( Worthy News) - Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger and many other bestsellers has launched The Return: a national and global movement of prayer and repentance … News from around the world - Israel, USA, and other nations. The Ernest Foundation Other than Israel during the Old Testament period, no other nation has come so close to being a Biblical theocracy. It could also mean the end of religious freedom.”, Meanwhile, Franklin Graham told CBN News, “We’re coming to pray. Open weeping may take place (and appropriately so), by leaders, as well as participants. Scripture is clear that the solution is repentance. The goal of Jeff Daly and the National Day of Repentance is to have the political leaders of the USA call for a Day of Repentance. Whether dealing with individuals, institutions, or nations, God always speaks of reconciliation and restoration before He speaks of judgment. Its exposure means that the tide has turned, and God is about to overthrow it. Jesus’ followers gathered for several days in Jerusalem for the commanded solemn assembly of the Feast of Weeks, before receiving the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in what we have come to know as the Day of Pentecost. Pastors become spiritual clones trained to keep the machinery running smoothly.”. It's Simple, Safe & Secure! Hoar In A Sentence, Then, just before the end of these ten days will come The Return on Saturday, September 26. Just one of these included is the fact that since 1973, nearly 60 million American children have been murdered in America's abortion mills. Resistance Star Wars Logo, The first National Day of Repentance was held within a few days of the announcement. Simple prayer is not going to turn the judgment against America or stop the plagues that are hitting us.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Bells, Franklin Graham says The Return and the noontime prayer march he’s leading the same day are a good start to get America out of trouble and back to God. Grimsby Swaps And Sales Cars, Hidalgo Cast, Stock is limited so order now to guarantee holiday gift giving.

), through the ministry of Love For His People we founded in 2010, give love and support for our friends in Israel and in other nations with friendship, humanitarian aid, and social media support, along with Steve's NOW THINK ON THIS messages, and our Ahava Adventures annual trips to Israel. He combines a knowledge of the Old and New Testaments with a personal revelation of God that began and developed during the "wilderness" period of his life, which he often refers to as God's True Bible College... Read More. This principle can be observed in nature, business, politics and religion. This does not meant that we ought to be afraid of God. All who believe America is in trouble, that we need to return to God, and that only revival can save us are welcome to be part of The Return. The Return is an end-time movement with one purpose – the return to God – individually, corporately, nationally, globally – and the end-goal of world revival. For more information visit thereturn.org. In their website letter, Cahn and Jessip said churches filled up for a time after 9/11 but nothing actually changed: “It looked as if there could have been a spiritual revival and awakening,” they said. It means that we ought to recognize Him as the Sovereign over the nation, i.e., “one nation under God.” For example, slaves were supposed to “fear” their masters, not by being afraid but by recognizing their authority and being obedient to their commands. © 1999 - 2020 Worthy Christian News - A Division of Worthy Ministries. By clicking below to submit this form, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their. live with purpose and meaning, knowing God's plan for your life, "All of creation will be shaken and removed, so that only unshakable things will remain." This gave the right to create money to private international bankers, putting our entire economy and financial system under the power of prophetic “beasts.” In 20 years the government itself went bankrupt, and the bankers foreclosed on the federal government and its departments. Note: If you'd like to continue shopping, you can always access your cart from the icon at the upper-right of every page. The nation of Israel is a classic example of the tendency of God’s people to fall back into their old ways. |, 6201 University Avenue, NE Fridley, MN 55432. We learned so much and felt connected in every way from our home here in Australia It was 10pm to 7am here and so worth it managed to stay awake. It is true that we have indeed impacted the world. Everything exists for the sake of the institution. Ultimately though, unless we repent and experience a revival in righteousness, we may become more of hostile territory to the Christian faith, rather than the fertile soil we once were. They are called by leadership—the reason being, that sin walks hand in hand with the rejection of godly authority. Visit thereturn.org for more insight and information. (Worthy News) - Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger and many other bestsellers has launched The Return: a national and global movement of prayer and repentance culminating in Washington DC on September 26, 40 days before the presidential election.

So the news is good. You can view the recordings by clicking this banner. Uga Basketball 2018,

The United States has not had such a Day for 102 years, since 1918. …forty? Scripture is clear that the solution is repentance. Scripture also speaks of “the fear of the Lord” (Psalm 111:10). In his promo for the prayer march, Graham said, “As I stand in this nation’s capital, this country is in trouble. GOD IS SHAKING WHAT CAN BE SHAKEN THAT HIS KINGDOM CAN COME FORTH, PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS IN THE LAST DAYS, TOUGH SCRIPTURES ON TRIBULATION AND PERSECUTION BUT. Russian Ww2 Movies With English Subtitles, Please Note: This product is purchased in bundles. W e now track nearly 1,500 National Days, National Weeks and National Months. Jeffrey Daly, founder of "National Day of Repentance for the USA" has about as much zeal and enthusiasm for his beloved country as a person can have. It is here that all his earlier years of searching the Scriptures began to come into clear focus. It is therefore the responsibility of the church, like Abraham, to pray the priestly prayer, interceding for her. Rai Comic, Peckham Park Road I should also add that the beginning of this latest form of captivity began in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. Click here! As Jeff declares, this is needed today more than ever. Christians, too, are at a disadvantage, because having not studied the law, they do not know the full extent of sin that we should repent of.

The vision of all those intercession on their knees will always be with me and the power of united prayer has forever changed me.”, “I participated virtually in the return. Announcing the call to prayer in a letter on The Return website, Cahn and co-chairman Kevin Jessip, president of the Global Strategic Alliance wrote: “The Return is for all believers who love the Lord from all denominations and backgrounds, black, white, Spanish, Asian, men, women, youth, children, Jew and Gentile, everyone.” The live September 26 event will take place at the National Mall in Washington DC and will be streamed around the world.

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