One company, commanded by Major Peter Myers, became cut off at Taungdaw, west of the river in the direct path of successive waves of enemy attacks. During normal times Lachhiman would not have been accepted as a Gorkha rifleman, as he was not quite five feet tall. Gurkhas are probably the most fierce of warriors on the planet. The enemy massed tanks and charged.

HMG Clothing is a UK Veteran Owned Military lifestyle brand. The brunt of the attack was borne by Rifleman Lachhiman Gurung's section and by his own post in particular. He held his position, picking up grenades thrown his way and tossing them back at the enemy.

But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Gurung was admitted to the Charing Cross Hospital on 19 November after his health condition worsened, suffering from pneumonia. The movie is the sixth presentation of Abhiyan Films Production, Pokhara. © STIWOT, 1999-2020. This auction is live!

Alternate Names: Lachhiman Gurung VC Edit Did You Know? Gurung was alone in his post. Like many other soldiers from the hills of Nepal, Lachhiman found himself fighting in Burma.

Gurung had repeatedly tried to … At 0120 hours at least 200 enemy assaulted his Company position. At 0120 hours a force of 200 Japanese launched an attack. His father, aged 74 and very frail, got himself carried for eleven days from his village to see his son decorated. By James WhiteLast updated at 8:53 AM on 14th December 2010 He campaigned for Gurkha rights with Joanna Lumley A Gurkha who won the Victoria Cross Whilst taking inspiration from those that sacrificed before our time, we strive to keep their stories alive within the Military community.and veteran communities alike. Eventually one of his sons would carry him piggy-back down to the bus stop on the road and back again up the mountain on the day. Later in 1995, he received a cheque for £100,500 for the Gurkha Welfare Trust, presented by British Prime Minister John Major at 10 Downing Street.

Rifleman Lachhiman Gurung had joined Myers’s company just two months ago as part of a reinforcement draft. Gurung’s medal, the VC, occupies a place of honour at the Regimental Quarterguard of the 4/8th Gorkha Rifles; an eternal inspiration to future generations of Gorkha riflemen.

The young hero was invested with the Victoria Cross by Field Marshal Lord Wavell, the Viceroy of India, at the Red Fort in Delhi on December 19, 1945. | TrackBack | He married twice; having two sons and daughter from his first marriage, and two more sons from his second. One night, over 200 Japanese soldiers attacked. Lachhiman Gurung VC signed 1970, 25th ann Burma Campaign cover. Inform us! "At Taungdaw, in Burma, on the west bank of the Irrawaddy, on the night of 12th/ 13th May, 1945, Rifleman Lachhiman Gurung was manning the most forward post of his platoon. In the fray he had lost his right hand and the use of his right eye.

Gurung was alone in his post. Gurung was hospitalised for the wounds he received during the above action and subsequently lost his right eye and the use of his right hand, but he continued to serve with the 8th Gurkhas, choosing to remain with them when they were transferred to the newly independent Indian Army in 1947. The third grenade exploded, damaging his face, legs and arm. Recruits were urgently needed; the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor and landed on the Malay Peninsula a few days earlier. He won the Victoria Cross for his work with the Gurkha Rifles in Burma in May 1945.

Watch the auction as a guest You have been outbid. The isolation of his village caused grave hardship making it necessary for him to travel once a month to Bharatpur, 22 miles away, to collect his pension. Join our news letter for 15% off your first order, Copyright 2019 © HMG Clothing LTD, Not only had he lost the lower part of his right arm and right eye, he was deafened in one ear.

[3] He joined the British Indian Army in December 1940, permitted to enlist in wartime although only 4'11" tall and so below the peacetime minimum height. Lachhiman’s injuries were so severe that he was unable to return to active service during the remainder of the war. Young Lachhiman Gurung had met a friend in the village who told him he intended to enlist in the Gorkha Rifles. Rifleman Lachhiman Gurung had joined Myers’s company just two months ago as part of a reinforcement draft. Gurung loaded his rifle and fired over and over. At 0120 hours a force of 200 Japanese launched an attack. The Gurung language (Tamu language) movie titled ‘Dhi’ means ‘House’ in English. The movie has Nepali language sub-title for the benefit of Nepali audience and features the typical Gurung culture.

Do you have more information about this person? Biography of Udaya Sotang and Manila Sotang couple, Biography of Poornima Shrestha, Sushma Shrestha (well known Bollywood Playback singer), Udit Narayan Jha Biography – Two wives, birthplace confusion (Bihar & Nepal), Nepali Victims Of COVID-19 : Karna bahadur, was attending grandson’s marriage, Nepali Victims Of COVID-19 : Lilamani becomes first in Saudi Arab, Nepali Victims Of COVID-19 : Narayan Gurung (studied 9th to MA after retirement), Nepali Victims Of COVID-19 : Gopal Shahi Pathik (a poet), Marishka Pokharel, Nepali actress got married in Australia, Bhairav Aryal, the best comedian in Nepal had such a miserable life, Learn Nepal Bhasa with Sunita Dangol in Lockdown. The two-storey house was completed in September 1995 and handed over to Lachhiman Gurung and his family together with a sum of money to ensure that his essential needs were met. Gurung was born in the village of Dakhani, in the Tanahu District of Nepal, the son of Partiman Gurung. Regardless of his wounds, Lachhiman loaded and fired his rifle with his left hand, maintaining a continuous and steady rate of fire as he had been trained. All rights reserved. Almost at once another landed in the trench. Lachhiman Gurung VC (Nepali language: लाछिमान गुरुङ; 30 December 1917 – 12 December 2010[2]) was a Nepalese recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

His two comrades were also badly wounded but the rifleman, now alone and disregarding his wounds, loaded and fired his rifle with his left hand for four hours, calmly waiting for each attack which he met with fire at point blank range. Lachhiman had reached the rank of havildar (sergeant), but because of his disabilities decided to retire to his father’s tiny farm in Dahakhani in the Chitwan district of Nepal. [4] He later achieved the rank of Hon. Starring – Gore Tamu, Usha Tamu, Lal Bahadur Tamu, Laxmi Tamu etc. Wheelchair-bound veteran Lachhiman Gurung VC joins Gurkhas gathering outside the High Court, London, where a judge begins hearing a challenge by more than 2,000 British Army Gurkhas to a tribunal ruling on their immigration status. Lachhiman snatched that up and threw it back as well.

Looking for reliable information or news facts about WW2? The attack began with a hail of grenades, one of which fell onto the lip of Lachhiman’s trench. Watch Queue Queue

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