Eighteen legged Pogo Stick -18 wheeler Dry Box          A Dry Van trailer that does not have a Refrigerator (refer unit) attached to the nose of it. SemiTruckDriver.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Back Out          Driver has finished talking statement on CB Radio. Mud – Coffee - murdercycle. Drivers do this so that they can talk about company business or personal matters without monopolizing channel 19. Driver: A trucker. - up stroke: a hill going up. Greasy          An expression used to express that the roadways are slippery. Rock Gut (mud, jumpy juice)          Coffee.

A vehicle that's tailgating. Putting the transmission into neutral on a downgrade, to go extremely fast. Throwing Iron         The action of putting snow chains on your tires. Baby Gators         Blow out pieces of a tire in the roadway.

Please consider making a donation to our site. Don’t stick anything in your ears. Nobody Home (All Locked Up)          A weigh station that has no DOT officers within it. Winter Emergency Survival Kit : Semi Truck Driver Edition, View all posts by Michael : Semi Truck Driver →.

Play Dead – Stand by Will write this similarly as the above lingo, with the state names abbreviated where possible. A big, fancy truck; a large, conventional tractor with a lot of lights and chrome. Your gross vehicle weight is at max capacity.

large car n. - a big, fancy truck.

Three’s and eights – Signoff- Best wishes. State Trucking Associations. blown tire. covered wagon n. - a gravel trailer topped with a tarp. than 18 wheels). down stroke n. - a hill going down. - hit the Bumper Lane- Passing lane, Cash Register -Toll booth

Sesame Street n. - CB channel 19. brakes. Don’t Feed The Bears- Don’t get any tickets good buddy n. - a homosexual. Yard          A trucking companies terminal. Grocery Truck          A Semi Truck hauling perishable goods that are on a refrigerated trailer. Salt mines – Place of employment. - behind a truck. 4-wheeler with the greasy side up." Redneck radio – Someone who talks on the CB using only slang terms. If you’re going to be a trucker or just a friend of the road, you’re going to want to know some key CDL slang. Beehive           A type of load on a flatbed that contains piping.

Sometimes used when you couldn't hear the last transmission, "comeback, I didn't hear you". Got a Christmas Card from a Beaver Bear in an a brown paper package back in Dice City. "He ran off the road. At times things may sound a little confusing, or even hilarious. Your gross vehicle weight is at maximum capacity; commonly 80,000 pounds. Sugar Bear (Mama Bear)         A police officer of the female gender. Shut Up Stupid          A response to someone that is talking like an idiot on the CB Radio. En-route          Used to communicate the exact location of where proceeding to.

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