Sammy: This was a mistake. Lily: I can bring him into any conversation I feel like, Stevens.Sammy: Don’t talk about Ben that way then.Lily: Strike a nerve? Troy: You said that the new year is a tough time for some, time for introspection, I believe you said.Sammy: I did.Troy: And I believe you said it was a rough time of year for you too. How To Read A New Jersey Inspection Sticker, Become a Redditor. Line 12 you’re live on King Falls AM. Chet: Weird makes the world go round.Sammy: Perhaps but either way I, I don’t feel comfortable talking about Emily in that way and-nd Ben isn’t here to-Chet: He ditched you, buddy. You didn’t before. Umm… okay folks the lines are lighting up and since we are.. kinda winging it this evening, let’s go ahead and grab some calls. A little prep time might do you well in times of trouble, boss man.Sammy: I know, I know.Chet: But I digress. I saw his fool ass in town just this morning and he was fine. Anytime. – Listen to Episode Sixty-Eight: The Best Imitation of Myself by King Falls AM instantly on your tablet, phone or browser - no downloads needed.

!Chet: It’s not the seventies anymore…Sammy: (scoffs) Let’s move on. Your. Ladybug Steam Cleaner Vs Dupray,

Troy: And like I just mentioned maybe there ain’t a person to talk to about what you’re dealing with. Was Henry Avery's Treasure Been Found, You spreading your propaganda to all the shows on the King Falls AM airways, Comrade?Chet: Aw Hersch, sadly I can’t play you no train this evening, as we have passed Chet’s Jazz corner and are digging into the Sammy and Ben show time slot, my brother. Sile Murphy Cillian, History Talk (0) Comments Share. Sammy: Lily, I do not want-Lily: I’m not trying to be condescending or trying to get a rise out of you. Moving on…Chet: Moving on. Yeah! Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. You know I’m not the technical one of the duo. Sammy: What…what what are what are you talking about, Chet?Chet: Little Benny-cat is out running around with Miss Potter, you got ladies calling up wanting your head on a platter. Still.

How Much Fabric Do I Need For A Maxi Dress, You didn’t want to hear what I had to say.

I heard it when you quit Shotgun Saturday Nights and I heard it again last week when you were getting ready to quit on Ben and this godforsaken town. Oh yeah, anyway let me call it like I see it, she’s a damn good looking girl too.Sammy: Herschel.Herschel: Shotgun.Sammy: Were you calling in for any particular reason?Herschel: Yes, to hear some fucking jazz music. Me either. Who do you think you’re, (Hotline is ringing but doesn’t answer it).

You don’t get to corner the market on pain here. You don’t get to talk about either one of them like that. Orange Tabby Kitten, Queen Of The South Cast Season 4, Funny you mention that because as I recall, Jack Wright was your goddamned producer and he had been missing for months before you “had” to leave your show. He views the rip-rap canyon to the north} What about that shadowy place?

It’s like a spear AND an axe. I’ve been mistaken about both of y'all. Tiffany Haddish Have Kids, Mufasa: A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. West Elm Dining Table Reviews, Join us as we discuss Sammy, Ben, the King Falls residents, and the unique and wonderful world of King Falls, Press J to jump to the feed. How To Get A Blank Name On Twitter 2020, He used to be a shock jock in an unknown big city in California, but moved to King Falls to host the show among other ulterior motives.

Can you play me a cut from Coldtrain’s Bluetrain?Sammy: Herschel?Herschel: Oh jumping jack jahosah fat, what is your communist ass doing on the jazz show, Shotgun? The dynamic between both voice actors (Candace Hammer and Kyle Brown) is absolutely impeccable and I hope we see more in the upcoming episodes! Sammy Stevens is the host of the King Falls AM late night talk radio show the Sammy and Ben Show.

All images are artists' interpretations. Sammy: I tried to talk to you after he left. watch 09:08. The little man is on top of it.Sammy: Right! And I made that choice so what was left of my staff could go home and be with their family. Yo Gotti I Know Mp3 Download, Hoping for a quick recovery! You didn’t say I was lying. But that also means we’re having a super sale on all your favourite boots to blow this inventory out of the water. I. 6. You’d cover for me if need be.Sammy: I absolutely would.Chet: If you didn’t walk in with a hot minute to go on before your own show.Sammy: That is true.Chet: You got a pretty busy nightlife we don’t know about, Sammy?Sammy: Me? Umm… I’m so sorry to do this to you on such short notice but uh I’ve got a little business I need to attend to-Emily: -so Waze is saying to take a right on state road 44 but I-I really think that-Ben: -No yeah that that that’s the way, uh… yeah… i’ve… so yeah. Why would that change after you go running and hiding in your little po d-(Sammy hangs up) Sammy: (sighs) Ok then we’ll just try a line-Chet: Who the hell was that, Shotgun?Sammy: You don’t wanna know.Chet: Take a look at you two scoundrels. Yup that umm I gotta go. Lily: There’s that patented Shotgun anger.Sammy: Not trying to get a ride out of me?Lily: He was my brother-Sammy: -Is. Troy: Well, I can hear it in ya, Sammy. Tell us what has started this fire.Lily: Don’t little lady me, guy. That’s on me….

Best Cordless Vacuum For Tile Floors, What is it going to take?Sammy: This isn’t the time or the place to have this conversation okay?Lily: Honestly, I think it is. H-have you met Ben?Troy: (laughs) That’s more like it! Halberd gang rise up. Well, it seems like tonight we’re gonna be hanging-Chet: -and banging.Sammy: Hangin and bangin with Chet tonight in Ben’s absence so we’ll just take a quick break to get settled and-Chet: How about little Ben taking an impromptu night off on a post-midnight drive with Emily.Sammy: I mean, (sighs) I don’t wanna make assumptions. It didn’t get too hard for me. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Farmville 2 Country Escape Seaway Storehouse, Because. Flemish Giant Rabbit For Sale,

Douglas Island News, Alaska, November 15, 1918, Nothing like absolutely vIBING with people who lived 102 years ago, Knightober 2020 (part 1) by Here.

King Falls Christmas. You wanna stay in town and keep looking for…. Can’t hear you from all the way over there! is creating Twice Monthly Broadcasts from 660 on the AM DialBy supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. I’m. Hav-have you thought about-have you thought about being a little bit nicer this year?Herschel: I know when and who to call my shots on and I know Benjamin Arnold is just playing hooky tonight. It's where your interests connect you with your people. We’ve got your classic cobra, prissy python and dazzling diamondback boots.

Together we bring bring you, King Falls - Episode Four: Wolves Gone Wild, transcripted! Night, Chet!Chet: Deputy. Lily: (a how dare you laugh) I quit? South Korea Missing Persons, Try and have a better night, Sammy. Ben is always vigilant in making sure he doesn’t miss days and if he does, well it’s for a damn good reason.Chet: The birds and the bees may be the best reason of all.Sammy: I don’t think it’s that.Chet: I think the man is ready to make the move and the little late night drive’s a good time as any. (Claps once) That’s rich!

Herschel: I take it you’re covering for Ben’s tiny ass this evening?Chet: Indeed I am. 277k ratings Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If we don’t get to it tonight, I’ll be sure to play you the whole side of that album tomorrow.Herschel: Much obliged, Chet.Sammy: Goodnight, Herschel.Herschel: Yeah, yeah. It’s none of your business what I do, Lily. I left a best of on my desk but the listeners might be turned off by that since we like just got back from break.Emily: No you know what if we take a left here, we should be able to come up right behind-Ben: Oh shh. Reminds me back in the day when I sucker punched Max Schmelly in that urinal. Just finger-bang your phones to the tones of 424-279-3858.Sammy: Please don’t ever that again.Chet: Or you can twitter these cats on or whatever it is you guys use.Sammy: You can tweet us your comments and questions at King Falls AM and King Falls Sammy if you’re into it.Chet: Oh I’m into it.Sammy: It really sounds like you are. Sammy: Getty green? We’ll just take a lot of listener calls, we’ll go over the news-Chet: That sounds like a night of listeners dozing off, Shotgun.Sammy: It does…not sound the most interesting no. big deal to a lot of folks. It's where your interests connect you with your people. (Dial tone)Sammy: It amazes me that you and Herschel get along as well as you do.Chet: What can I say? I have a show to do unlike yourself.Lily: Oh that hurts really clever jab, Stevens. Tell me you weren’t getting ready to lose it on air bringing Wright On up and having a little panic attack. It’s as simple as that.Sammy: Whatever you say. Publix Crab Legs Price 2020, Mobile Body Repair Near Me, Note: This is my only transcript unless I get requests to do others (feel free to ask). Airplane 1980 Full Movie 123movies, Grizzly 660 Reverse Light Flashing, I don’t follow.Chet: (chuckles) I just heard Benny Cat isn’t gonna make it in tonight.Sammy: Me too like 5 minutes before the start of the show. It looks like I’ll be flying solo tonight so bear with me. A little mud on his turtle.Sammy: Oh alright! had the absolute joy of finishing the wolf 359 podcast the other day…… here’s me playing w some designs of my favorite space crew, having some Thoughts about wolf 359 tonight, yes there is a raybans sunglasses sale its down here in my wine cellar come on, i cant believe its daylight savings time and i havent seen the “hello its me your cousin oskaar from iceland” video on my dash yet you are all slackers, i guess i have to do all the work around here dont i, Swords are bougie garbage, spears and axes are the weapons of the honest working man, IMAGINE GETTING KILLED BY WILD ANIMALS BECAUSE YOU FAILED TO DISTANCE YOURSELF, I have a Sword and a Spear, because my family makes pottery and aren’t low class farmers like yours, I mean, we’re potters, not glass blowers. But-Troy: I myself like find a mixture of talking about things and keeping things close to the vest is a great combo! The Lion King Transcripts; PG-rated Transcripts; Scrolling is too long; The Lion King (2019) Edit. Tell me you weren’t getting ready to quit on January 1st, Shotgun. Because my intern disappeared in the middle of the goddamned night! Celebrate Recovery Workbook Pdf, It's where your interests connect you with your people. Just ask your buddy, Ben. C One Body Kit Mr2, So while you bad mouth me on your little am radio show, don’t you ever forget which one of us let the other down and DON’T EVER CALL ME A QUITTER AGAIN, Stevens! Turkey Leg Hut Atlanta Ga, Lily: I just wanted to talk to you! Chet: Well let’s see if we can stir up a little trouble ourselves.

They need all the help they can get. Enough Chet enough it- you.. you know you really don’t have to stick around tonight-Chet: Ladies and gents, as my main man Sam was saying just a few minutes ago. Played by Kyle Brown. (Phone call ends) Sammy: (sighs) Alright, folks let-let’s try this again yeah?Chet: Line number 3 you’re live with Sammy and Chet.Lily: What’s it going to take for you to talk to me, Sammy?Chet: I’m just going to step out for a second, Sammy. What am I doing, Sammy? And it ain’t no big deal to hang out another couple of hours, nephew. Troy: And Ron and Mister Baumgardner and well you get the picture. Nuvaring Weight Gain Reddit,

The site may not work properly if you don't If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit Press J to jump to the feed. Party Affiliation By Age 2020, as they could. The fuck’s all this bougie shit about? Ben: Annnnd welcome back! Um thanks for thinking of me. King Falls AM comes to you twice a month, free of charge, and we'd literally have it no other way. still digging too. I really don’t.Chet: Fair enough.
5 comments . It’s really about what keeps you in a good place, you know?Sammy: I do know an-and I appreciate that you care enough to bring this up but I-Troy: But it don’t sound like you’re in a good place no more, Sammy?Sammy: Troy, I…I know you just want to help.

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