Leaders can further improve employee moral by encouraging team-building activities. 1. Tomey (2004) indicates that communication is a process which involves giving and receiving information through verbal exchanges, gestures, writing, and the use of technology. Type: We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Introducing the one-on-one dispute resolution process. The Participative leadership style tends to negotiate demands of employees, and the Entrepreneurial leadership style responds immediately if a crisis presents. Employees will continue to believe that their organization appreciate them as employees, and as a result, communication will improve, and employee moral will increase as a result. Thus, one way that I set priorities is based on the importance of activities, tasks or responsibilities. A follower’s perception of leadership style really matters to them, as they, There is much that is written about leadership; like books on leadership styles, techniques and also biographies of leaders that have inspired people to action. The three categories are leads, develops, and achieves. Therefore, the decision making process needs to be free from errors. My Leadership Style. Understanding different Leadership Styles can help me to become an effective leader by helping me to identify deficient areas in my personal leadership style. In some cases, I also engage in trial-and-error for some patients for whom the normal care procedure may be insufficient in achieving desired results. Leaders always step forward and take charge of the situation. ISBN-13: 9780547143965). Additional materials, such as the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your writing easier are

St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby. I can read body language, facial expression and can use these modes of communication to get desired results.

B. References Sullivan and Decker (2005) define delegation as a “process by which responsibility and authority for performing a task (function, activity, or decision), is transferred to another individual who accepts that authority and responsibility” (p.144). These teambuilding activities will further demonstrate to employees that the company appreciates them and as a result, employee moral will increase as a result. Robins and Davidhizar (2007) found, for example, that employees who work with managers who lead in a positive and encouraging manner become more contented and satisfied with positions, which translates into increased patient satisfaction. In the area of communication, I have difficulty in the transmission of the message due to having a strong accent which makes my speech difficult to understand at times.

To conclude, my leadership style based on the leadership assessment from Chapter 6 of Peter Northouse’s Leadership Theory and Practice, is directive. For these reasons my leadership style is best reflected in the transformational model of leadership. The Entrepreneurial leadership style will give teams and leaders the opportunity to become enthusiastic while performing job descriptions. However, managers are provided with various personalities or perspectives, accordingly, managers are not accomplishing their aims by using similar styles. Formal leaders are elected to their positions like congressmen, senators and office bearers of clubs. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines leadership as “the power or ability to lead other people”. This is because school is a long-term goal whereas my current employment facilitates that long-term goal by providing me with an income as well as experience that would enhance my future endeavors. Explain what is least desirable with that style from your perspective. Type: Other pieces to consider in leadership are education, attributes, and style, just to name a few. There are many different leadership styles. Type: What is the complexity or simplicity of the task? Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. Strengths. (2005). Effective Leadership & Management in Nursing (6th ed.). Increasing productivity. This means that I do not take an authoritative approach to leading. While directive leaders are known to be controlling and sometimes overbearing, I want to ensure that I have a directive leadership that is welcoming and warrants productivity from my subordinates. This is strength for my leadership style because advocating teamwork gives team members opportunity to participate in the decision-making making process of developing team, and as a result, employees are empowered, and feel a sense (2016, Mar 23). A leadership style is a combination of a leader’s attitude, expertise, character, and values that is exhibited in the leader’s behavior.

Leadership and Nursing Care Management (3rd ed.). Introduction (235). The Autocratic Leadership Style is when the leader “retains most of the authority for himself or herself” (DuBrin, A. In order to know my leadership style, I took a series of assessments in order to determine my personal leadership style. A4. Leadership: Research findings, practice, and skills (6th ed.).

Meanwhile, I am particularly good at encouraging others and helping others. By clicking Send Me The Sample you agree on the, Transformational Leadership Transactional Leadership Charismatic Leadership, The Relationship Between Leadership Style and Personality Traits, What is leadership? Setting priority is an important facet of everyday life, whether dealing with families, work or play. There isn’t one perfect way to lead and Jeff Bezos, Ken Chenault and Jack Welch show that different types of leadership styles could lead to success. The Entrepreneurial leadership style tends to be more creative and enthusiastic than the Participative leadership style.

I am also good at making others understand my stance on certain issues.

Leadership vs. management. Type: Topchik, G. (2007). Also, a leader has to have total confidence, but over the past few months. Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning. Sullivan and Decker (2005) indicate that the purpose of negotiation is to achieve agreement. To overcome this problem, I will try to incorporate the confrontation approach. Get a verified writer to help you with My Leadership Style Analysis.

The Afflictive Style of Leadership: this leadership style focuses on emotional needs over work, and is known to be used for getting through stressful conditions. DuBrin, A. Understanding Leadership Styles: Autocratic, Democratic etc. If yes/no, why? I have worked in healthcare for over thirteen years both as new scare nurse and as an informal leader and as an appointed manager. For each solution, I would also assess the alternatives, the advantages/disadvantages of each solution and their short-term and long-term implications. New York: AMACOM. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! To facilitate team work in the transformational leadership setting, it is important to have an effective communication system that provides complete and accurate exchange of information that guides decision (Conrad & Poole, 2005). A1a. Advocating teamwork is considered strength for my leadership style. It will discuss her personal power, political skills, and decision making style. McGoldrick, Menschner and Pollock (2001) state that transformative learning helps nurses to change the way they think about themselves from a professional standpoint because transformative learning aims to refrain the thinking of the individual to self-reflection. Leadership style can have five levels: highly capable individual, contributing team member, competent manager, effective leader, and executive. I also like to listen to other people’s point and experience. In the area of conflict resolution, I tend to take the “flight into fantasy” approach, which involves thinking about something else in order to be protected from stress. Being enthusiastic in the work place will allow both team member and leaders to become motivated while performing job descriptions as a result.

The ability to obtain knowledge, and implement skills that are presented by other team members will increase productivity because employees will gain new ideas and skills that can help them to perform their job description with ease. (2010). Rather, I believe in empowering every employee. Address the issue of leadership and corporate culture and whether the phrase ‘the fish stinks from the head down’ is an unfair indictment of senior managers. The quest for moral leaders: Essays.

ISBN-13: 9780547143965). We human being daily make the decision and when it comes to business organization, the process of decision making become more complicated , and it involves the stakes of different groups. Essay, 8 pages. Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. Inside of this class, distinctive examples of leadership behavior are watched and classified as leadership styles. Chief Executive (231), 33-35. Another strength that my leadership style has is that my leadership style strives for consensus. Synergies To resolve conflicts, management has to listen to both sides of the issues and identify compatible solutions. The leadership style. Conrad, C. & Poole, M.S. My Leadership Style Analysis. However, I could not allow the patient to lay on her back because it would make her condition worse. Essay, 6 pages. A1b. The highly capable individual makes productive contributions through talent, knowledge, skills, and good work habits. Soundview The Drucker Foundation. Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning. Leadership competencies are groups of related actions that the Army expects leaders to do. A4a. Dispute Resolution Journal, 64(3), 90. In addition, understanding the many different leadership style will also help me to become a effective leader by ultimately allowing me to understand the many different learning styles, this will allow me to improve my communication skills, which will allow me to effectively communicate with employees. Pennsylvania: Saunders Elsevier. Problems, In order to minimize problems for leaders in the workplace, it is imperative that leaders are emotionally intelligent, know their own personal leadership style, and understand the many different leadership styles in order to minimize problems for them in the workplace. (2006). I was able to identify my own leadership style as a result. ‘…The process of directing, controlling, motivating, and inspiring staff toward the realization of stated organizational goals…’ (Cleg, Kornberger & Pitsis 2011). References Leadership style is designed according to a pioneer 's behaviors, which is enveloped under behaviorist theory. I have to suffer democratic leaderships through playing on a high school football team, being apart of groups in college for class presentations, being a youth leader i While this is true, there is the everyday leadership and a slightly different outlook to leadership as well. When leaders take total control, such as making all decisions alone and does not ask for the input of the employees, they are using the autocratic leadership style.

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