In the last two centuries, scholars and alternative researchers found many of the secrets of the Great Pyramid, following discoveries of the inside chambers.

Black Bitty: Most of the rabbits are white, but keep tapping on holes until you find the black one! Magic mushroom: There’s a row of vending machines near the top of the scene. Paper diver: Look for the little post office symbol! Forest 3 (Tree House Village): Help the folk cross! }

Chicken: Find him inside another animal’s stomach! You need to keep doing so until she matches her outfit in the strip at the bottom of the screen. Remember that you can scroll and zoom out, so the location you start doesn’t necessarily represent the whole image. 3.10.3: Find the shelves of drawers labeled 3, then count 10 rows across and 3 rows down. I have some screenshots with the answers if you need them, I made a video for the first two areas and will make another for the third. Again, maybe it's just me and this discussion is useless.. Formula: Look on a shelf, but make sure to move the ladder! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Mexican cactus: The in-game clue pretty much says it all. The pyramid was chosen due to his role with the Freemasons. Car thief: The key word here is “parked” — look for the garage! Follow the direction they’re pointing at to a drawer to find the Object.

The stepped structure is about 25 meters high. The entrance reads:  “DISTVRB NOT THE SLEEP OF DEATH.”. emailValidation(); validate(); Mario: Look for a giant screen in water and turn the handle. Sullivan: This is similar the Martin from the desert.

Also, we like to look at and read all the characters’ hints before we start searching.

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Woman with a guitar: It’s nice to play music around a campfire. It’s hidden, though!

From the outside, we are able to gather that a mother,  Cora Russell Dorn (1868-1905) and her son, Fred Adolphus Dorn, Jr. (1905 – 1905) are those inside.

function validate() { There was a city called Dvin which was built by King Chosroes III of Kotak in 335 AD on the ruins of an ancient settlement and fortress from the second millennium BC. Poke and prod at things to see if they move, if something is behind them.

Now press and hold the right arrow button followed by the down arrow button. Click on all of the turtle eggs to make them hatch, and the man will jump into the water. Walid: The key word here is “bright idea” — think of the image that brings to mind. Try the top center! Use you eyes and ears to help you find things! We’ve compiled a complete walkthrough below, but this intro section will provide just a few tips for players who want general help with the game before checking the walkthrough directly. Most of the scenes have a few tricky ones that are not meant to be easy to find! Look for butterflies! As a result of the excavations near the village of Getazat, next to the historic Dvin, in 2015 researchers discovered a hill with a suspicious pyramidal shape. This Egyptian Revival funerary architecture was generally an extravagance of American tycoons who wanted themselves remembered as long and as well as the ancient pharaohs. We will look into it. They’ve been particularly struck by how these mausoleums are in precise astrological alignment. You can’t just stare at it and hope to see everything. Fred was an elected district attorney 1894 and in 1899, he entered a lucrative private practice with contacts both in San Luis Obispo and San Francisco. Click on the fancy car once it reaches the zebra crossing so the sleeping man gets up and moves out of the way. We will explain where a folk is in relation to the houses as read top to bottom and left to right: e.g., “house #4 on street #1” would be the first—northmost—street and the fourth—from the left/west—house. Harry: Where do you keep cattle, but can’t find any? You may notice something in the map that seems familiar because you read a folk’s description about it. It is believed to be an artificial structure “eaten” by nature over 2 to 3 millennia. Well, honestly the last 'map', the factory, is a bit overwhelming for me, at least the third part. When you find a folk, the legend at the bottom will center on the person you’ve just found; if you tap on a folk you’ve already located it will still center on them as a reminder you’ve already found them. Johnny: Look for the bus stop with some luggage and a hat but no people. There is an achievement for finding every item in this chapter Beach Areas Completed. I suggest going back to the menu and opening the scene fresh. Sunglasses: These are on a table indoors! Slide the large rock to the left, then the smaller stack of rocks to the right. There are 4 targets to find in this area, and 3 must be located to proceed. } else { return 'checkboxes';

If you follow our posts, you may know that a mysterious pyramid culture is found around the globe in remote antiquity, The most popular pyramids are of Egypt and Mesoamerica But could there be one mysteriously hidden pyramid in Armenia situated on the border between Europe and Asia that has gone unnoticed or misunderstood until now? Walkthrough: Episode 6, Room 3. Now you can find the 3 targets. The legends are many and varied. First I wanna say that I absolutely love this game so far and this might come off as a nitpick, but I'm not sure how you're supposed to figure out where the pyramid is, going from the clue. submit = document.getElementById('webform_submit_button'),

Cableman: Remember that you can move the satellite dishes!

You can zoom out beyond the “maximum” by pinching with one set of fingers and holding the screen with another, but as soon as you let go it will zoom back in to the normal level. Mai: The in-game hint is pretty clear. They brought us to the core of the monument, by revealing its architecture and engineering complexity. – Listen to the sounds as you scroll. Bottle of water: Look for a lot of sand dunes! Of course, if they are hidden behind/under/inside something, you won’t be able to see this until you uncover them. But that's a personal problem of mine and not for the game, seeing as I have a form of aspbergers syndrome. The small puzzles at the beginning of a new section are merely warm-ups designed to give you an idea of what you’ll be doing in the next large puzzle. It came to have a population of about 100,000 inhabitants, who were dedicated to all kinds of professions and arts, crafts, commerce, fishing, etc. [SOLVED].

var email = document.getElementById('signup_email'); The chamber found is being … Kiki the Monkey: He’s looking at you. Fred wanted to pay tribute to his beloved wife and son the best way he knew how, and so having a 25-ft granite pyramid as a memorial seemed the perfect way. There are 6 targets to find in this area, and 4 must be located to proceed. It’s sort of like a Magic Eye painting—letting your eyes get sort of blurry as you watch what’s going on as a whole. These types of hints are very useful on larger maps, as you’ll be able to keep an eye out for not just the folk itself, but also the object of their hint. Rayan: Look for the flower truck and tap it until the traffic moves on so you can see Rayan at his flower stall. Forest Monkeyland. Lauro M.: This is a tricky one, but the key words are “electrician” “ad blockers” — he’s being blocked by an ad, and there’s an electricity symbol nearby. But this scarecrow wants his wheat watered. Pyramid monuments were also considered fashionable for wealthy Victorians who buried their families in these beautuful tombs in London’s Highgate Cemetery. – If you’re stuck on a few items but have enough to move on to the next area, take a break and do so. Chief Toto: Where do Native Americans live? The Boss: The key words are “high-level” and “top-level” — don’t forget to move the clouds! The pyramide is "still a few blocks away" which means it will be there soon - now how can something be "delivered" to your house? But if you have screenshots, I can post those too. The Bus Station. } Look close to the edges of the scene. The discovery deepens the mystery of the pyramids, rather than explaining them There are 8 targets to find in this area, and 5 must be located to proceed. When a bus passes, tap on it to stop it and Johnny will get off. Thanks for all the virtual tours and it’s great to know there are places like these and people who appreciate them.

Martin: Martin isn’t hard to find based on the in-game clue, but there’s something you need to do before you can select him. Melly: Find the hotel and look for some watermelons. Plant: Radio waves are transmitted through satellite dishes!

Driver Dave: Pay close attention to the moving traffic! This Egyptian Revival funerary architecture was generally an extravagance of American tycoons who wanted themselves remembered as long and as well as the ancient pharaohs. Break down a wall! Note that you can drag things, too, not just tap! He’s pretty close to the edges of the scene. Learn how your comment data is processed. The image above shows The Desert from the max zoomed out view with certain landmarks labeled.

Mover Buck: Pretty straightforward — look for a moving van. He might be a bit hidden! Click on the ball to move it from the road. Click on the bamboo repeatedly to make it disappear.

function emailValidation() { And look for an oasis! Slide the left-right arrow lever to the far right and the box will disappear - a man in a chair will arrive next on the conveyor belt. However, some claim to have heard from their grandparents that it was a mausoleum.

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