from early September and during this time, the animals must be fed abundantly to allow them to put on mass. In this case the eggs will be more easily transferable, simply move the entire clutch.

*, SCHMIDT, K. P. (1955): Amphibians and Reptiles from Iran.- Vid. At this stage it is very important to have the animals on land and separate the sexes. Herpetozoa, 23(1/2), 59-69. notes on the habitat are usually limited to short on-the-spot notations, the Akad.

[268-274]. We feed our newly hatched newt larva freshly hatched brine shrimp, and daphnia. preying on their own eggs, the spawn should be moved regularly to another no longer surmountable.

15-32. The main water depth shouldn’t be any lower than 10cm but no deeper than 30cm. It is easily recognized because, already during development, it appears as a white/yellow organ along the entire belly. Hygiene must be taken care of above all with partial water changes, siphoning of the substrate and control of the chemical values of the water. New localities of the Kurdistan newt Neurergus microspilotus and Lake Urmia newt Neurergus crocatus (Caudata: Salamandridae) in Iraq. Wien, math.

In this phase the animals will feed very little but they will never enter real fasting periods as long as the temperatures remain above 3°C. Neurergus crocatus, like its sister species, is quite closely related nat.

Salamanders of the Old World: The Salamanders of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. Kurdish ethnic group. The body is fairly slender and more rounded in the females, with a more or less cylindrical cross section and a median longitudinal depression at the rachidian level.

Artemia are equally valid obviously and in addition, they are often more readily available. *, BOGAERTS, S. (1996): Zur aquatischen Aufzucht und Temperaturtoleranz Publications 2250, 177 pp. Given the average size of 11-14mm at hatching, many larvae will also be able to immediately start preying on larger invertebrates such as diptera larvae, white worms and young ephemeropteran nymphs. Numerous shelters with rocks and bark must be ensured. *. Amphibia Reptilia , 21(1), 1-12. In this species it manifests itself with a fairly rapid “wagging” of the terminal half of the tail, placed parallel to the rest of the body and in the direction of the female. marked in [ ].

Crocatus require small live prey to hunt. Herpetologica, 65(3), 280-291. [52-53].

In all forms, however, the belly appears uniform red-orange or interrupted by some black spots (however these spots are never found at the level of the chinstrap). In addition, during the breeding season it tends to be coloured in a more contrasting way with a red-orange line longitudinally to the lower margin, and a pattern that, especially starting from the medial third, shows spots of a brighter / pearly white often enriched by a background shade that is sometimes more clear.

Grenzgebiet.- Urodela Info, Hanau, Because this phenomenon happened in a similar manner to a number of keepers After this phase, approximately mid-October, temperatures permitting, the animals should be placed outdoors in a place sheltered from the sun and bad weather for about 1 month/a month and a half. species from being restricted into extreme locations. The author, who is the keeper of the Neurergus crocatus studbook, therefore appeals und Persien).- Zoolog. In this phase, great care must be taken not to damage them, which is not easy task given the considerable size of each egg and the tenacity of the colloidal peduncle that attaches them to the substrate.

Phylogeny of Neurergus crocatus and Neurergus strauchii in Turkey based on morphological and molecular data. (2013).

Never exceed 27°C (75°F) as this can be fatal to the newts.

The temperature should stay between 4 and 5°C.

NB: rinse thoroughly any frozen or gel food before administering it.

the care of Neurergus crocatus: Due to the size of the animals, a terrarium for the terrestrial period As with all our newts, we do not recommend that you house multiple species or morphs together. For semi-aquatic / semi-aquatic, we will simply use a tank large enough to prepare a set-up that includes both of the above types. Also very important in this phase is to feed the animals abundantly and maintain a water temperature of about 15-17°C.

Or, worse, habitat destruction by However, in winter animals should be kept at temperatures below 10°C, even better if they are close to 0°C, preferably in a terrestrial setup. On the other hand, the local population considers these 1-21. on this subject, directly to the author, Günter Schultschick, at guenter.schultschik "at"

The larvae at this point will begin to reabsorb gills and caudal membranes, thanks to which they will have an additional energy uptake, in addition to food. VENZNER, G. (1922): Neues Verzeichnis der Amphibien und Reptilien

that the present supply of newts can be supplemented.

captivity. 2010). *, BARAN, I. Numerous hiding places will be set up such as trunks, corks, rocks, bark and whoever has more. This species growth is quite rapid, considering that it is a mountain species, with individuals reaching 9-12cm a year after hatching and 11-14cm at 2 years. At this point, the food can also be integrated with white worms or vinegar eels. Although in optimal conditions they can enter the reproductive phase throughout the year (with frequent courtship and sporadic laying of eggs), to have a greater chance of reproductive success, some points must be respected during the cold season: Even though quite significant spawning has occurred at temperatures up to 25°C with none of the above points respected, none of the eggs have reached even the first stages of development. These newts like it wet, and are swimmers, so they are often located near or in ponds or streams. are gradually being replaced by “modern” methods, including more intensive use Frequent partial changes with clean and possibly fresh water helps to mimic natural conditions better, ensuring a greater probability of reproductive success.

Contrary to many other cases, here syringes are absolutely not recommended.

Baran, İ., Öz, M. (1986). isolated from one another at the first signs of this illness and kept for

This beautiful species is also know as the Azerbaijan newt, has a golden belly, and prefers a fully aquatic enclosure. The third form, from Choman, is kind of hybrid between the first two. to the Euproctus species.

So, in summary, in the first 2-3 weeks, we will have to: Already in this short period of time, the larvae will almost double in size and develop the forelimbs.

During the development to adulthood, there are often major problems at a WERNER, F. (1902): Die Reptilien- und Amphibienfauna von Kleinasien.-

Some of these micro fauna will be eaten by your newt, as a little snack. At the jugular level there is a throat fold, which clearly divides the head from the body. NB: avoid more substantial water changes. Yellow Spotted Newts can be found living in either shallow freshwater rock pools or deep ponds throughout most of the year.

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