You'll want to target the "mysterious boy" anyway, since he's such a pest. While most of the treasures are fairly easy to find with exploration, it’s still very possible to miss a few.

High Jump is REQUIREDBalloon Sticker - Mine Entrance. Offense-wise, their attacks tend to be unpredictable, as an attack by the Fire Unversed will result in flames being spewed in Terra's direction, Blizzard results in shards of ice being shot his way, and Thunder results in lightning striking down on his location.

Appears after clearing worldRainbow Sticker - Rainbow Falls Base. In the center of the room.

As soon as Terra lands, he comes across none other than Captain Hook and his first mate, Smee. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Summary : Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the tale of a new trio of heroes, told across three scenarios utilizing the groundbreaking technology of the PSP. The map shows an exit into the tree, but it isn't accessible to Terra at the … Where is the last treasure in Neverland Terra's story. Terra has the advantage as long as he maintains an aggressive stance and utilizes physical attacks; because they take some time to cast their spells, they will usually attempt to hop away when in pursuit. Near chest.Dwarf WoodlandsLouie Sticker - Underground Waterway. If you've chosen to revisit, follow the left path on Skull Rock again, but this time, jump up a ledge to the right of the chest. There's only one chest here by the Brush containing a Hi-Potion.

Return to the fork and enter the cave for a boss battle. Behind right column.Deep SpaceFlying Balloon Sticker - Turo Prison Block. Following his visit to Neverland, Terra travels to Destiny Islands and meets some familiar faces.

Near entrance.Keyblade GraveyardFlower Sticker - Seat of War. Up in the air.

High Jump and Air Slide REQUIREDUFO Sticker - Ship Corridor. Eventually, they bust out and enter the ship's Hold(船倉, Funagura?).

How do I get the Rainbow Sticker in Neverland?

You can also take the exit from this ledge for a Sticker.

Areas: Treasure Type: Name & Location: 1. (Terra), Treasure 15,16 in Disney Town and Treasure 12 in Neverland?

High Jump REQUIREDIce Cream Sticker - Gardens. You now have the option to continue with the story or revisit Neverland for some chests. True to Terra's personality, you should be the aggressor, charging into battle whenever Master Xehanort won't.

Back on land by the other exit, take note of a high ledge with a chest atop it, which can be accessed via an alternate entrance.

Eventually, they bust out and enter the ship's Hold. Here, we’ll go over the locations and any special notes of each! Treasure Type: Name & Location: 1. Also, I noticed that when playing Terra, you can't get the treasure that's on top of the pole thingy on the Indian Camp. Sora and his party's first stop in Neverland is in the Brig of Captain Hook's ship, where they meet with Peter Pan.

Traveling throug…

There will be another ledge so just jump again. High Jump and Double Jump REQUIREDFlower Sticker - Forest Clearing. On an island to the right is the Command Shop, and on another island ahead of it is a Hi-Potion. Up in the air. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Falling further into Xehanort's scheme, he obtains the Dark Impulse Command Style. Up in the air.

To the left behind the bend is an Abounding Crystal.

Which treasure did you get so far? Appears after clearing world.Castle of DreamsFlying Balloon Sticker - Passage. From here, Air Slide to a tree to the right and enter the hole in the wall; this is the aforementioned alternate entrance to Mermaid Lagoon. Return to the Cavern and defeat the Jellyshades to clear the world, earning you the Pixie Petal Keychain. Back at the Jungle Clearing, enter the tree to find Peter's Hideout, which holds a Shimmering Crystal and a Mega Magic Recipe. Here, we’ll go over the locations and any special notes of each!

It can charge and create shockwaves just like the original, but adds a rock-based attack to its arsenal, pounding the ground to send underground rock formations Terra's way.

How do I get the Ars Solum in Neverland in Terra's Story? Flying Balloon (North Gate) 2.

These enemies have the appearance of a totem pole because they are actually three Unversed in once, each casting a different form of magic onto Terra. At every opportunity, use aerial combos to bring Pan back down to the ground, essentially trapping him again.

This really depends.

Up in the air. Don't be ashamed of this, and retaliate primarily with Shotlocks. The hunt-or-be-hunted adventure continues with more content and options than ever before. For Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSP, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Where can I find (the 7th treasure in neverland)?

He then obtains a D-link with Peter Pan.

Taking the exit past the save point to the left will lead Terra to the Indian Camp, where he can find some Unversed but not much else (still, the rounds of Unversed that spawn make for some easy grinding) Use the other exit to the right to find the Jungle Clearing.

I tried looking on youtube and google but i couldnt find it..., Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Questions and answers, PSP Balloon (Ceiling (Collectible After Olympus Coliseum)), 1. How do I get d chest in rainbow falls peak? When you reach the Fissure, check the shop, save your progress one last time, then head on down the long, narrow ravine, and meet your destiny. Up in the air. After defeating the many Unversed that spawn (including the Spiderchest), destroy some boulders to the left of the Spiderchest. Up in the air.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep introduced the command deck, a system of organizing and implementing attacks, magic, items, and abilities that has reappeared in Re:Coded and Dream Drop Distance and is rumored to return for Kingdom Hearts III.By melding commands together, you can create powered-up attacks and spells that could mean all the difference in the midst of battle. Near window.Balloon Sticker - Forest Clearing. With misguided good intentions, Terra steps in to defend the pair from an Unversed attack. Appears after clearing world.NeverlandDewey Sticker - Peter’s Hideout. Glide/Super Glide REQUIREDThe Mysterious TowerIce Cream Sticker - Tower. Center of room.NeverlandFireworks Sticker - Jungle Clearing.

Pitting you against both Xehanort and Vanitas sounds ruthless and unfair, but it's only half the battle you expect it to be. Dale (Southeast Sky (Collectible After Olympus Coliseum)), 1. High Jump and Double Jump REQUIREDDaisy Sticker - Raceway. Mysterious Tower & A Mysterious Wasteland, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, 1.

There will be another ledge so just jump again.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. You will also notice that more treasure chests are on the left eye of the "skull". Near stairs.Castle of DreamsLouie Sticker - Mousehole. the map at northeast. Ignore it for now and exit to the Cliff Path. I even tried using Command Styles to get the treasure but all the command styles are useless (Wingblade doesn't hit the pole for some reason).

The cue for this can be easily spotted when he comes low and close enough, as he will ordinarily be flying at a leisurely pace. In Monster Hunter Freedom 2... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. (Aqua). swim to it.

Pulsing Crystal (Northwest) 3. In the air. Air Slide/Sonic Impact combo REQUIREDFlying Balloon Sticker - Tower Room. If he is too far, Shotlock is also an option that he cannot avoid. I don't remember). Return to Mermaid Lagoon and Air Slide to the islands in the lagoon itself since Terra cannot jump when in water. Go through Pete’s Rec Room and Glde/Air Slide overReversal Slash - Raceway, upper left sideSlot Edge - Raceway, up near Pete’s Rec Room entranceShimmering Crystal - Raceway, upper left middle levelStop - Raceway, lower left near Fruitball Court entranceMega-Ether - Gizmo Gallery, bottom of map near middle Raceway entranceMega-Potion - Gizmo Gallery, upper left top levelChaos Crystal - Gizmo Gallery, upper left top levelThunder - Gizmo Gallery, lower leftThunder - Gizmo Gallery, upper leftMega-Potion - Gizmo Gallery, lower right in nookPanacea - Pete’s Rec Room, bottom nookAction Recipe - Pete’s Rec Room, bottom nookAerial Slam - Pete’s Rec RoomBreak Time - Pete’s Rec Room, middle of pinpall game ***Hit all four green Crown bumpers!

left of the entrance.Bubble Sticker - Vault. At the end of this path is an exit to the base of Rainbow Falls. Up in the air. For Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSP, Guide and Walkthrough by ZeoKnight.

Effortlessly utilizing Terra's skills in addition to his own, this youthful Xehanort is onslaught embodied. Gotta beat the twisters. Turo Prison Block: Chests: 1.

The large chest will spawn a Spiderchest if opened, and the small one holds one of Terra's special Commands: Geo Impact. This means you should be able to quickly look up the location and contents of any chest you are missing.

High Jump REQUIREDDale Sticker - Mermaid Lagoon. Airplane (South Sky (Collectible After Olympus Coliseum)), 1. Taking the exit past the save point to the left will lead Terra to the Indian Camp, where he can find some Unversed but not much else (still, the rounds of Unversed that spawn make for some easy grinding) Use the other exit to the right to find the Jungle Clearing. Unfortunately, if you struggled against Vanitas, things won't be getting any easier, and you may wish to retreat to the Mirage Arena (or another EXP spot, such as the Garden's Reactor, or Never Land's Skull Rock) for a while. Maintain a consistent offense and the battle should be won easily, earning Terra the Bladecharge Command Style. A useful Command, Dark Haze, can be found further ahead in a cave.

This world is called Horodyn, so named for its first king. Near chest.Mysterious TowerBalloon Sticker - Sorcerer’s Chamber.

You have to be strong. In center of roomNeverlandRainbow Sticker - Rainbow Falls Base. Once you have defeated the "old man," congratulate yourself, as you've finished Terra's share of Birth By Sleep! Air Slide and High Jump REQUIREDUFO Sticker - Ship Hub. Mega-Potion (Southwest) In alcove on the right.

High Jump REQUIREDFlower Sticker - Castle Town.

As a means of defense, he'll fly away, sometimes high out of reach and sometimes low enough to the ground that his evasion tactic doesn't make a difference. There is two difficult or hard to see treasure chest in never land : one is on the big lake with swimming on north east corner of the map other is one behind breaked rock path.

Sorry for adding that non-related info at the end, I kinda just wanted to tell the other guys. After you enter Skull Rock's upper levels, near the edge is a treasure chest.

In center of the area. Up in the air. Louie (Southwest Ceiling (Collectible After Olympus Coliseum)), 1. You shouldn't have to do this too terribly much, the first mock-battle ends after you rip away half of their HP.

This world is called Horodyn, so named for its first king. Farthest cell on the right.

Second floor, top of dead-end staircase.Disney TownMickey Sticker - Gizmo Gallery.

While he utilizes projectile-based attacks, you shouldn't waste time Blocking them; Slide through it all instead, and dish out occasional hits whenever you see an opening. High Jump REQUIREDFireworks Sticker - Cinderella’s Room. Between two groups of trees, on the right.Keyblade GraveyardIce Cream Sticker - Seat of War.

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