In my search for language, and saying thank you in a way that felt like more than a glib “thank you” (said in English and done with ease), I learned my most humbling history lesson in my search for the word “thank you” in the Lekwungen and WSÁNEĆ languages.

0000163204 00000 n

Good morning, Lord. 0000272696 00000 n

Reblogged this on Dancing with Decolonization and commented: We also give thanks to the ancestors, supernatural ones, hereditary leaders and matriarchs, creatures big and small for looking after the rich resources and cultural teachings of this beautiful land. Lord, I believe that it is your way of showing me the hopes that I have lost somewhere. I pray to you for her happiness today and tomorrow. Help me focus on positivity. It is a fresh start where I can clear my self-doubts and stand back up on my feet. 0000083255 00000 n

0000287841 00000 n Thank you for sharing your home with me, I had such a great time catching up.

0000054217 00000 n Good morning, Lord. 0000305316 00000 n

May her day be full of happiness. They have always been my support system. These are the words we have learned from Ms. Sam this year at Brentwood. Here we have good morning prayer to make your day beautiful.

0000004688 00000 n

So tell me—how?

Today, show me your power and watch over me and my actions.

Britain promised the Oneida a homeland, for their loyalty, of 300,000 acres (a fraction of their original 6,000,000—what a “gift”!). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. 0000221502 00000 n

I am thankful for my life, and the health and happiness of my family, but I know that the high quality of our lives is currently dependent upon the low quality of life for Indigenous residents of Turtle Island, for whom displacement is ongoing, and colonization is an unending reality.


Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 0000151974 00000 n May His love fill your soul with positivity and strength throughout the day. May his day be something that he is waiting for. ��;�C���5}��S�E�ID �IR!� 0000237038 00000 n 0000283181 00000 n

0000301821 00000 n Thank you.

How much more could Americans and British/Canadians have stolen? Your nation is divided, now, between reserves set on parcels of land only a wee fraction of the land your ancestors were free to steward and be in relationship with.

I am grateful for the friends and family that I have. May your power shine upon me today as I step out of this door with a heart that has only love and respect for you. 0000300656 00000 n My family always intended to stay; they had faith in the Canadian government’s legal and moral rights to administer the sale of parcels of land. It is good to acknowledge the People and spirits of the land, without whom we do not know who we are, nor could we live. Change ). I pray for his good day.

Thank you, God, for another beautiful day.

No, it’s more like taking that cat out back, killing it because you don’t want it around any more, and then telling them that it’s just sleeping. ÍY SȻÁĆEL - good day (no spoken words available) HÍ,YÁȻE - good bye (this example includes an extra word on the end). It will be because the Lekwungen people have raised the language from the dead: raised it back up out of the earth from where we have killed and laid its speakers in the ground. 0000264541 00000 n

Good morning, Father. 0000000016 00000 n Click to … 0000291336 00000 n Thank you for coming to Xsapsam and Lkwungen land, the land of the smoked herring Hay’sxw’qa si’em nakwilia (Hy-sh-kwa sea-em na-kwil-ia) Thank you my honourable people Traditional acknowledgement of Esquimalt and Songhees Nation territories: The Greater Victoria School District wishes to recognize and acknowledge the Esquimalt and Dear God, thank you for always blessing us with good things in life. 0000304151 00000 n 0000289006 00000 n 0000273861 00000 n

Help me make my present good so that I can have a better future. Dear Lord, keep my love safe in your power. I justify this space-making exercise because I think that acknowledging the difficult, and ultimately unsatisfactory nature of making “thanks” is timely and pressing. 0000104172 00000 n

So how am I ever going to say “thank you”? May I always have your blessing to fight against my demons.

0000307646 00000 n <]/Prev 327238>> Good morning, Father. Dearest Father, thank you for the good night’s sleep which helped me calm my heart, mind, and soul. I took too much from it, I treated it like it was mine—but, now that I know it was stolen, I want to understand the terms by which I can give it back and make amends.”, Here in Victoria, the post-secondary schools have voluntarily adopted a policy that mandates that someone must make a territory acknowledgment at the opening of every event held for University business.

0000162668 00000 n

), so I did a bit of research: I found acknowledgements sections where people thank each family member, roommate, and neighbour by name. They have always led me to a good place. Dear God, I trust you, I believe in you and your actions. 0000005039 00000 n

0000130039 00000 n The sun is shining bright today. ( Log Out / 

Migwetch for your contribution toward reconciliation and decolonization.

0000263376 00000 n @|��B�H��P�� � �"�0�I�a�lƿ3�uj��3�g���Ǥ�6wq�5�ٙ��0^b�������A���mv�d����,��l��2�`x��c[)������aPF��b�g�s�X�h��������H'30�=���3��i�20l 0 m�= To my love, I pray for peace within yourself.

0000053957 00000 n My family doesn’t know anything about the Chippewas of Lake Simcoe and Huron, members of the Ojibwe nation who still, as always, occupy the area. 0000152552 00000 n 0000257551 00000 n You have always blessed me with everything that my heart strives for.

May I always remain this grateful for everything that I have in life. 0000262211 00000 n What a lovely morning to thank the Lord for everything that he has done for me.

0000009797 00000 n

0000055931 00000 n We are Songhees Nation of the Lək̓ʷəŋən People. I pray for my well being and a good state of my mental health. Rise and shine love. 0000298326 00000 n

The people who live there now don’t know where the land came from—they think developers and realtors made it!

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