Do likewise with other cordless devices too. What should we do to improve this article? Common causes for this type of failure to connect we list next. Snap the Lyric T5 thermostat to the base plate and turn your power back on. Can I lock my thermostat so that no one can change the settings? Restarting the router clears out working memory. Try accessing the internet through another device on the same Wi-Fi network as your t-stat. Sorry, something went wrong. Verify that your Wi-Fi router is plugged in and broadcasting a signal. If yes, contact your furnace manufacturer or a professional installer. Take a look at our FAQs and Support Articles below for frequently asked consumer questions and detailed technical information. Rebooting a router / access point often restores proper router function. Product Reviews, Experiences, and Technical Insights from Thomas J. Hesley. A wrong network name, password, auth type, or encryption protocol here will keep your t-stat from connecting. Try turning them all off and see if the problem goes away.

Why is a change I made on the Honeywell Home app not showing up on the Honeywell Home T5, T5+, or T6 Pro WiFi thermostat? Even though the signal strength of the Wi-Fi network to which you’re trying to connect might show as full strength, successful connection still may be prevented by multipath signals between your router and thermostat and / or interference from nearby electronic devices. Here, we detail the answers we found. We worked through some of these on our Honeywell RTH9580WF internet controlled t-stat. Then, try to connect the t-stat again. Honeywell WiFi Thermostat Troubleshooting Connection Lost Issues. Attach the Honeywell base plate to the wall and connect the wires to their matching ports. Make sure your router hasn’t reached maximum number of devices. Make sure there is a “Heat” icon on your thermostat.

Check whether the icons flashing, if they are waiting for about 5 minutes until it stops flashing. By this, we mean that the t-stat will not connect to your home Wi-Fi network. For new installations, you need to verify whether the wiring was correctly matched from the old thermostat and that it your system is correctly configured. But others, such as the RTH9580WF pictured next, allow you to change the network settings without a factory reset. While your t-stat may still connect to your WiFi, it also may show an error message like that in the orange area in the next picture. Most thermostats have an Other button to press, to cover the case where your network does not appear in the list. Your wireless router may have received an update, been hit with a power surge, or experienced a firmware bug. Over time, most electronic parts, like in the Wi-Fi radio in the t-stat, weaken and stop working as well as they used to. However, with these technologically advanced devices, sometimes it can be challenging doing a thing or two on your own. The Honeywell Lyric T5 is compatible with most 24-volt home thermostats, 2-stage heating, and cooling. Consider the following solutions if your Honeywell wireless thermostat is able to connect to your home Wi-Fi network, but frequently loses that connection for the various reasons discussed in this section. If it’s at room temperature, check if there is an issue with the thermostat functionality. If warm or hot then your reversing valve may not be wired or configured properly. While it should be an easy-to-install thermostat, its compatibility with smart devices, as well as other issues, could present some challenges to some users. If your heat is weak, there is likely a problem with the fan. Create an account on the Total Connect Comfort website if you haven’t done so, and fill in all the required details.

Once registration process is complete, you can now access My Total Connect Comfort and control your thermostat from anywhere by visiting from any device. If not, change to heat mode and then change the temperature setpoint so its higher that the current temperature. The Lyric T5Wi-Fi Thermostat allows owners the comfort and convenience by being able to control the temperature within their surroundings. How do I find my thermostat’s CRC / MAC ID, Date Code, Model Number, or Serial Number? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The thermostat's display will show you the Wi-Fi signal strength in the upper right corner of the display screen. So you need to make sure that all the wires are in the good conditions and properly attached to the … Select “CONNECTION SUCCESS”. There can be other reasons such as short-circuit or corrosion or worn out of the wire due to which the thermostat has stopped work.

If I have an ENERGY STAR certified thermostat, what can I expect to see from the manufacturer?

Or, your own internet connection may go down due to storms in the area, downed wires, equipment failures, and so on. On the Thermostat ID cards inside your thermostat box. Check whether there are error lights blinking on the furnace. How do I setup my T5, T5+, or T6 Pro WiFi for my home? Remove the thermostat from the wall plate. If the wires aren’t already labeled, tag them with the correct letter designation before removing them from the base plate. is also a popular frequency region for many devices, including other Wi-Fi networks as well as non Wi-Fi devices such as cordless telephones, microwave ovens, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, and home theater system remote controls. Routers like the ones that meet the minimal speed needs of Honeywell wireless t-stats these days, are quite cheap (under $40). When fixing your heat, start by checking and feeling the air coming out of your vents. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. So, they generally work well with even the cheapest of access points. Special Offer: All students, parents, & educators get 50% off tech support for the entire school year. Join us in our noble quest to turning every house into a truly cozy home. Honeywell wireless thermostats use little bandwidth. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If you have a C-wire then the process is simple and you only need to check the wires your old thermostat has and match them with those of the Lyric T5 thermostat. Ensure furnace’s circuit breaker switches are on. Connect directly to router, and not signal boosters, repeaters or other router accessories. What mobile devices can I use with my Lyric thermostat? We’ll add more problems and fixes to our Honeywell WiFi thermostat troubleshooting list as we work them. Verify whether the switch to your furnace is turned on. Honeywell wireless thermostat, displaying its -Lost Wi-Fi Signal- message. 0 Kudos Report Inappropriate Content. Many of the newer wireless phones work in the 1.9 Ghz.

Move the router closer to the stat. Check this by trying to connect to your router with another WiFi device such as a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or even a desktop computer.

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