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Think of three different things that the TENOR and VEHICLE have in common (this is the “Before you go, give me the dimples,” she demanded.

This post provides hundreds of ways to describe them in creative writing and poetry. That's a sweet compliment! Listen to your writer’s voice and choose what works best for you. A to Y Welcome back. You can get the definitions of these ~term~ adjectives by clicking on them. “You hand fits in mine like its made to be but bear this in mind it was meant to be and im joining up the dots with the freckles on you cheeks and it all makes sense to me. I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape you never want to know how much you weigh you still have to squeeze into to your jeans but you're perfect to me. Gulping huge mouthfuls of air querulous, randy, rapacious, ravenous, raw, relentless, reluctant, repulsive, resolute, responsive, restless, reticent, reverent, rigid, ripe, rough, rubbery, ruthless, S 4 Describe beautiful eyes in one word So many people have beautiful colorful eyes. Could knock your world off its axis, categorized as a weapon, proceed with caution.”, “If you happen to be one of the people who has a split zygomaticus major muscle, where the lower part of it is tethered to the overlying skin, this will create a dimple in your cheek when you smile.”, “It's funny, ma'am, how sometimes you're so sarcastic but it doesn't sting. Licking one’s lips Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts. “Then she smiles, and it turns out she has dimples, and it's all over.”, “Dimples crinkle up the skin near his lips. The poem is describing fog. active, adulterous, adventurous, affectionate, aflame, aggressive, alluring, amorous, amorphous, ample, appealing, ardent, audacious, avid, awkward, barbarous, belligerent, bewitching, bitchy, bitter, bloody, bone-dry, bony, Botoxed, boyish, brash, brutal, busy, C sacrilegious, sad, sarcastic, sardonic, sassy, satirical, saucy, savage, scabrous, scaly, scornful, scurrilous, seductive, sensitive, sensuous, serious, sexy, shapeless, shrunken, silent, silky, sinful, skillful, slack, slick, slippery, sloppy, smooth, soft, sore, sour, spicy, stained, starving, stern, sticky, stiff, stony, strong, stubborn, submissive, succulent, sulky, sullen, sultry, sunken, sweet, swollen, T and U I just loved how you portrayed her beauty as your weakness, even while having convinced yourself not to be bothered by it, you still fail.

sensual love. I had to show your picture to my heart. I find interesting ideas at That’s a crime against humanity right there.”, “But you have such dimples," said Anne, smiling affectionately into the pretty, vivacious face so near her own. Jun 21, 2019 - Explore Shakiya's board "Dimples quotes" on Pinterest. The blueness of the results represents their relative frequency. But with my every brattish interjection, the dimples deepened at the corner of his lips. I may look into fixing this in the future.

All you need to do to make it happen is the following romantic I love you poems for her from the heart.

Tonight, Pouting might indicate agitation, aggravation, confusion, contemplation, disapproval, disbelief, dislike, exasperation, flirtatiousness, impatience, irritability, nervousness, pessimism, resentment, sadness, skepticism, suspicion, wariness, worry, etc. Make your girlfriend or wife happy on the sight of text messages containing poem from you to her. Add humor, suspense, or atmosphere with well-chosen props. I wanted to pretend Eventually I realised that there's a much better way of doing this: parse books!

I noticed the dimples on your cheeks. Generous lips might be large, or they might be yielding and responsive. Besides describing lips and mouths, writers can: When creating comparisons, familiar animals are a good place to start. Foods excel as color substitutes. Short, simple, but speaks so many words. Provide context if necessary. The trick is to create a search that will give appropriate results. Forceful exhalation through pursed lips.

This confuses the engine and so you might not get many adjectives describing it. Readers know what they look like and will conjure an immediate image of the lips so compared. Project Gutenberg was the initial corpus, but the parser got greedier and greedier and I ended up feeding it somewhere around 100 gigabytes of text files - mostly fiction, including many contemporary works.

Answer Save. Parted lips Many skin attributes also perform well as lips and mouth descriptors. ... my boyfriend has dimples too and I wrote a poem called his smiles, in it I describe dimples...I think its adorable! When the babe, whose dimples I used to fan, I see completing its earthly span, I long, with a spirit so pure, to go From the scene of sorrow and tears below, Till I rise so high I can earth the song Of welcome, that bursts from the angel throng, As it enters its rest—but, alas! 5. Emotion Beats and Physical Manifestations. ", “Persistent smile brings out hollow dimples, and persistent frowns brings out hollow wrinkles.”, The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being: Evolution and the Making of Us. "Lovely dimples, like little dents in cream.

This post provides hundreds of ways to describe them in creative writing and poetry. I'm a sucker for love poems and I really enjoyed this one, my boyfriend has dimples too and I wrote a poem called his smiles, in it I describe dimples...I think its adorable! The "uniqueness" sorting is default, and thanks to my Complicated Algorithm™, it orders them by the adjectives' uniqueness to that particular noun relative to other nouns (it's actually pretty simple). Duct tape + gag = kidnapping. Also check out and <3”, “People with dimple have a divine role in this universe: smile!”. Relevance. Persistent smile brings out hollow dimples, and persistent frowns brings out hollow wrinkles.”, “I never interrupt people when they're speaking because I know only too well how annoying it is. droopy, exaggerated, floppy, generous, missing, non-existent, pendulous, sagging, soul-patched, split, square-cut. Romantic and obscure, inoffensive, mystical and magical. Her hand came to his face and he felt the pad of her thumb in one of his dimples. You might prefer to pair many of these verbs with characters themselves rather than their body parts. Am I all ready now?”, “Dimples should come with a warning: Dangerous! I'm trying to write a short story essay but I can't find a romantic way to describe dimples. B to Y Clichés and Idioms. Describing Words. Like an angel thumb imprint on her face, her dimples were a blessing from above. That is when Stanza two was very sweet. Hopefully the above generated list of words to describe term suits your needs. Several adjectives, when describing lips, may suggest something different when describing mouths. On an inital quick analysis it seems that authors of fiction are at least 4x more likely to describe women (as opposed to men) with beauty-related terms (regarding their weight, features and general attractiveness). Some of the following act as adjectives, while others function best in as or like similes. Please note that Describing Words uses third party scripts (such as Google Analytics and advertisements) which use cookies. Or__________? I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile you've never loved your stomach or your thighs and the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but I love them endlessly.I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth but if i do its you oh its you they add up to and Im in love with you and all your little thing. bazoo, blower, bragger, cakehole, chops, doughnut disposal, doughnut hole, flycatcher, flytrap, food vacuum, gob, hatch, hot-air vent, jabberjaw, kisser, laughing gear, maw, motormouth, mug slit, mush, muzzle, nagger, oral cavity, oral orifice, phiz slit, pie hole, puss, skull cave, soup sucker, trap, woofer, word hole, yap, yapper, yodeler. The idea for the Describing Words engine came when I was building the engine for Related Words (it's like a thesaurus, but gives you a much broader set of related words, rather than just synonyms). A and B The way people move their lips and mouths reflects overt or hidden emotions. A to W

by Goran Rahim   Jan 31, 2012 by John Dlyan Boone BABY. Adjectives such as haughty save words by telling about a character’s motives or personality. I have given up all hope of dimples. Dry mouth Not so in a Victorian-era piece. report violation. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you and you'll never treat yourself right darlin' but I want you to if I let you know I'm here for you then maybe you'll love yourself like I love you ohhhhh. ... Only warm dark dimples of sound ... describe each TENOR in the poem. Ur ending stanza was very sweet calling her smile art. Emotion Beats and Physical Manifestations. The parser simply looks through each book and pulls out the various descriptions of nouns.

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