems with the pathfinding and unity navigation mesh. You just need to download it through itchio with the link. i open the console and it said something like "exception caught, player rewind" or something. Your games never cease to disappoint so as long as it comes out finished then it'll be fantastic. Yeah, sad to say the hitbox issue has left me not even playing the game since release day. Yes, it was on the zip version. omg !! But the spiders have found out. Only thing I'd point out is to tweak the controls a bit, but another comment already mentioned this.

Sorry I missed this.

I wouldn't expect them to be.

Did you try right clicking to download? It won't be the full, full release yet.

Spiders No key necessary for me.

Can someone tell me how many endings this game has? Can we get console ports after the next game? What a lovely NoRmAl cemetery.

Is this intended? loved every second of playing it. GOD B L E S S YOU. feed me billy was fun, riverside was creepy and spiders, I didn't really enjoy as much as the others. It's YOUR job to feed it. I was working with other windows and going back and forth and thought the relaunch screen was the pause screen, and ended up loading multiple instances of riverside incident. I pretty much play this game twice a day. I will see if I can recreate this. It's a boring project.More like a shooter,than a horror.You should make games without weapons.I love most of your games. Will he survive the night? super fun. man: you create tension!! I start up the game, and it'll show the unity screen, but then it fades away and I'm left with just a blue screen. I could always use testing for new builds. That patching system is what my limited internet desperately needed.

Well, the steam release will include Night Shift, Stay out of the House and Nun Massacre all together.

Some steps involved staging an event and twisting the reality of it to anger the people. I did get some cool ideas for a serial killer game based on some of the lighting experiments I've been doing as I go. Also is it windows or mac? i just noticed 2 bugs while playing: the door numbers can be seen thru the walls and in the offering/scale room the nun appeared in the middle of the stakes without opening the door (she might've closed the door behind her but i'm not sure if she does that? As I know there are no other endings but 3 different dream scenarios. The first fix I tried works for once :) Hope you enjoy.

I wasnt able to finish before doing something else :/, However from playing that 3 seperate occasions the glitch still occurs, Haha, also at one point when walking up you can start walking on the fence post surrounding the tower stairs but I can't tell if that was intended.

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