The Church is constantly likened to a murderous Hogwarts and really I can't think of any better description for it.

The reader knows what is happening, but to see it written to mean two different things is amazing. First of all, and always foremost in my mind, the characters. Mister Kindly also appears to be able to siphon off Mia’s fear and shield her from her nightmares; in fact, it is implied that he feeds off her fear, and without the fear of the Darkin, he could not exist. Daughter of an executed traitor, Mia Corvere is barely able to escape her father's failed rebellion with her life. At first, I really enjoyed the footnotes. Mia Corvere is a witty, rough assassin-in-training, who will do almost anything to succeed in becoming a Blade in the order of the Red Church.

This will probably just end up being one massive gush instead of a cohesive review, because I just can't believe how much I loved this.

Book: Nevernight Author: Jay Kristoff Pages: 463 Publisher: Harper Voyager (imprint of Harper Collins Publishers) Read on: Paperpack How Long it Took Me To Read: 6 days Plot Summary: Would be assassins train at Murder School. The book itself is very good, but I'm taking off half a star because the narration is super hard to get into.

UPDATE: Because it seems that Nevernight wasn’t shitty enough as it was, it also shows problematic rep for Maori. Writer, Reader, & Watcher of all things Fantasy and Geekery. They all have a real roundness to them that makes them feel so utterly real. Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I also loved the snarky footnotes too!

Almost unearned. If she survives to initiation, she'll be inducted among the chosen of the Lady of Blessed Murder, and be one step closer to the only thing she desires.

The assassins go to great lengths, that are actually SHOWN in the novel, to keep the church (school) a secret, hide its location, and prove the loyalty of the initiates. Nevernight (eBook) : Kristoff, Jay : "In a world where the suns almost never set, a woman gains entry to a school of infamous assassins, seeking vengeance against the powers that destroyed her family. The poetic way in which the sexual scene plays out is the exact same wording as when she murders the hangman of her father. BiblioCore: app05 Version 8.34.1 Last updated 2020/11/02 13:05, Title Tuesday Recommendations: Titles H-N. He always manages to be so INNOVATIVE.

Excited to get the next installment.

4 out of 5.

Aside from these drawbacks, and how the main character exuded too much of an edgy, "not like the other girls" vibe, the plot proved to be compelling after the end of Book 1, or the first portion of the story. However, the trials are only beginning for Mia and the other Acolytes, and in a world where murder is not only accepted, but encouraged, and taught, the path to Mia's revenge will be anything but smooth. Alone and friendless, she hides in a city built from the bones of a dead god, hunted by the Senate and her father’s former comrades. The sex is (I think) tasteful, but the words can feel crude to some people.

I would not have a problem with my kids (who are 7, 8, 10, 12) reading this when they are 15 or 16, when it would make more sense to them. Please read Anjulie’s brilliant post about it. INTO THE NEVERNIGHT starts a bit slow but enables the reader to fully understand the traits and motives of Owen and Miriam.

-... Read More ». Oh my god!! The footnotes are good if you're into the history but break up the story too much. You go to read the (potentially long) footnote, then must try to find your place on the page above, and get back into the flow of the plot. If you're looking for a dark but sophisticated fantasy, I definitely recommend this book. From this point on the discussion in this review will feature spoilers – if you have not read Nevernight, I recommend ceasing your reading now and coming back once you’ve finished the book! Truly, Kristoff packed a ton of information into the pages, really creating a full picture of this fantasy world, where the three suns almost never set.

This is all to say, that the mythology, history, structure, geography and every detail of this world have been fully imagined and planned, and it's beautiful.

The world-building is absolutely stellar too and deserves all of the attention alongside the characters inhabiting it. I am sincerely hoping that we will learn more about the Darkin and see Mia’s powers grow in subsequent novels, as I feel that this direction could be very intriguing and complex, leading Mia and Mister Kindly (who is arguably my favourite character), on quite the adventure.

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