I Heard others who had the same problems. The unit is rated for up to 650 horsepower, and is designed to replace any square bore or spread bore style four-barrel carburetor. When the sniper runs its good no doubt about that, but when problems start it will freak you out. I am working on adding a noise filter to my CD ignition and protecting some wires with copper sheathing. Will se what I l do. No way back. See all 18 photos. Also integrated into the unit is an ignition timing control, a coil driver, and a pre-set fuel pressure regulator.

Fabrice, thank you very much for the great feedback. I let you now what Il choose.

Paste as plain text instead, × The FAST system, and the Holley Sniper kit. WIN! I started leaning towards Fitech on price, but more and more research lead me towards the Holley for system flexibility and customer support.

The ceramic finish is beautiful. I wanted first see and also wait to see how that goes when driving. They are affordable, reliable, and just about anybody could install one in a weekend. Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. But for now they dont make a kit that supports the 351c Engine. The car was running fine on carb prior install. Once you get past the initial look of the units, you’ll most likely be looking at the price of them. EFI (electronic fuel injection) systems are becoming more and more popular because of their efficiency and optimum power. Each of these units are the entry level units, with more expensive options depending on your horsepower level or engine demands.

All three units utilize a look similar to a carburetor with four-barrels and four injectors. The best power with a carburetor was 503 hp at 5,800 rpm and 499 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm. A direct fuel injector sprays fuel directly to the combustion chamber, instead of directing it to the intake valve in the case of a gas engine, or a pre-combustion chamber in the case of a diesel engine. I knew bits of all the parts, but all together, it's hard to know where to start. Injectors are in the intake manifold. It was birthed by Bradford, Pennsylvania, brothers George and Earl Holley in the late 1800s. EFI systems require higher fuel pressure for efficient operation. The unit, unlike Holley carbs, really well machined and finished. Holley is an automotive brand that has been making automotive fuel systems for over 100 years. Flying Sparks Garage Builds An Awesome Nova Wagon! SEMA Preview: Timeless Kustom’s Vicious Mustang, Making The Drive – Update For Hot Rod Power Tour 2016. There are lots of options out there on the market for these. The unit comes with an integrated ignition timing control, and a Bosch 4.2 wideband oxygen sensor for real-time fuel mapping and to help send out information to the ECU. I went for the master kit.

This is the first thing you’ll see when looking at these kits, and the first thing you’ll show off under the hood of your ride.

Take a look at  Holley sniper forum. The oxygen sensors come with a clamp-on kit for leak-free installation. This is why they are more expensive. The reason for the difference is how they are built. Our pick for the best overall aftermarket EFI system is the New Holley Sniper 550511 EFI Kit because it provides a great deal of functionality. It is a good idea to get the EFI system on without ignition control at first so it is easier to troubleshoot. He really liked the Fitech system but pointed out some great issues being customer support and user interface in monitoring and adjusting the Fitech unit. Flying Sparks Garage Teams With Lateral-G! Copyright © 2010 - 2020 - Webfinity Design - 7173Mustangs.com - All Rights Reserved This EFI system features advanced self-learning technology, which involves the constant analysis of the engine’s operating conditions to ensure that your vehicle rides smoothly and with minimal issues. Fuel Injection Made Easy With FiTech EFI! Holley EFI Sniper or Sniper Stealth Discussion in 'High Tech Retrofits' started by br80z, Feb 23, 2020. Check the version that you have, on the handheld go to local setup/local info and note the firmware version under Device FW Version. Our top picks for the best aftermarket EFI system are outlined in the guide below. For FAST, this allows the computer to be easily upgraded and away from the heat and vibration of the engine. It is a good idea to get the EFI system on without ignition control at first so it is easier to troubleshoot. I think it can only be answered truthfully by someone that has had experience with both. Since it’s a Holley master kit, it comes with a complete fuel system including the fuel pump and a single fuel line. However over the last few years, the prices have dropped and user experience has gone up. They provided firmware updates that fixed all kinds of issues.

© document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Acton Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. First impression was great. Another difference we noticed is colors. I'm sure the fiTech would do fine too, but as I'm now familiar with the Holley, what you get and how to install it, I know for sure, my 429 will receive a sniper too.

I have a v1 pertronix on a mallory basic dist. A: Yes, we recommend you use cleaners. Tags: efi; sniper; sniper stealth; Feb 23, 2020 #1. br80z Veteran Member. Project Way-Gone: Fueling and Firing The Beast! My tank was perfect inside and did not need much on the outside aside recycling a sending unit to have the return line on top. I must say the external pump from the kit is very quiet. Holley didn’t cut corners when it comes to upgrading the look of the Sniper 550511 over other Holley EFI systems, and that’s why it has a tougher look to it. Another issue with first gen, was that the base table was too rich for very cold starts in winter. I have mounted it on a custom secure bracket and there is no really option for it to vibrate in it. Hope I will in a near future. Only noise is from priming, after that, I honestly do not hear anything. The unit, the wiring, pump etc... comes beautifully packaged/protected in foam, labelled and well documented. bkdunha 77 Posted August 20, 2019. bkdunha. Despite that, it’s recommended for nearly any carbureted vehicle including off-road trucks, street rods, and muscle cars. Display as a link instead, × Since they are installed so close to the cylinders, they are exposed to more heat and require higher-grade material that can withstand the high temperatures. Also, you get a high-resolution, full-color touchscreen that will help you set up, tune, and monitor the system. 7173Mustangs.com is a community forum designed especially for fans and owners of the 1971, 1972 and 1973 Ford Mustang! If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Not looking to light a fire, but looking feedback from members who have actually installed efi systems and pros and cons of what you have experienced. I've received a replacement from Holley, no question asked.

I expect this idea will apply to either system. All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk, 1971 M-Code Mach 1 w/Ram Air, 408 stroker, 285/291 0.558" roller cam, Blue Thunder intake, TKO600, Hooker headers with electric cut-offs, FiTech EFI w/ RobBMC PowerSurge pump, Strange center section with Truetrac, 3.5 gear and 31 spline axles, 4-wheel disc brakes. Hot Rod Power Tour 2016 – Making The Drive. Im waiting for the 4r70w Control in the Terminator ECU. × As a result, the car did start right away but ran very poorly to end up with a flooding condition. Hours forward to find out what was wrong and how to fix. I don't really expect problems, but a dist managed by the unit is of course very tempting (very pricy too). I have been researching the Holley Sniper setup and the Fitech setup. black ceramic. You feel, see, hear and even smell its a modern car. Will probably break the bank and do the EFI tank install as well to support the system and keep pump noise to a minimum. Once you have it running it as you want then you can add the ignition control. The injectors can be timed to spray at the same time to all cylinders, or to coincide with the respective cylinder’s intake stroke. However, all the frills with this master kit don’t come cheap, as it’s one of the most expensive EFI systems on the market. In the master kit they provide some chevy or generic stuffs for brackets, pump block-off plate. If I had to choose I would get the Fast 2 it seems that they had less problems of all. The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.Read more.

Single-point injection systems are more economical and easier to service. Still seriously looking at going with the Sniper. They provide some stainless thingy to hold the o2 sensor, but no bung to weld on the headers. it starts before starter makes a turn. Because mine was a first gen, the provided handheld monitor with touch, now known for some child sickness went nut and was going from screen to screen and pressing button was challenging. But now he runs with edelebrock pro flo, much better.

No where near wat you expect now days from a touch screen. I do not recommend the sniper unit. Converting your engine to fuel injection is not a new idea. Modern EFI systems typically use a multipoint fuel injector (MPFI). × WIN. They also do not provide must have safety details, like an inertia switch or give you tips for smart wirings aside the necessary to make it work. Fuel Injection has dramatically improved allowing just about any engine to have a high-tech and efficient fuel delivery system. I had the sniper for 2 years and removed it. Apart from this, you will also need a regulator, a fuel rail kit, ECU, and a return line to the fuel cell. I think Fitech is a good product, just not the size of a company needed to support large customer base. I am almost there.

So far since the install, no matter if car was still for weeks, warm or cold. Share Followers 1. We are not affiliated with Ford Motor Company in any way. What's more, it comes with a handheld, full touchscreen monitor, which you can use to tune the EFI system as you please. Good question. Many people think that conversion from carburetor to EFI is a really difficult task, but it is not as hard as it sounds. So back to a holley 4150 double pumper for now. The unit has an ECU and sensors built into the throttle body with few wiring connections for a neat system. That’s bitchin’. The FiTech and Holley units do look a little more simple, but don’t let that fool you. A: An aftermarket EFI system uses high-pressure fuel delivery to an injector. It also comes with a monitor that can give you real-time data on the engine’s parameters.

If you would like to try out one of its products, check out the New Holley Sniper EFI Kit. By far, I don't think any of the systems would work perfect out of the box as advertised. Just like the hose ends they provide, prolly ok on some cars, you need more for our cars. the length of the wire in harness are all well thought and fit perfectly, at least for a cleveland.

Truck Feature: Waylon Krumrie’s 1967 C10 “Able”. Unfortunately i dont have experience with the Holley to compare. Specially on low rpm with a hot cam. Make sure to mount it in a location where it can easily cool down. Joined: Apr 6, 2001 Location: Fuquay Varina, NC. Runs perfectly, exhaust is super clean, (as far as a v8 exhaust fume can be). Upload or insert images from URL. My impressions of two fuel injection conversion kits i used on a pair of '66 Mustangs.

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