Nevada's laws and regulations for trailers are listed below: Nevada Trailer Brake Laws. See Motor Carrier Permits for vehicles 10,001 pounds or greater. For more information about your state's coronavirus (COVID-19) updates, see our. Register Car in Nevada page. For many special vehicle types, the registration process is the same as registering a standard car or truck; however, you should be prepared to pay higher fees if your vehicle is larger or heavier, such as with a motorhome or RV.Other vehicles require inspections prior to registration, including homemade trailers and custom-built cars. Please check your inbox (including spam box). NOTE: Your OHV may be exempt from registration if it has an engine size of 70 cc or smaller and was manufactured before 1976. Return to the DMV with the duplicate title, Bill of Sale, your state-issued ID and proof of insurance to register your new purchase in your name. NOTE: You can only drive your low speed or neighborhood electric vehicle on public streets with a speed limit of 35 MPH or less. If another party gave the seller the vehicle, but the ownership transfer was not recorded, permission from the prior owner must be sought. Sign the title as if you are selling the vehicle and put the new name(s) in the buyer section. You must enable both Javascript and cookies to use DMV Online Transactions. Nearly all OHVs 1976 and newer must be registered. Special Mobile Equipment such as road graders and well-boring equipment does not have to be registered in Nevada but vehicles are subject to all other requirements on titles and purchases. Who declares himself to be a resident of this state to obtain privileges not ordinarily extended to nonresidents of this state. Vehicles 26,001 pounds or more and those registered under IRP/IFTA interstate licensing must be registered through Motor Carrier.

Golf carts, ATVs and homemade vehicles do not qualify and may not be converted. You can do a title-only transaction and establish legal ownership of a vehicle without registering it. trailer equipment requirements. A maximum speed of 30 MPH on level ground. The seller fills out the transfer area of the title, which requires your name and contact information, as well as the odometer reading of the vehicle. The new printed copy bears the new owner, or buyer's, name on it.

SUMMARY: How to Register Other Vehicle Types in Nevada. DMV Home Page | About us | Driver License | Registration | License Plates | Business | Forms | Offices | State of Nevada Home Page. The Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles, Manufactured Homes and Recreational Park Trailers. Draw up the bill of sale.

Provide the seller with your name and address. The process to register your trailer The inspector will complete all applicable sections on a Certificate of Inspection/Affidavit of Vehicle Construction (Form VP-64) and you will need to complete some of it too.

Small license plates are issued for trailers under 1,000 pounds.

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