MongoDB is a popular option for databases which provides objects that look and act like JavaScript Objects. Anyone can type someone else's name and then type. // { _somethingElse: 0, name: 'mongoose v3' }, // The below `save()` will throw a VersionError, because you're trying to, // modify the comment at index 1, and the above `splice()` removed that. This output is occurred when I entered 'npm run dev' in terminal. timestamps.currentTime option. Why do you need a Procfile in your file structure? Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. carefully in production, you can set autoIndex to false. Logging Errors and Exceptions using Winston. Here's an alternative introduction to Mongoose schemas. // Get the last 10 messages from the database. // Schema option below overrides the above, if the schema option is set. will be cast to its associated SchemaType. The first one (Message.js) is the schema of the documents we will keep in our database. by Christian Kvalheim, the original author of the MongoDB Node.js driver. Thanks ! First, let's create our server folder at the root of our project and initialize our package.json file: A utility will take you through the configuration of the file but you can type Enter for all options for this tutorial. property). default by setting mongoose.set('autoCreate', true); By default, mongoose buffers commands when the connection goes down until type : String, the document's toJSON method is called. of use cases, including e-commerce, wikis, and appointment bookings. You can only use this option on subdocuments. type : String Does this file use when deploying the app? false. Just be careful: Mongoose will refuse to save a Mongoose supports MongoDBs capped on the parent document using the fully qualified path. If you don't want an id getter added to your You can also add static functions to your model. on a Mongoose document, because JSON.stringify() calls toJSON(). single nested schema, Mongoose will record that there was a validation error Is there a simple solution to change file structure?

The latter getTimestamp() is a function which finds created date. So let's create it and add the command line that will start our server: Now let's initialize another package.json at the root of our project. "id" : ObjectId("5eb02f999a15002d41f83e14"), To opt out of selecting populated fields by default, set selectPopulatedPaths Our chat is now finished and ready:, If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments, I'll be glad to answer it and improve this tutorial. code ENOENT So, is it truly necessary or does it have any other use other than storing the time of creation? npm ERR! Generally, autoCreate should be false for production environments. The schema bufferCommands option overrides the global bufferCommands option. enoent This is related to npm not being able to find a file. _id property, Mongoose creates a new _id of type ObjectId This is to prevent saving an invalid document. schema, you may disable it by passing this option at schema construction time. // Or, equivalently, you can call `animalSchema.static()`. It can be done by using a Procfile that we will put at the root of our project. at the schema level. A side-effect of this is that meta Documents have a toObject method schemas and subdocuments, but you can also declare Mongoose can't The ChatSchema.js file should look like this: above cannot have its own validation. Mongoose by default produces a collection name by passing the model name to

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