Loki and you both just sat there and enjoyed each others company for a while listen to the music until Loki started to softly sing one of the songs. There stood Loki, a gilded silver cage in his grasp, a blue and black colored bird singing cheerfully inside. Language: "That's not how it goes" Tony yelled at him, struggling slightly against his bindings. Thor has plans for him, but Odin gets in the way. Heads, I’m yours. Can you help me finding a Loki-centric fanfiction where he: - is a… Now can you please tell me what’s going on?” Y/n shook her head in disapproval and slowly started hiding the drawings behind her back. Calling them estranged would be putting it generously, but still, when his long-distant foster brother arrives on his doorstep, Thor doesn't think twice about welcoming him back.

That’s pretty weird,Loki,” y/n said in an annoyed tone. His apathy scares Thor in a way his viciousness never had. Tony yelled angrily. DISCLAIMER: We do not own the Avengers and Loki, nor do we own the songs we use. Y/n froze. Tony’s grip was too strong and Y/n’s hands were too fast and the folder ripped in two. In this story Queen Hel is not Loki's daughter (otherwise it would just be icky). Clint dashed out of the room, returning shortly with his own guitar and taking up the main riff, making Tony glare at him as they caught each other's eye and started having a battle of the guitars. The Avengers and Fury gathered on the prisoner level, after an unpleasantly squished elevator ride. "A duck walked up to a lemonade stand.." Tony sang. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who have faved, alerted and reviewed! You: Are you a parking ticket? Requests are open! Bum bum bum Got any grapes?" "So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road" Loki's eyes closed as he too got the meaning. "Now these points of data make a beautiful line" Tony sighed, Loki was showing no signs of letting up and his team had yet to make an appearance. "You ready?!" Come here girl," Tony sang. He looked up at her sometimes whenever he reads his books, but she just assumed that he thought that she was just another agent. “Hey!” y/n yelled. ', "Desire becomes surrender; surrender becomes power; do you want it?". "If you only knew what the future holds" Loki sang effortlessly, voice flawless and beautiful as the audience, and other two singers, stared at him in disbelief. Tony looked up surprised and Loki opened his eyes. Also, here are some back story pointers to know before reading the rest of it... •Loki is with Tony because he was guarding him … Chaos ensues! "But who's going to sing?" “For example, this song called 'The Monster’ by Eminem reminds me of Bruce when he’s the Hulk, and the songs 'Thunder’ and 'Black Widow’ remind me of Thor and Nat for reasons you can probably guess.” Y/n and Loki scrolled through the whole list of songs on the playlist. "But he did it before, he might try again!" Loki and Steve splurted their drinks everywhere, but started laughing with everyone else. you see these shackles," Loki actually held out the metal cuffs around his wrists, making Tony wince. “If the song didn’t mean anything,” Loki pauses “ I guess I can’t do this then”. More fluff, comedy, and eventual smut later on. He went flying in an imitation of what would happen if a sack of potatoes were hit by a train, a very large, green, angry train. By the time the song ended, Loki was covered in cola, and everyone was literally rolling around the floor laughing again, legs kicking in the air in the midst of a fit of laughter.


He still hasn't kept his word.". “It’s you yelling at the Avengers!” y/n said excitedly. "On the people who are still alive" with that statement, the metal panel Tony was strapped too began moving.

“Act Up by City Girls reminds me of Tony, I don’t know why exactly, but I can’t not imagine Tony when I listen to it,” exclaimed y/n. "Take 'em to the bridge!"

"JUST HAD SEX!" The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Tony asked Thor. I think Bruce is still upstairs so I’ll text him and ask him to get it.”. Thor bellowed from the very pit of his being. But another law about prisoners forces him to take Loki as concubine.He is bound to obey Thor’s every command.Bitter and angry about his fate, HowLoki will react to this forced position.How will Thor propose his love and and win his heart in this situation? You record it for blackmail. Loki: I think I lost my number. “Bruce where did you get that file?.” “From your night sta-”. Over the years of being a security guard he had witnessed gatherings of teenagers, who were all unhealthily obsessed with a show or movie, and found them all rather astonishing. "A woman let me put my penis inside of her!" You: Loki, how do I tell someone I love them? Can I have yours? The other Avengers were stunned.

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