We better get used to it haha, More posts from the newtothenavy community. Thread starter tptwomey; Start date Mar 28, 2011; tptwomey Pro-rec'd SNA Feb 2, 2012.

Helps me put things into perspective. I got selected for SNA over 2 months ago and I still don’t have a ship date yet.There are others I know who got selected in February/March for SNA /SNFO who havnt even shipped yet.

I applied April 2019 for a Supply spot. Oversized Round Swivel Chair Cover,

I submitted a SWO packet on August 17, 2020. Navy Officer Candidate School timeline?

https://www.reddit.com/r/newtothenavy/comments/jg95x9/ocs_application_timeline/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf. No personally identifying information (PII). Just curious if anyone on here has heard or experienced complications and/or extensions due to COVID-19. The United States Navy's Officer Candidate School (abbreviated OCS) provides initial training for officers of the line and select operational staff corps communities (supply and CEC) in the United States Navy.Along with United States Naval Academy (USNA) and Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC), OCS is one of three principal sources of new commissioned naval officers. The Haunting Hour Don't Think About It Gomovies, OCS candidates selected for a SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection (SOAS) will be contacted via the SEAL Officer Community Manager (OCM) and their Navy Officer recruiter with details. Can A Snake Reattach Its Head, There are others I know who got selected in February/March for SNA /SNFO who havnt even shipped yet. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Unblocked, I've heard/read that it can (normally) take up to 6 months after selection for an OCS start date. No personally identifying information (PII). My recruiter got the age cutoff wrong so I needed a waiver. Suzuki Gsx 250r Top Speed Mph, As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil discussion.

Interested in Officer programs? The time-in-grade requirements are progressive, increasing with each promotion.

Thank you! and Fueling System (NOFFS), High Intensity Tactical Training About three days in you will meet your drill Sargent. Tucson Craigslist Motorcycles For Sale By Owner, Officers recommended for promotion are chosen by a selection board from a pool of all eligible candidates.Promotion from ensign, the O-2 officer grade, to lieutenant junior grade, O-3, requires an officer to have been in the Navy for not less than two years. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.reddit.com/r/newtothenavy/comments/6mxv7c/links_to_official_information_on_every_enlisted/. 0.25 years or so waiting time for OCS. Light N Easy Steam Mop S3601 Manual, 5) Foreign Degrees. Come visit our wiki over in r/Navy. Application Timeline for Navy OCS. Also, while you wait for a reply from a subject matter expert, try using the search feature! I was just wondering if anyone could just give me a rough estimate of how long I should expect to wait. You will learn to take instruction. The second way is to join an NROTC program at the college you attend. Where To Find Peppermint Rdr2, Found out mid July I was selected and checked into OCS 3 weeks later. Honestly yea it will probably take a while. Do not encourage lying. Now, some relatives of mine suggested I become a Naval officer to find purpose in life. They will scream a bunch of ridiculous commands in your face basically to show you who is boss. Flight Tracker American Airlines, Your email address will not be published. Officer Candidate School (OCS) is one of four Officer The O-5 selection board only promotes about 70 percent of those recommended by their commanding officers for promotion.Captain, the O-6 officer pay grade, is the highest rank that a naval officer can attain without congressional approval in addition to the presidential approval that's part of commissioning and officer promotion. Burred for men and a bob for women. This is to train you right off the back to take commands and train them to give commands. What Is Dangerously High Ferritin Levels, Fake Diploma Reddit, Timeline of Navy Officer Candidate School. The time-in-grade requirements are progressive, increasing with each promotion. My board was last August, covid pushed my time back a bit but I started my quarantine mid April. program. I was just wondering if I could get a rough timeline as to earliest possibility of actually going to OCS.

To Zion Chords, As always, step number one is to get in touch with a recruiter and get the ball rolling. Before receiving a recommendation for promotion from commander to captain, the officer must have completed three years of service in the grade of commander, to satisfy the minimum time-in-grade requirement. Kawasaki Stx 15f Vs Yamaha Vxr, Do not encourage lying. Broken Chakra Bracelet Meaning, Starting the process now could potentially have you going to OCS before next October (obviously you have to graduate first! Mental training involves memorization of military They need to know if you can be depended on in stressful situations. May 2020 was the next board and then COVID happened. Since SWOs tend to be lower priority and there are 500+ people on this board, I wouldn’t be surprised if the wait time was even longer.

Any info would be helpful! And the third way is to complete college and later enroll in Navy OCS. Thanks a bunch.

H Gen Generator,

Learning early..hurry up and wait! About 2 3 Of The Body's Fluid Is Within Cells And Is Termed _________ Fluid, Additionally, he said that he was not aware of the timeline between being selected and reporting to Newport. Breaking subreddit rules may result in a ban from r/newtothenavy and r/navy. Good luck! *** OCS *** IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ *** For students executing orders to Officer Candidate School Classes in FY-20 or FY-21 you should contact your Detailer/Recruiter to confirm you have quota for OCS and that your orders have not changed. Hey everyone! Navy Officer Candidate School is one of three ways you can become an officer in the Navy. Empires And Puzzles Atlantis Summon Schedule, Program leads to a commission in the Unrestricted Line of the U.S. Navy as an Ensign, designator 1160.

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