First, in the video I tried to show a broad range of gear that is included on the list, so people could see it, understand what it’s for and why it’s great.

Exterior Height 7′ 7″ I may have to rethink July or August. Thank you for this helpful list. Simple got its start in 2015, and it's been living up to its name ever since, developing dead-simple over-the-counter conversion kits that drop into place. That is a bit out of the scope of a simple gear list and would likely require it’s own separate article/post. Would you mind to give me the exact dimensions of your top and under quilt mentioned in the hammock section above? My wife and I use our Duomid XL about 98% without an inner nest, so for us it is lighter and easier to setup than the ZP.

A backup battery weighs only .25 oz. The Hammock Gear Wanderlust Complete Kit for Hammock Tent Camping raises the bar for an ultralight, low cost, easy to use, complete hammock kit. No measuring cups needed, no spilling and fuel waste. As to cookware, we wash it by hand with plain water away from streams and do not use soap. Others, like the Ruby Red 1956 Platt Camper, stand out from modern travel trailers with a strong retro aesthetic that calls to mind the diners that once dotted famous highways like Route 66. Increased fuel efficiency with rolled-top aluminum beer bottle stove.

Under 2 lbs total. A tough climb up to Indian Pass on the Continental Divide provided some pretty spectacular views. What is your opinion on the Levity?

I’ll keep these lists in mind when cycling in new gear. The Ion has a crapload more brilliant beam that is adequate for trail hiking. They are a hassle to take on and off and flap in the wind. So if money is not an issue a DCF tent, pyramid tent, or tarp is definitely on the menu. Jake, good Q.

I generally use a quilt that is less than 50″ wide. An optional screen room is available to expand the outdoor living space. And you could make the argument that the image and additional text about the gear in this format does provide significant benefit not in the old table format.

Careful packers can stay below a 2,500-pound threshold.

If you love Air Streams, for example, but don’t want the long length and size, you can find vintage small trailers with similar space-age silver exteriors, too, or even the classic wood paneling you might recognize from old school station wagons. Excellent point David. I just use the thing 1-2x per week. Exterior Width 6′ lack a bathroom and the kitchen is usually on the outside (if there is one), so rustling up breakfast can be a chilly affair. We almost always hike in shorts on spring and summer trips. Gray-Water Cap. The main question to ask yourself with this pad is: how often do you backpack in sub-freezing temps? Wishing you a great year of trekking. Quick question on the first aid kit. I am WFA trained, but I bounce between 2 FA kits.

Aptly named for a small, alpine mammal native to the Rocky Mountains, the Pika is a third smaller than Timberleaf’s Classic small trailer. Interior Height 5′ 6″ An optional solar-power package is available to extend time off the grid. © Alan Dixon and, 2000-2018 | All Rights Reserved. Thank you for your time. If I lie stretched all the way out my heels are around or just over the end of the underquilt. Light cabinetry brightens up the cozy interior. Our reputation is our most important asset, which is why we only provide completely honest and unbiased recommendations. Best Tent Stakes: Aluminum Reflective Stakes. For 2020 it’s way more durable at the same weight! Black-Water Cap.

Thanks for the recommendation of the rei rain jacket as a budget alternative. My one gripe about the Ion is that it has a wonky switch. Designed and built by Oregon Trailer, a company known for their off-road options, this trailer comes with all the perks of an overlanding vehicle but is still lightweight enough to be towed by a small 4-cylinder sUV. Randy, Hi Randy, good on you for moving to trail runners. The soap can alos be used to wash pit, crotch and underwear areas of clothing when the stench becomes too much. “How much food should I take? These are not usually high wear areas. A good compass is indispensable, and this one will last you a long time. Do you have a list of the most affordable items needed out of the above items? Thanks!! I caught this fellow hiker coming around a bend and boy does he make a great prop! Sounds like you are on the right track with the bear canisters and food. Thanks for putting this list together. As we saw recently with Scotland's Eco Campers and related spinoff venture Campervan Co, the good folks around the United Kingdom aren't afraid to go small, efficient and affordable when it comes to camper van living. Pika by Timberleaf Trailers. Below is a sample way that you might assemble a kit with the items we have check marked in green. My feet have a tendency to crack. I am traveling with a friend so was thinking about buying two Sea to Summit nano shelters b/c they’re 3oz each vs 12 for the double, but that might add more silly workarounds on site. I am at the upper edge of the medium size in ULA but right in the middle for SWD. I’m a newbie want to learn more. Im needing to regear a bit and keep weight to a minimum. Fabric An 11-gallon freshwater tank, sink, microwave and outside shower are just some of the standard features that will make camping trips feel downright luxurious. Exterior Width 7′ 3. Yup, as nice and handy has a GPS unit is electronics are not infallible. I like bicycling as well as hiking. Thanks!! Even though I grew up Boy Scouting and earned the Eagle Scout rank, I had never been on a real backpacking trip – until 10 days ago! Probably cut size down. We got one to try at MEC before a weeklong trip in Banff and immediately bought three more (for the whole family) after getting out of the woods as we literally passed it around for use during meal times it was so superior to the other spoons (titanium and DQ Blizzard) we had. Hard solid and lasts forever.

Try White Sierra on Amazon. Hi, Alfred. The Boondock Lite and Boondock Edge packages will appeal to those planning to camp without hookups.

The back opens up to reveal the kitchen, which includes a two-burner stove, cooler box, and storage shelving. In this case, you should consider protecting it. First, don’t let the images fool you. Best, -alan. They have good underfoot cushion only where you need it — on the ball and heel of the foot. The kitchen’s ash-colored cabinetry is modern and fresh, with streamlined hardware and storage hooks and baskets.

Hope this helps. The long handle helps to avoid the dreaded hiker condition known as “saucy knuckles”.

Very light, and you can use for a couple things besides a hammock stand when no or only one tree is avail. Best Hiking Long-sleeve: Nike 1/2 Zip (men’s & women’s). This article lists a more realistic 13 Essentials that will better keep the modern hiker safe more…. Enjoy Yosemite. All will be clear. Lots more snuggling now too as a bonus. Campaign Zero My wife had a smaller, less powerful but similar one, which she’s since ditched. All the best, -alan. Find great deals on Microlight Camping & Hiking Gear, including discounts on the Emissive Energy BB-W Microlight. All the best, -alan. If you like Trailer Life, pay just $18.97 for 11 more issues (12 in all). We're Dave & Annie, the outdoor adventurers behind CleverHiker. The OR Helium Rain Jacket and Pants (updated for 2020) are among the most affordable options in the ultralight rain…, Odlo Men’s Natural + Kinship Warm Top w/ Face Mask, Odlo Women’s Blackcomb Base Top w/ Face Mask, Odlo Men’s Performance Blackcomb Base Layer, Odlo Women’s Performance Blackcomb Base Layer, Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair. Shirt option for cooler weather | When daytime temps are cool our favorite shirt is the REI Co-op Merino Midweight Half-Zip Shirt. Little additional weight and volume for a ton more warmth. It makes finding small things like aquamira super easy. Best Waterproof Stuff Sacks for Backpacking: HMG Waterproof Stuff Sacks & Stuff Pods. Smartwool PhD Run Elite Low Cut Socks have a nice fit which they retain well even when wet and moving fast. GVWR 2,200 lbs.

We normally take a guy trip in September to the red river gorge in Kentucky, but we are wanting to try something different.

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