After his cat escapes out the window, Jason calls Alex to help investigate the disappearance. Birthplace Through pretend play, skits, challenges, and other fun and family-friendly stories, Jason and Alex keep kids entertained while helping them develop real … Watch them race each other with toy cars and jumping sacks!

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Luckily, Alex is there to give him a bandage and new kid-size vehicles to play with. Jason and Alex go to the grocery store to pick out healthy fruits and veggies!

Wyatt Nash (son) Charley Nash (daughter) But before they go, Jason covers the car in some stickers!

David Dobrik Alex Ernst Liza Koshy Gabbie Hanna Scotty Sire Kristen McAtee Zane Hijazi Durte Dom Heath Hussar Carly Incontro Erin Gilfoy Todd Smith Elton Castee Matt King BigNik. Jason crashes his kid-size car and gets a booboo on his leg!

The series first aired on February 27, 2019. Name Unknown (ex-wife)

Travelling or based outside United States?

Network Video Recent Blog Posts Made For Kids & COPPA - Initial Look At The Yo… When his siblings crash into their backyard toys, Jason comes along to save the day in style in this pretend play mission.

When Alex gets trapped with the kittens, Jason has to use a giant ladder to save them all. Jason gets dressed up to go to a party!

If Jason pretends to sell ice cream, will he catch the thief? Jason and Alex prank each other by switching both their birthdays on the calendar to today! He'll have to have a good excuse for the coach! HobbyKidsTV Ultimate Mishmash, Ryan's World Specials Presented By Jason Nash is a comedian/actor who was popular on Vine. Presented by

Jason overslept and needs help with his morning routine! Season 1.

Officer Jason tells Alex to stop throwing his toys on the ground! Jason Nash has a vlog channel where he has over 700,000 subscribers. S1:E 8 Jason and Alex’s Fruit and Veggie Fun! General Information Sign in to see videos available to you. Watch along as they bounce, slide, race and play at the park with his brother. Jason and Alex are on their way to the playground, but first they need a car wash! He also picks out some clothes for Alex. Will Alex listen and stop making a mess, or will Jason have to take him to jail? What tricks will they use to lure their cat back? What tricks will they use to lure their cat back? Jason goes with Alex to visit the world's biggest bounce castle! Jason and Alex finish playing with their toys indoors and head out to the pool for splashy outdoor fun in the backyard! Officer Jason saves the day in this heroic pretend play adventure when a cat gets stuck in a tree! Video availability outside of United States varies. Watch along as they bounce, slide, race and play at the park with his brother. Police officers Jason and Alex are eating doughnuts when a thief steals Sara's purse! Alex will either have to work for more ice cream or sneakily try to steal it! Superhero Jason has to rescue his brother Alex from all kinds of silly and fun situations! Jason needs help finding his little cat! ... Jason Vlogs. Kid video star Jason Vlogs - and his brother, Alex, bring you along on all of their educational and entertaining adventures. Watch him wash Alex's car and clean up a mess to earn the snacks he wants. Jason is playing with colorful toy blocks but Alex keeps stealing them away! Officer Jason tells Alex to stop throwing his toys on the ground!

He is friends with David Dobrik and often does crazy things in David's vlogs. should reach. Jason can't find anyone to play with until Alex gives him an exciting kid-size train!

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