)- It’s already been x years.

– Are you traveling with your family?

The usual way to say “Yes, thank you” is to use the verb in the question and xièxie. – It’s good, as in “it’s doable.”, 不错. Imagine you look up a scripted example dialogue in Mandarin and read through it. A response to a yes-or-no question will likely be based off of the verb included in the question.

In this case, the verb 是 (shì – to be) is used.

When to Use: If you understood every word that was said and understand what those words or phrases mean on their own, but you don’t understand how it fits into the context of the conversation, say this.

– Where in China are you from? (wǒ shì ___ de. By mastering the basics of conversation in Chinese, you put yourself and the person you’re talking to at ease.

The transcripts below correspond to the ten programmes in the Real Chinese TV series, which is repeated regularly on BBC Learning Zone. (tā men x suì.)

First have a look at the menu. Learn how to read the menu and to order food in Chinese.

已经 x 个月了. – Is Mandarin your mother tongue?

– Yeah, I’ve gotten used to it.

9. Then you go to a restaurant hoping to execute the scripted Chinese conversation that you can perform epically, and this happens: You: … [because scripted conversations never work like this]. These phrases or expressions are those that I’ve found quite useful, especially as a part of those first few conversations and now, I’d like to share them with you. – Are your parents still in China? I also occasionally use affiliate links, which give me a small commission if you purchase one of the products or services I talk about in my posts. For example, nĭ qù măi dōngxi ma?

Implied Meaning: “I heard and understood what you said, but I don’t understand your point.”. – I got here in ___ [referring to the year]. If it turns out you missed something important, apologize later.

Beginner Chinese conversation scripts are the worst. Second, it’s not their fault they went off script. When meeting people in Chinese-speaking locales, be sure to use the appropriate formal title. You: 喜欢这边吗? (xí guàn le.)

BBC © 2014 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Them: 我是___的. Do your best and enjoy the conversations! 1.

Each transcript covers all Chinese dialogues spoken in the programme. For example, 美国 (měi guó) means “America,” and 美国人 (měi guó rén) means “American.”.

In fact, the word búkèqi (You’re welcome) actually means “Don’t be so polite!”.

wŏ de zhōngwén shuōde bùhăo. Everyone should learn essential Chinese conversational words and phrases before traveling to a Chinese -speaking location. – You’re the first. You: 你读书还是上班?

The following words and phrases cover most of the pleasantries required for polite conversation in Chinese: In some instances, you can also simply repeat the main verb of the question to answer “Yes,” or negate the verb (bù / méi + verb).

- Do you have a menu? All conversations can start something like this: You: 你是中国人吗?(nǐ shì zhōng guó rén ma?)

These notes will better prepare you for what could come up in conversation.

Hiring a boat or a bicycle, booking a hotel room and talking about your favourite sporting and leisure pursuits.

Saying a bit about yourself -- where you're from, what languages you speak, what you do for a living. Eurolinguiste is a for-profit blog, meaning that I occasionally work with brands who compensate me for my time.

If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Chinese with real-world videos. ), wŏ zài zhăo jiŭdiàn. qù. (hái kěyǐ.)

– You’re the first.

By mastering the basics of conversation in Chinese, you put yourself and the person you’re talking to at ease. 不习惯. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests.

– I am! 还可以. You can always swipe left or right to see more examples for the word you're learning. “Excuse me” is a common phrase that is used several different ways in English, but in Chinese, there are actually three different ways to say “excuse me” depending on the situation: If you are trying to get someone’s attention or just pass through a line, use duìbùqĭ and láojià. Examples and exercises. Them: (possible answers): 没去国外. (wǒ ___ nián lái le.) You: 你和家人一起旅游吗? Plus what to say when you're formally introduced. Watch These 5 Chinese Variety Shows, Quick Guide to Learning Chinese Through Movies, Learn Chinese Through Music: Top 10 Modern Karaoke Classics, Chinese Listening Practice: Why and How to Get Started, Chinese Idioms Like a Boss: 15 Common and Useful Chinese Idioms, Learn Chinese through TV: 10 Great Shows To Get Started, 6 Awesome Chinese Podcasts You’ve Never Heard Of. Apologizing for not understanding the other person shows that you won’t demand that they come down to your level of Chinese. The bill please. Characters, pinyin and english definition. When to Use: If the other person says one word or phrase that you don’t understand—especially if that word or phrase could break the flow of the conversation—say this.

These terms can come in handy in school, whether you are addressing a teacher or telling your classmates your busy with homework. Them: 是啊!(shì ā!)

If you aren’t sure whether the other person is Chinese or not. (nǐ shì dì yī gè.)

Have you ever met a ____ before?

(Excuse me, how do you get to the Beijing Hotel?). This lesson will introduce often used Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and show how it can be used in simple conversation. Vocabulary: Do you have a menu?

Chinese Audio Lessons and Transcript Without the Distraction of Video. Everyone should learn essential Chinese conversational words and phrases before traveling to a Chinese -speaking location.

If you add a 的 (de) after zhè biàn, you can ask about other things that will get similar answers: 这边的天气 (zhè biàn de tiān qī) – the weather here.

Although the question is a two-option type of question (zài or búzài), a younger person may not respond with the typical búzài. When to Use: If the other person says a word or phrase that you’ve never heard before, say this. Review and memorize online chinese lessons vocabulary.

The only two components you’ll need for this answer are duration of time (years, months, days, etc.)

An apology can be viewed as both respectful and endearing.

© 2020 Eurolinguiste | | Designed by Vergo™. (nǐ jué de zǒu lái zǒu qù róng bù róng yì?) ), wŏ bù zhīdào zài năr.

(wǒ ___ nián lái le.)

Most Chinese dialogue scripts follow the same basic structure: the greeting, then a bunch of Chinese-language-based conversation.

(nǐ xǐ huān ___ ma?)

– They are x years old. (yǐ jīng x gè yuè le.) Them: (possible answers): If you’re in China, don’t use this line, because the other person is probably Chinese (in fact, just jump to script number three.)

(wǒ shì ___ de.) (bú cuò.) Find many good Mandarin phrases in the group Conversation and have a quick overview of their literal meaning.

(bú tài xǐ huān.) Buying tickets for a show and talking about your favourite pastimes.

Hear and learn Chinese phrases about Conversation with standard Mandarin pronunciation. You: 习惯了吗? Nǐ ne?A: ►Wǒ yě hěn máng.B: ►Na, yī huĭr jiàn le.A: ►Huí tóu jiàn. If you get the gist of what they’re trying to say, roll with it. – I’m from ____.

In this post you’ll find a short selection of the 100+ conversational phrases and words in Mandarin I have available as part of a downloadable PDF that you can get by clicking on the image below. (zhè shì dì yī cì.)

There are three main ways to say “I don’t understand”: To be more specific about what you didn’t understand, you can say: Study these three Chinese conversation scripts, and you’ll be prepared to meet a native Chinese speaker.


You: 你去过别的国家吗? (nǐ duō cháng shí jiān zài zhè li?.)

It’s also good to know that another possible answer will contain the word 旅游 (lǚ yóu) – traveling. © 2020 Enux Education Limited.

Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates. Also, learn the chorus to this song (the song starts at :28). 老師 (traditional form)老师 (simplified form)►lǎo shīTeacher. programmes in the Real Chinese TV series, which is repeated regularly on BBC Learning Zone. You: 你觉得走来走去容不容易?

Westerners say xièxie (thank you) all the time, and the Chinese find it somewhat quaint and they don’t use it that often. – I haven’t been to another country.

– Is your family here, too? The next most common way to refer to people is by using personal pronouns.

FluentU brings Chinese to life with real-world videos. Helping verbs, grammar, examples and exercises.

Being polite is important anywhere you go, here or abroad, because it shows respect for the person and the culture. You have not learned a new word until you can pronounce it with its proper tone.

– I don’t like it that much. Them: (possible answers): You: 你喜欢___吗? You: 你的父母还在中国吗? 我出差了. In each script, if there’s a reference note (1) after a set of lines in the conversation, and that portion will be discussed under the “Notes” section for that script. Them: (possible answers): 不太喜欢. You will be able to read and hear example dialogue at the end of the lesson. The transcripts below correspond to the ten – I like it here, as in “two thumbs up.”. (wǒ chū chāi le.)

These words and expressions are sure to come up in most everyday conversations. For example, if you ask a parent how old their baby is, they’ll say “not quite one year old” instead of “10 months.”. What are some phrases that you’ve found useful in your target language? The last section of this article will teach you how to manage those situations. (wǒ yī gè rén lǚ yóu.)

FluentU brings Chinese to life with real-world videos. The best part is that FluentU always keeps track of your learning, then suggests content and examples based on what you've already learned. – I don’t like it so much, as in “I’m only here because I have to be.”, 还可以. Tap to add words you'd like to review to a vocab list.

Tip: Go sentence by sentence, not word by word.

In Chinese, durations of time are generalized. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Helping verbs, grammar, examples and exercises.

Please check your email for further instructions. 我 ___ 年来了.

If they don’t respond with a simple answer, then it will be a story. – Have you gotten used to living here? A: 老師好, 您忙不忙?B: 很忙. (Are you going shopping?) Basic courtesies Being polite is important anywhere […]

(nǐ zhù zài zhè li duō jiǔ le?) 已经 x 年了.

With that in mind, here are three people-based conversation scripts that you can use anywhere. – How long have you lived here? (yǐ jīng x gè yuè le.) (nǐ shì dì yī gè.) From the description page, you can access interactive transcripts under the Dialogue tab, or review words and phrases under Vocab. A: Hello teacher, are you busy?B: Very busy, and you?A: I am also very busy.B: In that case, I’ll see you later.A: See you later. If the person is older, you may not want to ask about their parents for obvious reasons. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled.

There are some phrases that are particularly helpful to international travelers. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe, Sign up for our weekly blog newsletter for a chance to win a free FluentU Plus subscription (value $240), Get regular language learning tips, resources and updates, starting with the "Complete Guide to Foreign Language Immersion" e-book.

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