It is very practical for self defense. Thanks for the excellent article. on Twitter It’s either a chop or a forearm smash to the side of the neck, near a blood vessel like the carotid artery. 3. The key to generating good power in the slap is to keep the arm relaxed, and use the legs and hips to power the technique. A sudden powerful strike to this area can cause excruciating pain in the chest and damage the heart. A sudden blow to the carotid artery on the side of the neck can cause a knockout, or even death due to a sudden drop in blood pressure in the brain. A strike to the carotid sinus “confuses” the receptors to believe that the body’s blood pressure is too high. Note that the carotid sinus is located a forward from the side of the neck, ahead of the neck’s sternomastoid muscle (imagine about half the distance between the muscles on the side of the neck, and Adam’s Apple on the front of the neck). On the mid-line of the sternum, between the 1st and 2nd ribs, there is the branch of the 1st intercostal nerve, along with the branches of the internal mammary arteries and veins, and the arch of the aorta from which blood pumps out of the heart.

If you are right handed, begin by putting your left leg forward, (use your right leg if …

The Okinawan slap is a formidable self defense technique. Like many Okinawan Karate techniques, the primary aim of the carotid slap is for self defense against a large opponent. Yet another version of slap hits the assailant’s ears, aiming to rupture the eardrum.

They may hit the back of their head, their spine — who knows. If the aorta is ruptured, the result can be fatal. When you are ready to deliver the punch, in one swift motion bring your right arm to your side while twisting at your waist. I would definitely not recommend deliberately inducing loss of consciousness in your training partner. Do you think that the carotid slap can be used by a small woman, in self defense against a large man? Remember to follow through with your punch after striking. A blow to the solar plexus is very painful, and a hard blow can even damage the nerves. Martial Arts Training Tips, How-to Videos and Articles, Adapted from Vital Point Strikes by Sang H. Kim.

The forearm shoulder-choke shown above compresses the vital nerves along the top of the shoulder and neck (the brachial plexus) while reducing the blood flow to he brain by compressing the carotid artery. I would not practice carotid slaps “for real” any more than I would practice eye gouges “for real.”, Here is a video of an especially egregious case of a dumb instructor repeatedly causing their student to faint using the carotid slap. Excellent article on this very simple yet highly effective self defense technique. The Okinawan slap is a very powerful technique. Second, when one faints, there is no telling what they will hit as they go down. Position the person on his or her back, and raise the legs above hear level. Moreover, it's an impressive and awesome sight, but do you know ways of knocking somebody out?

A vertical downward elbow strike to the upper back impacts the lungs, heart, diaphragm, and spinal cord.

Humans are far more fragile than a lot of people think. Punching Bag and Makiwara Practice – What’s Better? The idea is to strike a pressure point, or rather in nerve in that area. You will then lift the knee forward targeting the jaw or chin, while keeping the shin and foot hanging freely or pulled towards the hip.

This causes a dilation of blood vessels which, in turn, causes a drop in blood pressure.

We also offer popular instructional video content as mobile apps and feature some of our legacy video titles on our YouTube channel. You should keep it up forever! If you are right handed, begin by putting your left leg forward, (use your right leg if you are left handed). A knockout from a blow to the head generally occurs in two ways: by the powerful blow to the head which is the primary shock and by the concussion of the brain against the skull wall when the head suddenly rotates.

Below the nose and above the lips are a cluster of nerves that if struck, will result in severe pain and watery eyes. 4. The anatomy of a knockout punch is a baffling, and incredibly quick series of actions and decisions made by a fighter's mind and body. Excellent explanation of the carotid sinus strike! A sideswipe blow is to strike with a sweeping circular stroke, or a glancing blow along the side of the jaw or chin that causes your opponent's head to snap to the side resulting in unconsciousness. If we may delve into human anatomy for a minute: the carotid sinus is the area at which the common carotid artery separates into the internal and external carotid arteries.

This will temporarily immobilize your opponent and render them vulnerable to more strikes. The goal is to snap your opponent's head straight up and backwards. This area is crowded with cardiac nerves that stimulate and inhibit cardiac function and are connected with the pulmonary plexus. Do NOT try this on someone! The top of the head is a vulnerable place for any punch, but because the top ofthe headis the last area of the skull to form after we are born, any hard blows to this area can cause irreparable harm. Remember to bend your wrist slightly inwards to make sure that the punch is delivered with the knuckles, as opposed to just slapping them with your palm, and even more force is generated by putting some of your weight behind the punch. Support the choking arm with your other arm by grabbing the fist of your choking arm and squeezing it toward you, intensifying the pressure on the side of his neck. There is a good reason why the top of the head is off limits to sport fighters.

The roundhouse punch is a technique that connects from a circular arc, and the devastating power of the punch is typically driven with hip rotation. That, in turn, leads to a sudden drop in blood pressure, as the body attempts to rectify the “high blood pressure”.

Remember to stay calm, and breathe while focussing in on your opponent's jaw or the middle of the chin.There is a nerve you will want to hit by striking the jaw and damaging the nerve. For this strike, use the sharp edge of the top of the ulna bone of your elbow and strike in a slightly downward motion. It could cause internal haemorrhaging in the brain that may not be immediately noticed, and eventually lead to coma and death. This creates a damaging sequence of events: his head (and upper body) moving toward you, your fist striking his jaw, and his head rotating away from you. It is also the location of a major pressure point that, if targeted correctly, it will cause the brain to bounce violently against the skull, rendering your opponent unconscious. The blow to the head rattles the brain, and jostles back and forth against the front, back, or sides of the skull causing unconsciousness. It is a very striking result — a seemingly simple self-defense strike / carotid slap, and the assailant falls to the floor. This runs up the front side of the neck and pressure is normally applied with some form of “choke hold” (you don’t actually compress the airway and choke someone out) : This part is very sensitive and when hit, causes the person to pass out instantly with one touch. Check for ABCs — Airway clear, Breathing, heart Circulating blood. To form a strong knifehand, press your fingers tightly together and focus the force in your fingers to the degree that your palm side arches slightly forward. Your email address will not be published. As far as I’m aware the only “pressure point” that causes someone to pass out is the carotid artery. This will aid in restoring blood flow to the brain.

Independent Study PE Martial Arts Program (ISPE / OCIS-PE), About Jiu-jitsu, Ground Fighting and Grappling, Advice on Sexual Assault — for Teens, by a Teen, In-Depth Articles & Resources on Martial Arts & Karate, martial arts and self defense classes in San Diego,, The Road to Mastering Martial Arts and Self Defense, Exercise and Martial Arts help Fight Cancer, Power Generation in Martial Arts: Axis, the Spine, and the Center – Gamaku. Therefore, it can be hit even if the assailant is much taller than you. Because the blood pressure was not high to begin with, the drop in blood pressure results in inadequate blood supply to the brain, and this triggers the body’s fainting response. A sudden blow to the carotid artery dramatically changes the blood flow dynamics, causing a knockout or even death due to a sudden, precipitous drop in blood pressure in the brain. The temples are located along the sides of the forehead, behind the eyes, and they are the weakest point of the skull. Warning: A knockout punch not only can kill some participants, it can also break bones and inflict permanent brain damage in people who have had a substantial number of head blows. Required fields are marked *, Yes! (The damage that can result from targeting these areas can be significant - use caution and control when practicing on a partner and only use the techniques discussed here when warranted in a self-defense situation.). A chop there can momentarily interrupt blood flow, much like squeezing the sides of a garden hose for a moment.

If you pull fast enough and your strike is powerful enough, there is a significant chance that you will knock him out. One-punch knockout is what's considered in sports-fighting as a clean knockout, meaning that the fist connects with the temple, jaw or chin, and the fighter is instantly knocked out. We also offer popular instructional video content as mobile apps and feature some of our legacy video titles on our, 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make in a Fight, Deliver a shock to the brain (example: strike the jaw or temple), Choke off the blood flow to the brain (example: constrict the carotid artery), Restrict breathing, limiting oxygen to the brain (example: constrict the windpipe). If he person does not regain consciousness within one minute, immediately seek emergency help!!! The prone position results in resumption of blood supply to the brain, and there is usually no long term damage. Punch in the Jaw. The elbow is a powerful weapon, especially in a close quarter fight. When done correctly this is supposed to be an instant knock out, causing the recipient a bit of pain and virtually ‘switching off’ his body for a couple seconds.

Current time: 11/03/2020 05:34:32 pm (America/New_York) The carotid sinus contains numerous baroreceptors which act to regulate our blood pressure. The easiest way to do this is to press hard on the carotid arteries in your neck. This means that you need to target a pressure point that works in an instant. 2.

on Google+. In sports it's a moment every fighting fan waits for, the knockout punch.

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