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Plus, BOMs kept in inefficient Excel spreadsheets can easily be plagued with issues and will need to be constantly updated manually, which will take up a lot of your resources.  Â, So, if Excel or any other type of spreadsheet documentation isn’t reliable, what options are there for product-making businesses looking to get more control over their multi-level BOMs? Â, PRO TIP: The biggest issue for all manufacturing businesses, big and small, is finding a material requirements planning software.

It can convert thousands of Excel files in a single batch process with fast speed.

Watch this video where I show how to use the function code with your own data: This technique is MUCH faster than the PC-solution I’ve posted here! But before we continue, there are different types of BOMs you should be aware of.

To explode a multi-level BOM you need to repeat this method for each level. Edit 12-Jan-18: Code and file updated (robustness & speed). Custom1 = SelectTopParents, A bill of materials (BOM), or product recipe, is the DNA of a manufacturer's product. C=70%c+30%c'. Edit 12-Jan-18: Code and file updated (robustness & speed) Handling multilevel bill of materials (BOM) without VBA in Excel and PowerBI is now a piece of cake: Just pass 4 parameters into the M-function below and it will return a table that holds everything you need for: Explosion; Order list (“total quantities”) 3. 1) First filter your table so that only the smallest for each PC-combination remains and then do the PC-flattening.

Lisa D'amato Net Worth 2020, Having the right tool for the right job could save a company, more time and money than is apparent. Because this is a workable and editable template in Microsoft Excel, you can adjust the template to add as many levels of product data as you need.

It is spelled correctly so I’m not sure why it’s breaking down there.

You’ll simply need to generate a manufacturing order (MO) by selecting “Make...” and select if you wish to ‘Make in batch’ or ‘make to order’, If you then go over to the MO screen by selecting ‘MAKE’ at the top of the dashboard, you can select the MO to get more information on the production status. Â, In the above example, we don’t have the ingredients (subassemblies) to begin production, and we’ll need to create a manufacturing order (or place an order from the supplier in the case of the frame) for each of the subassemblies. Â, Once you’ve created those MO’s, if you return to the make screen, you can check on the status of each of your assembly's production status.Â, However, you’ve probably noticed that Katana schedules production by the older MO first, which might appear confusing if your first MO is dependent on the status of another MO.   Â, But, have no fear, Katana’s nifty drag-and-drop system allows you to easily reorganize your workflow, and better still, if some materials are used in two MO’s, Katana will automatically reallocate your material, so the prioritized order can be fulfilled first. Â, And a long story short, that’s how Katana helps product-making businesses get more control over their multi-level BOMs. Â, To find out more about how BOMs work in Katana, please take the opportunity to check out the video below: Â.

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