Make that bark dark.

As people began to taste the food cooked on a Traeger, word spread about the unique flavors only Traeger natural wood fired pellets can provide.

Rich, corned beef, melty swiss cheese, and sauerkraut are sandwiched between toasty rye bread and a homemade spread.

Homemade Sloppy Joe filling loaded into bell peppers, baked over cherrywood and topped with melted cheese. Nothing beats a T-bone steak. Make it a double. Heat olive oil in a heavy skillet over medium high heat until hot but not smoking. These mini mancakes are loaded with hearty toppings.

Fly your Mets flag high and get your mitts messy with Traeger. Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Difficulty 2/5; Prep time 5 mins; Cook time 15 mins; Serves 2 - 4; Hardwood Hickory; How do you make the perfect cut of beef better? This corned beef hash makes for the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner. Clear some space in the trophy room for a blue ribbon, because our Competition Style Brisket recipe will have you wrapped up in wood-fired winning flavor. Add the apricots.

Beef has our coffee rub written all over it. Your house will be the best steak house in town. Transform leftover steak into a spicy & savory French dip sandwich. Say goodbye to store-bought and say hello to homemade. Crispy rye bread on the outside, and melty cheese, carmelized onions & a juicy patty on the inside. Serve immediately with pan juices.

These short ribs are roasted with Hickory hardwood, then braised until tender in spices and a dry red wine.

Traeger them in a pan prevents burning and keeps the meat succulent. Hot and bubbly cheese stuffed burgers that are easy to make and easy to scarf down. Our Smoked Bloody Mary Mix and Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce combine forces for a topping that will take your rib-eyes to the next level. For a St. Patrick’s Day meal that your friends will fight over, try this smoky Reuben sandwich. This smoky burger is topped with homemade chili and coleslaw for a meal you'll need to pull out the fork and knife for. Saucy, slow-smoked brisket perfection. Brisket simply tastes better. Spicy pork sausage, chiles, and cream of mushroom soup are tossed with two types of cheese and smoked on the Traeger for one thick and delicious dip. Sear that baby to seal in juices, and heap with creamy blue cheese for a kick in the taste buds. This easy to make dry brine takes 20 minutes to prep and does most of the heavy lifting for you. The queen of BBQ has outdone herself with this one -- this prime rib is mouth watering. You'll be coming back to these beef ribs time and time again. Feed your need for melt-in-your-mouth Prime Rib right in your own backyard.

Don't be scared, you can take it. What’s better than a cheeseburger? Backed by the same original principles and values along with advanced technology, Traeger is committed to providing: Tip: Filets don't have much marbling, so when selecting meat look for a rich red color. Place the pork on bacon and roll. Smoked low ‘n slow over hickory, this cut is rubbed down with Traeger Coffee Rub and injected with a beef broth and coffee mixture for an extra punch of flavor. Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 5 minutes before serving. Used by chefs to produce elegant dishes like beef Wellington, the filet is considered by some to be the ultimate indulgence in steak. An hour's smoke followed by a quick sear and a luscious pat of bourbon-flavored butter take these to a whole new level. These marinated short ribs are sure to be wood-fired showstoppers. High quality 80/20 ground chuck and caramelized onions make this simple recipe the perfect changeup to your burger routine. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. The Santa Maria Tri-Tip brings the west coast vibes of California right to your backyard thanks to Chef Timothy Hollingsworth. You'll be tempted to lift that lid and just to gaze into its wonder.

Beautiful rib-eye crusted with a rich coffee rub, seared and served with a fresh and flavorful charred corn & tomato salad. Smoked till medium rare, then seared over high heat for a caramelized crust, this giant beef cut is raising the steaks. Anything that starts with bacon ends with happiness. This recipe is perfect for any shindig, slice it thin for a savory appetizer and adorn it with caramelized onions.

The Dan Patrick Show’s Paul Pabst sacks boring burgers with his go-to patty, stuffed full of chorizo and pepper jack cheese. This relative of the fig is the largest fruit to grow on trees. The Argentinians created the meat roll, but we’ve fine-tuned their stuffed steak recipe and added robust smoke to make it extraordinary. This is one rich dish. Beef ribs are placed in a rich and aromatic red wine and balsamic sauce, slow-braised and served atop creamy grits. One grill that has six uses: grill, bake, smoke, slow cook, braise, and BBQ. Ground chuck burger can easily be cooked to a nice medium rare. These portable pies are originally Cornish, but have since been adopted as traditional Irish pub fare, usually served with crisps (Irish for Fries) and—if you’re feeling daring—gravy for dipping. This beef brisket is brined, seasoned generously with Traeger Beef Rub, and cooked over mesquite for a smoked meat sure to elevate your BBQ game. Smoking meatballs packs in rich, luscious flavor. Reverse seared and simply seasoned with creamy greens for good measure. Devour it for dinner, then use leftovers in a breakfast hash & Reuben sandwiches. Serve as an appetizer, part of a Mediterranean plate, or tucked inside crusty bread with melted provolone for a memorable sandwich. Consider tonight's dinner plans made. Looking forward to summer and trying an array of what looks like fine cuts of meat. All beef patties stuffed with three different cheeses and topped with double the bacon for a burger you'll melt for. These beefy racks pack some serious flavor.

When you tire of chicken, reach for beef--Give it a tangy teriyaki infusion & a sweet smoke over wood for a delicious meal that the whole family will enjoy. That can be our little secret.

Top with enchilada sauce and cheese. 'Nuff said. Just keep it simple and use sea salt and and fresh-cracked black pepper.

This light and healthy steak salad will fit perfectly into your weeknight dinner plans. This savory wood-fired roast is prime for Sunday dinner or a festive family gathering. Devour it out under the Friday night lights or at home on Sunday while watching your favorite football team. Prepare fried rice according to instructions and top with shrimp and broccoli. Let rest 10 minutes. Rubbed down with Traeger Beef Rub and slow smoked over apple wood, these ribs pack some serious flavor. Heat the oil in a roasting pan and sear the pork on all sides. This asian inspired dish is one for the books.

Stack your skewers with wood-fired flavor. Natural and safe wood pellets, which provide amazing, rich flavors. Great taste, every time. Thanks for any help. This rich sandwich is one for the books. Prepare bacon-wrapped filet and twice baked potatoes according to the instructions on the package. Give the ultimate cut a creamy finish. Put that leftover brisket to good use and wrap it up in a warm flour tortilla with soft scrambled eggs, cheese, guacamole and fresh salsa. This flavor combination is hot yet refreshing. The lack of marbling, however, means less natural flavor and juices -- which makes this cut perfect for barding.

If you didn't already love your cans of Coke enough, you'll soon discover that Coke and chili sauce make one incredible pot roast! Make your backyard the best steak house in town with this freshly cut filet mignon recipe. Smoky blue cheese encrusted steak is a rich & delicious dish for date night or Sunday dinner. Though she has cooked since she could walk, she dedicated her career to all things food after attending a two-week course at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley. Prepare chicken breast fillets according to package. Homemade burger patties a grilled over hickory, topped with caramelized onion, a homemade mustard aioli, avocado and served protein style. Service & Warranty This roast is rubbed with a Dijon, garlic, and herb seasoning then slow-roasted over hickory hardwood for amazing smoke flavor. This is not your grandma's Shepherd’s Pie — it’s been given an upgrade with Guinness beer and Traeger smoke. The mustard slather tenderizes and the bacon smothers to create a spicy, crusted exterior. Forget ordinary store-bought jerky and Traeger extraordinary flavored high protein snacks by imparting hardwood smoke. Your neighbors will come running at the heavenly aroma wafting down the street.

The coffee grounds give the tri-tip a powerful bark to seal in natural juices, for a superbly flavorful main dish. Cheese, onions and beef smashed together on a griddle are all you need to make your taste buds happy and your neighbors envious. The fruit tastes like a combination of pineapple and bananas when ripe, with a bland, potato-like flavor when unripe. Say hello to bold hickory hardwood flavor.

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Introducing a whole new take on this deli classic. Beef chuck is braised with chiles, topped with avocado, cheese, scallions and served with tortillas for some deep flavored spice in every bite. 2 Kroger® Peppered Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin Filets, 1 box Kroger® Four Cheese Twice Baked Potatoes (contains 2 potatoes), 1 bag Kroger® Brussels Sprouts (halved, stems removed). Beer, chilies, rib rub, and coffee - take me straight to the pearly gates, Texan Brisket is sinfully delicious. This heaping pile of nachos are loaded with tri-tip, chicken, sausage, topped with melted cheese and all the classic fixin’s. any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. This easy and succulent shredded beef can be loaded into tacos, enchiladas, or to top off mile-high nachos. If you like heat and sweet, then this burger has your name all over it. You're not going to find these at your local Mexican joint, but once you try them you'll wish you could. Creamy, rich mashed potatoes + Meaty fall-off-the-bone tender short ribs = Ultimate comfort food.

This particular recipe for brisket is our fool-proof, go-to method for cooking the perfect brisket. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Cut from the tenderloin, the filet has little marbling which is great news for those wanting to include red meat in a healthy diet If only Mr. Met had a mouth hole, he'd want to hustle these into his baseball face. 1 bag Kroger® Tail-Off Peeled & Deveined Large Cooked Shrimp. Give your steak some wood-fired sizzle. You heard us right. Crispy fries are topped with a rich homemade gravy, warmed Traeger corned beef and melty fontina cheese. Say hello to handheld happiness. Start off the New Year strong with this healthy spin on spaghetti. Season with salt and pepper. That sizzling sound of seasoned steak on a hot skillet will get mouths watering. To serve, place on a plate and sprinkle with the caraway seeds. It’s the perfect date night steak that will definitely leave a good impression. Lay pork in the roasting pan with the bacon ends tucked underneath and roast in the oven for about 30 minutes. Recipe for grilling New York strip steak. Traeger it & enjoy hearty comfort food in the comfort of your own home. We offer a toast to this roast for being so tender. Load up your dog New York style and give it a wood-fired kiss. Log in and save your favorite recipes in your own cookbook. We keep this recipe simple, a little garlic, a little butter, some salt and pepper, and you’ll be good to go. These short ribs are nothing short of glorious. Save up your appetite, you'll want to savor this all night long. Whip some up for friends, and they'll be begging for the secret combination. You’re going to need both hands for this big, bad burger. Marinated in a citrus, garlic, and cilantro mix, rubbed with Traeger Prime Rib Rub then grilled till tender, our carne asada will take your taco game to the next level. Bourbon caramelized onions are piled on top of juicy Traegered bison patties and melty american cheese. These BBQ ribs are smothered in sauce & smoked to perfection. Summer weekends are the perfect time to brighten up your steak with some cowboy salsa on top.

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