Best-fit products incorporating safety and environment technologies. In average condition, unlicensed, freshly rebuilt EC100 engine with recon head, new bottom end bearings and new injectors. In addition to its fuel-efficient and low-emission design, the HINO 500 Series is designed with the aim of delivering powerful driving performance, high durability, ergonomic comfort as well as good transport quality and flexible body-building capability. 2.218WO4CT 234 cid /135Hp 1.733WO4CTA 234 cid /150Hp 1.56WO4CTI 234 cid /210Hp 1.114, EH700 393 cid /175Hp 2.24EH700TI 393 cid /220Hp 1.786, WO6DTI 359 cid /250Hp 1.436WO6DTI-II 359 cid /310Hp 1.158, Depco - Hino Raw water pumps -, K&N air filters search page - with capitals-numbers "XX-9999", Faria instument link (with downloadable trouble shooting guide)-, Hino Dealership Locator (to find parts near you)-, Lenco oil coolers - to get the high pressure (class 2) versions if you have a Twin Disc transmission. Front sea l-  The body is composed of two "half cases" which are gasketed by a locktite goop. This is a common Nippon Denso tip number. Transporters The AM100 was discontinued after just one year in production. The AM205 is a related model with a mahogany burl body, an ebony fingerboard with split block inlays, a black pickguard and gold hardware.

Bringing HINO’s chassis versatility, HINO 500 Series is the ideal medium duty truck for operators.

Resumes Hino’s corporate mission statement centers on making the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go. Rally HINO 2005-2010 Quick Reference Guide HINO Quick Reference Guide 2005-2010 Model Years The Quick Reference Guide is designed to help you quickly look up parts for commonly ordered parts.

There was no WO4CTA produced past 94The WO4CTI, WO6DTII are still produced as a marine powerplant. Luxury Motorbikes cylinder 1...............Injector opening pressureWO4D.................................14 degrees before TDC...............3,129 psiWO4C-T..............................17..........................................3,129 psiWO4C-TI.............................17..........................................3,129 psi, 175 HP 4-cycle, 6-cylinder ( 6-393N )Recommended continuous cruise RPM – 2800, maximum rpm in gear 3,000Displacement – 393 ci ( 6.44 Liters )Bore and stroke – 4.33 x 4.45 inches (110 x 113 mm)Compression ratio – 17.9 : 1Firing Order – 1-4-2-6-3-5Valve Adjustment – cold engine : Exhaust 0.016 in / 0.40 mm, Intake 0.012 in / 0.30 mmInjection Timing – 15 deg BTDCWeight ( w/ trans ) – 1450 lbs 1600Oil Capacity – 10.6 quarts ( 10 liters )Coolant Capacity – 25.6 quarts ( 25 liters ), {/page}{page}Air Filter – K+N RU-0960Oil Filter – Hino 15607-1521 NAPA 1282Quicksilver 836071521 Fram CH2877Sec. conventional 238 23,000 gvw. cab-over 195 dc 19,500 gvw double cab. It was made in Japan by FujiGen as part of the Stagemaster series. 198024 A09C-TI Hino A09C-TI Engine for 500 Series Hino Trucks Workshop (Repair) Manual. Bodied The "A" designation means the output shaft has an 8 degree down angle. HINO 500 Series. Brand PROTECTA® Install Type Portable iSafe Equipped No Model AM100 Physical Weight 40.10 lbs (18.2kg) Product Styles Tripod Product Types Tripod System Standards CE En 795 cl B Protecta AT200 PRO Confined Space Winch.

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