To help you make an informed decision, this guide will discuss all the options for choosing and purchasing a headstone.

It’s thick and heavy, usually covering the entire grave plot. 24 x 12, vase included, also includes $430 for installation & re-alignment, Beloved wife, mother, and grandma. also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. Many people prefer to wait to order the monument to allow time to decide what will be most appropriate.

He or she will demonstrate qualities of respect and compassion which make it easier to cope during what’s sure to be a difficult time in your life. You could do a few different things such as getting cremated, which would get rid of the headstone altogether. text-align: center; It does not involve any headstones, markers and the body is not embalmed. A few things to remember, headstones are very heavy and you need transport to just get it there. Most cemeteries don’t charge extra to have the headstone installed. If you are getting a bronze/aluminum marker, they are much cheaper to engrave as well. How To Make The Decision, Cemetery Engraving (, Monument Installation by The Headstone (, D2 Biological Solution Cleaner: How to clean Headstones, gravestones, tombstones, and monuments ( This is the quote we received...does not include flower or cross...just letteringrnrnMy husband wants to know if this is a reasonable price? It can be even harder for you to have to decide if you have a child that... My name is Phil Hawes and unfortunately, I have become something of an amateur expert in planning funerals. These are usually used due to their cost or durability. For more information on which headstone material lasts the longest please read my in-depth article on this topic here.

The reason for this is that everyone has special specifications and/or needs that they want to be fulfilled. When choosing a memorial, you will want to consider what best reflects your loved one’s personality. The Monument Builders of North America describes how monuments are made, Markers or monuments may also be marble or bronze, and may include additions such as a vase, lighting or a photograph. You are not chained to a simple headstone and base, but can explore many different designs for this elegant memorial type. The bronze marker will be cheaper because it is smaller.

The laser-etching is charged by space whereas the hand-done is charged by blocks of characters. Also,  you could risk the integrity of the stone and it could fall apart or crack at a later date. These costs below are if you were buying them from the funeral home. A simple memorial with a bronze plaque on a flat stone typically costs around $795  or slightly more.

This is the most traditional and popular form of cemetery memorial:  a vertical headstone, usually made of granite. A honed finish is a great option if you want the smoothness of polish without the reflective properties. These markers also need a lot of maintenance to protect the polish from blemishes.

Fall of 2019, purchased impala black granite headstone with artwork including scroll, two crosses, roses, connecting bars, lettering. But, you must take into consideration that you will have to do the rest of the work yourself or pay someone for each of the other steps. Most people choose to purchase a headstone/marker from a funeral home or a trusted local stonemason. When looking to purchase a headstone, knowing how much to spend can be difficult. Prices start at, The grave will be unmarked until the monument is installed. padding-bottom: 14px; By erecting a monument, you provide loved ones with a physical space in which to focus their reflection and remembrance. Pruning trees before the storm season can help ensure dead branches won't imperil your home. Upright is 32x8x26.

It’s worth the money to choose only the highest quality of granite. Silver paint can be added to the lettering, making it look bold and original.

There's no charge for installing this free marker in a national cemetery, but there can be "setting" fees.

If one was so inclined and found a stonemason that would/could fix the stone to say the name of the deceased they could use it. As my grandfather, Joe once said to me, "When you get older you start going to more and more funerals, that's just life". Price is $4,177. These are flat markers, usually rectangular, that lie flush with the grass. Many images used on this site are sourced from

Once chosen and purchased, the gravestone must be professionally installed in the cemetery according to industry standards.

The next thing to think about is the shape you want for your headstone. There are a number of different types of memorials. Cemeteries have rules and regulations on style, size, shape, etc, if they are not met the stone will no be placed. It can be purchased and erected after the passing of the first partner, with space left on the stone to add relevant details about the second partner when the time comes. Cemeteries typically charge for installation. Installing a headstone is not an easy feat. In some cases, they are raised slightly so water can run off. A few things to think about though are. Prices paid and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. You have two types of engraving available: hand and laser-etching. If you are wondering whether or not you need permission to erect a headstone either on your land or in a cemetery, read my full article on the topic here. Simple yet effective, this method involves cutting the letters directly into the rock, using a sandblaster only on that portion of the stone where the letters appear. Instead, the whole monument is subjected to the sandblaster with the exclusion of the letters. This type of lettering looks amazing when paired with red granite. Our writers are experienced journalists who adhere to our strict, A simple flat grave marker, usually granite, starts between, A bevel, slant or pillow marker typically sticks up about 12 to 18 inches from the ground, and the inscription area on the top surface is at an angle.

Generally the design will be laid out on a computer then printed onto a rubber stencil that's used to sandblast the design onto the stone. The cost of maintenance is around $100 for the average stone in normal weather. They want it done right because it is there place of business as well and want it to look good. The cemetery may include this service or you might have to hire a professional headstone cleaner. This site is owned and operated by the founder of It’s important to contact someone from the cemetery to find out what is allowed, as well as your stonemason to find out what kind of monument can be built.

It is then shipped to a monument builder. For partners or couples who know they want to be buried next to each other, a full double monument is a wonderful way to memorialize their bond. So sad how you are treated during a loved ones passing and the grief you are walking with. In it, you convey a last message to a departed loved one. Cemeteries may have different rules for different sections in terms of what they will accept for monuments.

background-color: #17b3bf; While some may want the more lavish kerbed headstone with a monument, others may opt for a more subtle flat bronze marker. You have a lot of different choices. Cheaper granite is likelier to break, chip or erode over time. The cost will not be the same for all types of headstones, but with some research, you will finally know about how much to pay for it.

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