Come to reason well.

He was a blessing to everyone who knew him, and I offer my sincerest condolences at this most painful time.

You just sat on your chair as I watched you from the window. It will be incredibly difficult. I need to know he’s not mad at me for not knowing he was fading away. It is very difficult and I don’t think we will ever get over the loss of our child.

Healing doesn’t mean you’ll never feel the sadness.

You know that I’m always available to help you in any way I can. He was so full of life. Because people you love will come and go, but you must never stop loving. As a mom to a little boy myself, I recently lost one of my best friends.

Some big and some little. Friends who struggle with depression helped me understand that when they are facing that darkness they can’t think clearly. I constantly played the night of my son's death over and over in my head, and I constantly thought of different scenarios that would have saved him.


Copyright 2012 - 2020 The JEM Foundation | All Rights Reserved |, What To Do If You Or A Loved One Are Denied Care. You think of your deceased loved one and you can not imagine your days without him/her. He made everyone feel important, and he was always ready to give a helping hand, even to strangers. I am so terribly sorry Nicky. Be a, Never give up the sillies, my boy. It might be good for you to seek someone you can talk to, to help you really evaluate where you are with everything that has happened and your husband.

I am so sorry for your loss Karen.

I was wondering if any of you could give me advice. As you are already such a compassionate and caring child, I imagine you will be even more so when you grow up.

I hope you’re doing okay in spite of the pain and the heartbreak., Feeding Your Brain: How Nutrition Actually Affects Your Mental Health, My Journey With Suicidal Ideation by: Anonymous. He was my only child and we were very close. There are kind and compassionate messages that can warm their hearts, encourage them to keep going, and reassure them that they have the love and support of friends and family.

This sadness and pain is overwhelming.

I just wanted to check in on you and let you know that I’m just here for you if you need anything. Do you have anyone you can talk to?

My Last Letter to My Son My TRUE TALE for today is a bit unique, because it involves me writing a letter to my son, whom I re-connected with in 2013 after being estranged from him for about three years. I know that grief like this never ends because he was someone that you truly and deeply loved. I have an autistic daughter and two beautiful grandchildren.

He is sustaining us. It came as a shock to me to hear about your son’s passing. What I Have Learned From the Death Of My Son: A Letter To Grieving Parents. We went through many miscarriages before we actually had her and unfortunately she was born with a cardiac condition but she was in good health, the doctors rushed an operation and made a mistake which cost her , her life. It conspires to make you amazing and it desires to see you in joy. If you have negative people in your life that are telling you to just get over it, it is perfectly okay to remove those people from your life during this very sensitive time. Honey, did you know that Dad and I would have willingly and happily died for you?

The grief will always be with with us. Trusting God in the Dark

He was a kind soul who was always full of life. Writer - Poet - Wolf - Father, Modern Mojo, LLC © Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved, on From Father To Son: A Letter Of Love And Advice, You are going to make mistakes, my son.

I know our love pales in comparison to the love of our Heavenly Father, but still, many nights when I’m praying I ask Abba to remind you how furiously Dad, your brothers, and I love you.

But, we didn’t expect it to be the death of a child, did we? Do you have someone you can speak with? Please know that you are in our prayers during this difficult time. As I studied your face this evening, I attempted to envision what you might look like now, fourteen years after your death—at the age of thirty-one.

I pray to God for your strength and courage to cope with this loss. I am.

That can be an invaluable tool.

My single greatest want for you is that you cultivate a mind of rebellion. What should have been a family united and comforting each other in grief has morphed into bitterness and hurt like I could never imagine.

What will that do? When a tragedy like this happens, it can be the starting place to give it reason and relevance. I felt like a lab rat being observed as apposed to me relating to someone cause they experience the same thing as me. It is NOT your fault, you did everything you were supposed to; you sought help. Be a light to the world and never a shadow. My son also saved friends from completing suicide. No child dies without a legacy and a purpose for those that are left behind. I am glad you are in a support group.

Until when…secretly we, ‘re both crying. It’s never easy to come up with the right words to express your sorrow to a mother or a father who has lost their son. It can be hard st first but it does help.

To the parents reading this who have lost a child, I wish I could hug you and make the pain go away, but unfortunately, nobody can. The deep sorrow that accompanies the death of a loved one, the end of a marriage or even moving far away from home, is real. Some big and some little. Might you have any idea how irrevocably your life—and death—shaped us?

It’s Okay to Say His Name Would you have married an older girl like you thought you might? I still feel numb..I replay what we talked about over and over..My blood pressure fluctuate…I take medication..I cannot even look at a picture of him because it hurt so bad..Anxiety..i hate being alone..I get just do not seem real..I dont think i will ever be the same.. Hi Angela, I am so very sorry for your loss. Big or small a mistake is nothing for regretting. I appreciate your concern for his mom and I am sorry for your loss as well. To remind me of how it was, Drugs are so difficult. It means you’ll be able to have memories without attaching intense despair. Let me wrap my arms around you and let you feel my love. Diverting to another topics is what we did to lessen the pain.

You will come to hold so many beliefs in your life and the truth you hold now will be a lie to you someday. You could not have foreseen what would happen. Thank you for the reply, I was thinking about printing out one of the photos of him there that she posts and putting it in a frame to go with the elephant lantern and elephant stuff I got her. The ideas you find there will change your life and the life of those around you. The pain of losing him has affected everyone who knows him. As the years go by, I’ve learned a mother’s love never diminishes; in fact, my love for my son has grown, just as it would have if he was still alive.

Your Father, Your Friend, and Your Biggest Fan. He was healthy and well until Oct. 9, 2019. Your son’s passing is heartbreaking because he was just so bright and healthy.


He and my husband were riding in the back seat of some guy's car that they worked with on their way home from work when... From heaven he was delivered

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