Crossing the Cairngorms, the distance goes from 262540, 778255 on the A9 and ends at 328042, 806921”. Hope this helps, Jocelyn, Your email address will not be published.

Why are the polygons’ areas important? We want your experiences too!

Azimuths from 369365, 543355 to 381007, 515840. This asphalted road links Oxbow (in Cass County) and Streeter (Stutsman County). If you want to read my report then you can see it on my web site: It’s a straight road running right through the valley for 46 min. Comes out at 74km. DUBAI: Saudi Arabia’s Highway 10 is set to be the world’s longest stretch of straight road, Pan-Arab site StepFeed reported. The accuracy of the length of this route reflects this which would be accurate enough for anyone planning on (carefully!) Now, not only were our CaTS team able to identify the longest distance in Great Britain you can walk in a straight line without crossing a road (which consequently you may have read about in some newspaper articles), but as this was in Scotland, the team also decided to find the longest in both England and Wales too.

Furthermore, this is the South Top. Thanks, Hi Dan. silver birch, planted all along the path! The shortest distance along the surface of an ellipsoid between two points on the surface is along the geodesic.”, Hi Thomas. When driving on the roads in Britain and Europe, if the road is straight for more than a mile it is common practice to say, “this must be a roman road.” The Romans built the first roads in Britain. Please correct the decimals on your metre measure.

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Behold the US Route 54, reaching from El Paso, Texas, to Griggsville, Illinois. OS is Britain's mapping agency. The southernmost point is on the B6276 heading east from Market Brough/Brough, the coordinates being 381007, 515840.

It involves taking the bus to Aberdeen (from Glasgow), bus to Aboyne, staying overnight there, bus to Ballater and finally taxi to Cock Bridge. While I’m as much a stickler for accuracy as anyone, quoting the distances involved to one ten thousandth of a millimetre (71500.817767m) seems a tad extreme, being significantly less than the width of a hair. So for Great Britain, the longest straight line that you can walk without having to stop, look and listen is 71.5km or 44.43 miles (71500.817767m) and is unsurprisingly in Scotland. Motorists completing the whole length will endure 90 miles without a single deviation. Using OS MasterMap Highways road network, our CaTS team calculated the areas of all the polygons to identify the largest ones. Highway 10 has the dubious honour of boasting the longest straight section of road in the world and, judging by Google Earth, the most boring.

294252, 254502 = ETRS89 52° 10’ 43.005985” N, 3° 32’ 52.691537” W; OSGB36 52° 10’ 41.589897” N, 3° 32’ 48.210731” W. “Australia’s longest straight road” proclaims the sign at the beginning of of the Eyre Highway on the nation’s south coast. Here we round up the stretches of tarmac that barely require a touch of the steering wheel. The US-54 W going through three states with no real discernable curves is 108 miles (173km) stretch of straightness.

Do we know that this doesn’t happen for some other reason?

Ordnance Survey: “Accurate distance calculations can be done using eastings and northings if line scale factor is taken into account. Located in Arizona, United States, the I-10 is 89 miles (143km) of dead straight road outside Phoenix. For much of its length, it can be described as a long and lonely road. Having had a good look at the Scottish route I’m going to attempt it next week.

North Dakota claims its Highway 46 is the longest straight road in the US and Canada. I think I’ve found a couple of slightly longer routes on the other side of the A9. Located on the border of USA and Canada, the US-83 S is 94 mile (151km) stretch with slight kinks that goes from North Dakota straight into Canada. “In Wales, the longest straight walk is 22.242 km (22242.534959m)”.

While we appreciate your enthusiasm, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you this route is not for the faint-hearted and preparation is vital.

Expect 1 h 38min to drive this section.

They then had to identify the longest straight line of sight that could be made between opposing vertex points that did not cross a road. Please direct all licensing questions to [email protected]. In emails to me from Charles Karney: “The accuracy of 15 nanometers that I quote is for paths up to half-way round the earth.” “The accuracy for the Airy ellipsoid will be (very nearly) the same as for the WGS84 ellipsoid (because the parameters are roughly the same).” For England, the longest straight walk without encountering a road is in the North Pennines to the east of the Lake District. We make the most up-to-date and accurate maps of the country.

That would be the A15 between Scampton and the M180, lasting for about 18 miles with barely a wobble through the Lincolnshire countryside. Ben MacDui was also not on due to the wind and the amount of snow on the ground (which was not soft but actually quite hard). Ta!

There is a separate forum for Street Furniture (traffic lights, street lights, road signs etc). Additionally this area will be remote and likely involves some water, so we do not recommend attempting it. It’s not all boredom though - the road passes the 87-foot sculpture, Metaphor: The Tree of Utah. Well I’ve now done the walk and I’m retracting my comment about “it does not appear to have any difficult sections”! Ordnance Survey: “Accurate distance calculations can be done using eastings and northings if line scale factor is taken into account.

An international foot equals precisely 0.3048 of a metre. Also I would prefer to see more attention given to mileage conversions as well as kms. Azimuths from 276605, 268059 to 294252, 254502. We wanted to find a route where you didn’t have to stop, look and listen at all. If you like straight roads, maybe you'll enjoy this comprehensive list of the world's most remote roads. Here is the list, The Road to Off Road (Top Locations, Vehicles, & Insurance Options), B6277 is said to be the highest B-road in Britain, Cam High Road, the highest road in England outside of the North Pennines, Black Hill, an epic road in the North Pennine, Moki Dugway, a graded dirt switchback road with breathtaking views, Interstate 70, a remote scenic drive in Utah, "The Dragon": America's Most Dangerous Road And A Racer's Paradise, Great Dun Fell, everything you need to know about this famed road.

Finally, if you plan to investigate these areas, please do let us know via our Twitter or Facebook! “An ellipsoid approximates the surface of the earth much better than a sphere or a flat surface does. Or I should say that, one of the longest virtually ruler straight, visible, sections is the 53 km (33-mile) stretch of Ermine Street from Winteringham, on the Southern side of the River Humber, to Lincoln. Here is the list of the straightest of the straight roads in the world. Actually, to one thousandth of a millimetre. However, the tools I used are all easily available: Signs saying trespassers will be prosecuted mislead people on this point. The map for the longest in England above shows another longer route. Brilliant – a fascinating (if useless) bit of geography (plus geometry) that has clearly got us all staring at maps!

Please see the query embedded below. Distance using National Grid references (hypotenuse) 22253.28870077409479704006125722m.

Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. “In Wales, the longest straight walk is 22.242 km (22242.534959m)”. Both appear on the OS with the same symbol so why is one allowed but perhaps not the other? It’s a straight road running right through the desert for 1 h 14 min.

The road is one of the best driving roads in the country. If these were to be removed from the calculation I suspect we would get a different answer. I assumed the questioner actually wanted to attempt the route and wanted a linear/point to point rather than circular route. Located in Saudi Arabia, close to the border with United Arab Emirates border, the Highway 95 is an asphalted straight road running right through the desert for 110 km (68 miles). The road is asphalted and links US-285 and Alamosa. This asphalted road, known as the Cristopher Columbus Highway, links Lincoln, the capital of the state of Nebraska and Grand Island in Hall County. The person asking the question is planning an expedition, they are not interested in theoretical answers suitable only for wild animals. Also, this straight line takes you right through the MOD Warcop Training Area so check this if you are thinking of exploring. Located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, the Highway 10 is 120 miles (193km) stretch of straightness. Using Charles Karney’s Online geodesic calculations using the GeodSolve utility: Using the GRS80 ellipsoid with the ETRS89 latitudes-longitudes, forward Geodetic Azimuth is 156° 40′ 32.7377236166” or 156.67576047878239° “clockwise from north”. 369365, 543355 = ETRS89 54° 47’ 02.981573” N, 2° 28’ 40.335131” W; OSGB36 54° 47’ 02.627618” N, 2° 28’ 35.041448” W. North Dakota claims its Highway 46 is the longest straight road in the US and Canada.

The walk is over 100km and it does not appear t have any difficult sections apart from going up and over Ben MacDui (care needed in poor visibility) – the proviso is that you are an experienced hill walker. Using OS Spreadsheet for coordinate calculations, the British National Grid distance (hypotenuse), mid point by BNG, and local scale factors with Simpson’s Rule:

All rights reserved. © 2020 Questex LLC. Or are these tracks? They state that while some of these ‘roads’ might not necessarily subscribe to what people generally consider to be a road, they had to make a judgement call on what constituted a road and what didn’t, i.e. Subscribe to Daily News & Deals! The longest stretch of straight road in Ireland? We appreciate your interest in this, but I would like to reiterate that this project was solely as a response to a tweet as opposed to academia and as a result, software that a lot of people might have access to was used. Sign up to get the industry news and updates delivered to your inbox. There are only two possible bothies and so carrying a tent is essential. Located in south-eastern Saskatchewan, Canada, the SK-10 W and SK-52 W is a 104km (64.6 miles) stretch of straightness around the area of Yorkton. What are the start and finish grid ref and can you order a custom map to attempt this route.

There is no civil or criminal offence of trespassing in England or Wales. It’s a straight road running through three states (Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma) for 1 h 55 min.

I’m planning on going up this Tuesday and completing the walk the following Tuesday at Dalwhinnie (only a slight change in destination) where I’ll get the train. Any chance your team could find the longest bearing road to road in West Yorkshire by this method? The straight line is 29.874km long (29874.438016m).” “The northernmost point of this line is at 369365, 543355”. Using OS Spreadsheet for coordinate calculations, the BNG distance (hypotenuse), mid point by BNG, and local scale factors with Simpson’s Rule: There is a sheet in our projection calculations spreadsheet that does this”.

But for getting from point A to point B in the fastest time possible, sometimes you need to cut corners and go straight. “So for Great Britain, the longest straight line that you can walk without having to stop, look and listen is 71.5km or 44.43 miles (71500.817767m) and is unsurprisingly in Scotland.

A paved road is totally straight for 170km (105 miles) running north-south from Mayor Pablo Lagerenza (in the Alto Paraguay department) to Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia (in the Boquerón Department), on the north-western area of Paraguay. Please answer the implied question “What is the permitted, walkable route that travels furthest in a straight line without crossing roads in each country within Great Britain?”.

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