We tested this play in practice with my 11U team but did not have the time to implement the practice reps needed to add to our game play call sheet. You can run this play from about any type of passing formation. I think for older teams the naked backside might be a very effective play. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following: This system makes extensive use of receiver motion (having a receiver suddenly change position by running left or right, parallel to the line of scrimmage, just before the ball is snapped), both to create advantageous mismatches with the opposing defensive players and to help reveal what coverage the defense is using. I have been toying with the play from my new Squad Gang formation. All of us in the Division were scrambling to figure out how to beat the Gators. What do you think? Green Mean Productions 4,762 views. We … The formation would look very similar to the Flexbone Offense formation. Most of the time, this formation will be created out of motion when the W or Y receiver moves to the opposite side of the formation helping force defenses to declare whether they are in man-to-man coverage or zone defense. Tiger Polecat. The key to this play is the pass play set up. This year we wanted to go to a no huddle offense and I developed a verbal call system using the wrist coach. We have toyed with the Stupid Sweep but never as Coach Bruce Eien outlines in his video below. I originally looked at the Polecat as way to score an extra point or a 2 point play, however, after looking into it further and my brain scheming it seems that there is a possibility to actually run plays from this formation during any part of the game.

Let me know in the comments below. What do you think? As a result, the offense is considered complex and difficult to implement due to the intelligence and communication required between quarterback and receivers. I do not allow my QB to play defense but maybe a few plays in a game now and then. The original Lonesome Polecat offense was created by Coach Glenn “Tiger” Ellison. Chow aligns the RBs on the line of scrimmage to hide them from the opposing coach. The boys loved the trick play and we called the play “New York, New York.”. I feel like the Squad Gang formation is simpler to implement and execute with a youth football team with little practice time than the Swinging Gate but with similar play concepts, strategies and outcomes. We had a great youth football season last year averaging close to 40 points a game running our Speed pee wee football version of the new Spin offense, which is a spread version of the double…, We finally made it to my favorite and best youth football play since I started coaching youth football  in 1994; Beast Right Tank. Although it might be more deceptive just to run it from play action out of an Off-Set I or Split Backfield. This meant we had ten men up front operating against five. The first time we used the Lonesome Polecat we received a six-man rush. The defense must really think you are going to pass in one direction which is why I like to run this play from my Beast Jumbo Even Trips set.

Since this play is now part of our playbook, this is why its my #1 of the 5 best youth football trick plays. This website and its content is copyright 2020 of Stephen C. Parker - © All rights reserved. I’ve run it out of a 2×2 Spread and also had some success with the trick play. Installing a “new” football offense in 45 minutes. The Power I Offense is a great youth football offensive package for any youth football team…, We introduced the Gilman Gear’s King Crab Sled at our 7-9 year old practice this week and the response was great. Here is the Hook and Ladder play from the Off-Set I formation. Running backs often varied in size but were usually bigger in weight, ranging from 210 to 230 pounds, due to the requirement of blocking. © 2020 Coaching Youth Football Tips, Talk, Plays - CoachParker.org - Stephen C Parker. This lead to him creating and installing the run-and-shoot from the polecat principals the next year. At the collegiate level, the 1989 Houston Cougars football team demonstrated the scoring potential of the run and shoot offense as quarterback Andre Ware set 26 NCAA records and won the Heisman Trophy while the #14 ranked Cougars finished the season 9–2.

From the Swinging Gate formation, I like the pass to the Center and the Screen or Snap to the back behind the offensive lineman. I like the Hook and Ladder play concepts. Right click on the video while it’s playing. You can probably find a copy on ebay or maybe through one of the major sports book publishers. I thought this might be easier for my youth football players and limited practice time. Here’s an example: This…, I have been working on simple youth blocking schemes for my 5th grade team for the last 2 months. In the past on a few occasions we have tried with one wingback outside the Center but not comfortable enough to try in an actual game situation. The quarterback then not only reads the defensive coverage to determine where to throw the ball, but must also read the defenders to determine the probable route his receivers may run.

It was conceived by former high school coach Glenn "Tiger" Ellison and refined and popularized by former Portland State offensive coordinator Mouse Davis. Studying to be 1 of best at Blocking! See the formation diagram below. In the purest form of the offense, the proper complement would consist of two wide receivers lined up on the outside edges of the formation and two "slotbacks" (wide receivers who line up one step back from the line of scrimmage, so as not to be considered "covered" and thus ineligible) lined up just outside and behind the two offensive tackles. Best Youth Football Play – Beast Right Tank, Portable Blocking Sled – King Crab By Gilman Gear, Wildcat Multi Spread Offesne PDF - $29.99, Coach Parker's Youth Football Drills - $9.99, Best Youth Football Play - Beast Right Tank, Simple 8 Man Football Plays - Beast Offense Playbook, Drawing Football Plays in PowerPoint to Create Youth Football Playbook, Youth Football Offense Playbook - Power Wing Beast Offense PDF. Did I have one or several trick plays that make your top 5 best youth football trick plays list? In this case the running back is usually offset to the right or left of the quarterback. Back in 2007 or 2008, one of the top coaches in the Arvada Youth Football Association ran this Hook and Ladder trick play against our youth football team.

Since the running backs were bigger, many of the runs were designed to go inside or behind the offensive guard to let the wide receivers block the defensive backs. I might have to try with only a single wing back outside the Center this up coming season.

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