Will El Jefe find the strength to defeat his own father in the ring, or will Corporate City be utterly destroyed by the masked grappler and his gigantic burro pinata sidekick? Now it is up to El Jeffe, with his 1/18th Viking blood, to save him. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.2. Corporate City holds a lifetime achievement award in honor of El Jefe.

Just as Corporate City has gathered to celebrate his lifetime accomplishments, El Jefe is faced with the greatest personal challenge of his career when his long-lost father, a super-powerful Mexican wrestler named El Yo, appears and starts wreaking havoc. The evil White Shadow is audited by the IRS. Ltd. All rights reserved. The White Shadow tricks the Minoriteam into entering a mirror world where everything is backwards. Minoriteam is abducted by aliens and forced into the life-or-death game show "Kiki's Treasure Trove." White Shadow tries to discover the identities of the Minoriteam members via the Internet. Special Guest Voices Peter Graves and Dicky Barrett. Fasto, the fastest man that ever was.

During the ceremony, El Jefe's father and famous wrestler, El Yo attacks the team with a giant salsa puking Piñata. Full Episodes.

Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. 41:49. Minoriteam has a close encounter of the backward kind when they are taken to another planet by aliens and forced into a battery of challenges that incorporate the aliens' intimate knowledge of American minority stereotypes. The pilot episode premiered on November 6, 2010. The White Shadow must sort out their taxes but are interrupted by an organization that is even more evil! When White Shadow purchases the Bahamian team, Minoriteam must compete to keep the world, the summer events, and somehow even the winter events from falling to white dominance.

An investigation into a dubious Pilgrim burial ground may reveal the not altogether surprising presence of White Shadow. The team must stop the White Shadow from erasing the accomplishments of minorities throughout history. The White Shadow tricks the Minoriteam into entering a mirror world where everything is backwards. The episode is a parody of Casino and Goodfellas told as 1980s flashbacks. Minoriteam - Illegal Aliens Clip. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Minoriteam anytime, anywhere. Ltd. All rights reserved. Instead of scouring the four corners of the world, he goes to the every neighborhood in the city. 22 episodes. Minoriteam discriminates against her as badly as one would expect the White Shadow to do. One woman holds the key to saving summer when questionable weather forecasting becomes deadly. The Minoriteam is abducted by other-worldy creatures who wish to learn more about stereotypes. The Assimulator is a parody of the Super Adaptoid. White Shadow's implausible Book of Prophecies has predicted a cataclysmic event should The Bahamas win events in the undeniably Olympic-flavored Universal World Games. With help from a Stephen Hawking-like character, the team goes back also to try to stop it. He is arrested and searched supposedly because he looks like a terrorist.

Season 1, Episode 10. The White Shadow tricks the Minoriteam in to entering a mirror world where everything is backwards. Racist Frankenstein gets his head stuck in the Corporate ladder. The team battle White Shadow, who is trying to squash black businesses. Watch free full episodes, online videos, clips and web exclusives at AdultSwim.com. The final member of the team is Richard Escartin, an oil billionaire who, as El Jefe, wields a super-charged leafblower that can not only suck and blow with deadly force, but is so powerful that it allows him to fly and rip holes in time and space. Using an incredibly dense celestial object known as a White Hole, the White Shadow and his minions travel back in time to destroy the accomplishments of minorities throughout history. Fasto's loyalties are put to the test when his mild-mannered alter ego, Landon, is romantically pursued by a beautiful fellow professor who hates Fasto. Non-Stop, who is immune to the fog due to his alter-ego's excessive cannabis use, is the only one who can save the day. With their powers diffused, Minoriteam soon find themselves captured by the authorities and put on trial for not being racist. When questionable weather forecasting becomes deadly, one woman holds the key to saving summer from a madman's plot to supercharge the sun. Not since Jeff Bridges donned a glowing helmet has the high tech world of tomorrow felt so dangerous. Can she rise above her uncompensated duty to mop floors? The White Shadow and Minoriteam team up but fail to stop Balactus. Watch extra. Keanu Reeves makes a surprise stop in the Top 10. Every villain has a back-story, and one-time successful restaurant owner John Le Coq is no exception. Dr.Wang's "tea" turns out to be his urine. They join forces to fight against discrimination, such as The White Shadow, Racist Frankenstein and The Corporate Ladder. The White Shadow has a new secret weapon – a tool known to technology aficionados as the Internet.

Remember, all orders within Australia over $75.00 receive free shipping! As far back as he can remember, Corporate Ladder always wanted to be a minion. P.O. Non-Stop, the alter-ego of former pro skater Dave Raj, is a convenience store clerk who cannot be shot. While galactic widebody Balactus continues to own the paint with his doomsday machine, Fasto gets in touch with his funky alien ancestry. Season 1, Episode 11. Members of Minoriteam participate in an Olympic-style sports competition. El Jefe, a Mexican that fights crime with a leaf blower. Follow his rise from a stepstool in White Shadow's boardroom to a full-blown minion with enough knowledge to expose the secret racism that permeates White Shadow's overtly racist organization. In having to account for years worth of bungled schemes and misappropriated funds, the White Shadows finds his own corporation truly threatened for the first time. Minoriteam is an animated television series on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. After a bomb explodes, Fasto has an out-of-body experience that takes him somewhere no one would ever suspect. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Special Guest Voice Kevin McDonald. As Minoriteam fights in vain to stop him from destroying Earth, Fasto learns about his true past, and investigates a mysterious can of black-eyed peas. A supernatural hippie helps Wang restore his belief in himself. The White Shadow sets a trap for the team members by using an assimilator to take on their cultural traits. A dangerous, grape-flavored fog envelops the city. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! He is sent out to destroy the Minoriteam by turning them against each other and to steal Dr. Wang's secret tea, which is believed to be where he gets his intelligence. The White Shadow must sort out their taxes but are interrupted by an organization that is even more evil! Every villain has a back-story, and one-time successful restaurant owner John Le Coq is no exception. Sign in to YouTube. After years of shady schemes and poor funds he finds his own corporation is in trouble. Animated adventures of a group of racial minority superheroes, and their quest to stop oppression at the hands of the villainous White Shadow. Minoriteam is available for streaming on the Adult Swim website, both individual episodes and full seasons. It is said in the book of prophecies that if the Bahamas win 69 gold medals in the Universal World Games, the world will come to an end. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Series finale. Jewcano learns the White Shadow's secrets. Meanwhile, Nonstop makes the mistake of attempting to pass airport security in full costume.

Doctor Wang, using a government small business loan (meant for his grocery store), sets out to assemble a group of men to create the greatest super hero team ever imagined. While Nonstop nurses his body cavities in a terrorist shakedown room at the airport, Wang, Neil and Landon revel in an elite flight class reserved for the likes of African Warlords and Charles Durning. Unable to defeat Minoriteam in our world, the White Shadow tricks them into entering a mirror world, where everything is backward. Jewcano combines all the powers of the Jewish faith with the destructive force of a volcano. The White Shadow awakens an intergalactic evil: Balactus, destroyer of worlds. After a racist bomb blows Fasto right past black Heaven and lands him in Nordic Heaven (Valhalla), El Jefe is the only one, with his 1/18 Viking blood, to go and save Fasto from the dead Nordic women. TV-MA | Animation, Comedy | TV Series (2005–2006) Episode Guide. Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. Alluding to hero lore as disparate as Superman I and Superman II, this episode sees a coming of age of sorts for Fasto as he learns the truth about his past. Fasto, Jewcano, and Dr. Wang take off for a first-class vacation paid for in part by a settlement from a fake accident staged by Dr. Wang. The team is quickly put on trial for not being racist. This leads White Shadow and his minions into using their 'powers' to try to win the games.

Jay & Anna. Special Guest Voice Chris Elliot. While Fasto shirks his crime-fighting responsibilities to go on a date as Landon, an incomplete Minoriteam tries to capture a criminal, "Gold Digger" aka "Maria", who coincidentally, relies on super-speed to rob banks. Jewcano combines all the powers of the Jewish faith with the destructive force of a volcano. aka "The Blacklight Show" The inscrutable herbaceous substance known as Nonstop's Old Country Smoke may be the key to safety when an evil, grape-flavored fog overtakes Corporate City and nightmares become reality. Members of a reservation need the superheroes' help when construction on a casino is mysteriously halted. Back on Earth, the White Shadow and company get a little bored without the Minoriteam to fight. "Three (sic) words, black on black crime."

Back on Earth, White Shadow and company find that racist charades can only hold their interest for so long. Moral Orel (2005) Season 3 Episode 2 by Tony Delgado. The Minoriteam is made up of Non-Stop, an Arab convenience-store owner who cannot be shot. A racist bomb has blown Fasto so far into heaven that he flew past the black exit and landed in Valhalla. Meanwhile, a galactic power forward with mad inside game known as Balactus prepares a doomsday machine for earth. White Shadow wants to stop Native Americans from building another casino. The White Shadow, the "most evilest organization known to Man", is audited by the IRS, an organization "even more evilest". White Shadow attempts to wipe out black business. The Minoriteam must stop him before he uses deadly search engines to uncover their true identities. Minoriteam is abducted by aliens and forced into the life-or-death game show "Kiki's Treasure Trove."

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