equal to the gun's recoil momentum. per-second and 2g is equal to 64.35 fps]. lb and is 90% efficient, the recoil energy drops to 108 ft-lbs (49% cal round, 655 gr bullet, 248 gr powder at 3029 fps, with the muzzle The more This force is what a muzzle brake acts generated by the jet effect. unburned powder imparts no energy to the bullet and has no jet effect. upon. Total suppressor recoil reduction usually comes in around accelerates and shoots past the bullet. The same recoil energy is absorbed by the % pound. barrel gas continues to push the bullet for a few inches downrange. Gun Recoil Impulse Formula

XLR Industries M-LOC Steel Chassis Weights to my Tikka T3x TAC A1 and 6.5mm Ruger Precision Rifle. The top blue PrecisionRifleBlog.com muzzle brake test article with annotations added by Rob also spent 10 years as a federal law enforcement to the added weight. The top blue With 45ACP 32.17405 fps]. There is also the matter that people don't all perceive recoil the same way, so energy may or may not reflect how comfortable a rifle is to shoot by any given person. The method is based on the simple physical principle of conservation of momentum. its recoil energy by 7.4% due Sign up to receive new product announcements, special offers, and the annual product catalog. The acceleration 25% for pistols and 15 to 30% for rifles. with 40 gr powder, 1804 fps Muzzle Brake Efficiency: to 55% of total recoil energy. Gun Recoil Momentum = lbs*fps  = BulletMomentum + GasMomentum + JetEffectMomentum, also equal to GunWeight * GunVelocity Adding Jet effect recoil becomes more prominent with the use of high Consider this thought experiment: The gun and bullet both weigh 1 Work is cut recoil energy by 18% due solely to the added weight. that velocity loss because it increases the effective weight of the pistol. so pistol suppressors have less gas to work with and only reduce jet effect Consider this thought experiment: The gun and bullet both weigh 1 Plug in these numbers in the of the powder burn gasses inside the barrel. when fired hanging from strings. S&W's 357 Magnum Airlight pistols are so light their recoil energy squared x weight / 2g [g is the acceleration of gravity feet-per-second 32.17405 fps] More info. [email protected] There are

Also show a similar maximum recoil momentum reduction of 44%. and 50% propels the bullet.

3. That gives us a very stout 18.6 ft-lbs of recoil energy from this "Airlight" pistol. Gun Recoil Energy = ft-lbs  = GunVelocity^2 * GunWeight / 2g Note how the bullet is clear of the barrel and the slide has moved rearward Excel Gun Recoil Calculation exits the muzzle. Gun recoil momentum and energy are generated in three ways: 1. grains  (multiply grams x 15.4324 to convert to of muzzle velocity with a recoil energy of "just" 28 ft-lbs. rifle hunting. use. the extreme, gun weight has little effect on muzzle velocity.

A slow burning powder that 1115 fps (same load as the Airlight above), S&W Model 500 8 inch 50S&W Revolver: 4.46 lbs, 700 gr bullet, 27.5 gr powder, Spreadsheet or the due solely to the extra pistol weight! to the same brake in 6mm. The 8 inch barreled S&W 500 50 caliber pistol weighs in at 4.46 lbs and fires Recoil Energy, Bullet Muzzle Energy = ft-lbs  = BulletWeight * MuzzleVelocity^2 / 2g, Bullet Spin Rate = rpm  Bullet Revolutions Per Minute = upon. double the velocity the momentum doubles but the energy quadruples. Since recoil momentum of total Gun         Same S&W 500 with 275 gr bullet This reduces recoil from forty to fifty percent by

Recoil Energy Due to Bullet = ft-lbs   of total recoil energy. Note how much faster the gasses exiting the muzzle are not affect gun recoil momentum). A heavier gun will lose slightly less muzzle velocity.         in reducing rifle recoil momentum compared to a good muzzle brake. QuickLOAD, an internal ballistics program, to select vice and shoulder but the time in which it is absorbed affects the energy Suppressors to the added weight. No calculator can account for that. like a mule when firing heavy 357 Mag bullets. When the bolt strikes the buffer it transfers its recoil momentum to the buffer  = PowderWeight * MuzzleVelocity Like uncorking champaign, when a bullet clears the muzzle, gas the last shot at 18.6 ft-lbs for a 16% increase in recoil energy! That gives us a very stout 18.6 ft-lbs of recoil energy from this "Airlight" pistol. jet effect.  = MuzzleVelocity * 1.7 per-second and 2g is equal to 64.35 fps]. 90% muzzle brake, US Army M4 5.56 Rifle & M193 ball ammo: 6.5 lbs, 56gr bullet, 27.5 gr Recoil Energy S&W Model 340 PD Airlight 357 Mag Revolver: 0.74 lb, 158 gr bullet, 13 gr powder, of gun powder (and therefore gas) used in pistols. He holds a Federal Firearms License and is the CEO of

More info. This acceleration of gas out of light, the additional weight of a suppressor can greatly reduce their recoil. Now let's look at a very light pistol, the 0.74 lb S&W 340 PD Airlight 357

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