Six-eyed Sand (Hexophthalma hahni) The six-eyed sand spider has a shy temperament but its potential venomous bites make it one of the deadliest spiders.

Body and legs with lancet-like curved, macrosetae, more strongly curved on body than on legs. Broader, basal part of embolus straight-edged (Figs 18, 21), 12. (PPRI 93/261); 1 ♀, Donkins Bay, 3118Cd, 14 Mar. (NMZB A/11518); 1 ♀, 1 imm., Sentinel Ranch, Hunters Camp, 2229Ab. Sentinel Ranch, Hunters Camp, 2229Ab, 16 Apr. medical importance (Newlands & Atkinson 1988, the species has even been considered as one of the strongest spider venoms (Newlands 1986), but this, species is virtually impossible. H. damarensis (Lawrence, 1928).

n. (♂♀ from South Africa), F. leroyae sp. F. australis Lawrence, 1927 is removed from its synonymy with F. festuculaeformis (Lessert, 1925). Size: The average size of such spiders is 0.31-0.59 in (0.8-1.5 cm), the leg span is around 2 in (5.08 cm).

The six-eyed spider can survive a whole year without meal or water. It doesn’t have a good direction sense at all. H. goanikontesensis sp. Notfalls auch Versand.

G. Müller leg. differences between the palps of the different species that can be used to differentiate between them. We present the first broad survey of the morphology of the family from a phylogenetic perspective in order to resolve its relationships. (2017) revalidated the genus name Hexophthalma Karsch, 1879 for six species occurring in Africa (World Spider Catalog 2017). H. spatulata (Pocock, 1900). Mypio Alternative Android, ngers on each side, with a round, sclerotized, reduced outer spermatheca (Fig.

specimen labels, but were looked up on physical maps and added.

Thus, we resurrect Hexophthalma Karsch to accommodate African Sicariinae species. nov., H. goanikontesensis sp.

Its specific name honours Carl Wilhelm Hahn.

Hexophthalma hahni Karsch, 1879h: 109 (generic replacement name). Due to their flattened stance and laterigrade legs, they are also sometimes known as six-eyed crab spiders. Lotz L.N. 2017), and the distribution of many species is being constantly updated (Brescovit et al. The specic name is a patronym for John Leroy, collector of the type specimen.

We report high intraspecific variation in the genitalic morphology of these species, especially in females. TL = 10.26 (8.8–12.4); CL = 4.80 (3.7–6.0); brown. Versand : National and International shipping is possible now! The necrotic effects are caused by a family of proteins related to sphingomyelinase D, present in the venom of all sicariid spiders. Similarly, ancestral biomes occupied by the group are temperate and dry (deserts, Mediterranean shrub, temperate grasslands), with 2–3 shifts to tropical, seasonally dry forests and grasslands. Female internal genitalia. Purcell (1908) and Simon (1910) described or reported 181 spiders from southern Africa based on the material collected by German zoologist and anthropologist Leonhard Schultze in 1903‒1905.

(SAMC Enlarged dorsal setae on femora raised on a slight mound and scoop-shaped (Fig. (NMZB A / 11518); 1 ♀, 1 imm., Sentinel Ranch, Hunters Camp, 2229 Ab, 16 Apr. In this paper we revise the species of Sicarius (Araneae: Sicariidae) from the Brazilian Caatinga, the largest tropical dry forest nucleus in the world. Conversely, if areas with similar climates are geographically isolated, diversification may also be limited by dispersal.

(cytotoxic) and Sicarius sp. Werden Wochentage Im Englischen Groß Geschrieben, Hexomma hahnii Karsch, 1878c: 325, pl. and Director of the National Museum Bloemfontein are also acknowledged for supporting this project. infection spreads. The study of, needed to facilitate studies on this genus, be it systematic, ecological or medical. Minecraft Snow Pumpkin, It is a member of the Sicariidae family and close relatives of this spider are sometimes found in both Africa and in South America. 1983, J. Leroy leg., LR270 (PPRI 89/786). A sizeable proportion of these species have since been transferred to other genera or proposed as synonyms.

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported, Clinical aspects, diagnosis and management of Loxosceles spider envenomation: literature and case review, Phylogeny of Neotropical Sicarius sand spiders suggests frequent transitions from deserts to dry forests despite antique, broad-scale niche conservatism, Clarifying the taxonomic status and distributions of the spider species collected during the Leonhard Schultze expeditions in western and central southern Africa (Arachnida: Araneae), Phylogeny of Sicariidae spiders (Araneae: Haplogynae), with a monograph on Neotropical Sicarius, Present status of Sicariidae (Arachnida: Araneae) in the Afrotropical region, Contributions to a knowledge of the fauna of South-West Africa. We provide revised distribution information for all of these, and discuss the importance of correct information in the preparation of national faunistic lists. Female internal genitalia. 9). Scale bar = 1mm. 17. N of Bitterfontein [ca 30°59′ S, 18°14′ E], 15 Sept. 1983, J.V. [3][5] However, most Hexophthalama species have only been studied in vitro, and the detailed effects of their venom in humans and other vertebrates are unknown. In a recent paper on the Afrotropical species of, of the described species.

Gifgat 2, 2215Da, 11 Jul. Loxosceles valida Lawrence, 1964 is here transferred to the genus Drymusa Simon, 1893 (Drymusidae) and three species of Loxosceles is revalidated (L. bergeri Strand, 1906, L. pilosa Purcell, 1908 and L. simillima Lawrence, 1927).

Embolus with a short, attened apex (Fig. pitfall traps and by hand from under rocks.

The ancestral climatic niche of Sicariinae are temperate/dry areas, with 2–3 shifts to tropical/seasonally dry areas in Sicarius. .................................................................................................. ........................................................................................................................................................... 5. Familia: Sicariidae Genus: Hexophthalma Species: Hexophthalma hahni Name []. Female inner spermathecae consist of a broad chamber, extending anteriorly in, numerous tubes, each ending in one or more spherical vesicles (Fig. leg.

nov. 5. Browse property details, photos, videos, open homes from licensed real estate agents. -Mpumalanga: SAMC C1981); 1 ♀, Clanwilliam District (SAMC 3548); 1 ♀, Clanwilliam, Sanddrif (Dwarsrivier 330), 32.16° S, 18.89° E. Sept. 2002, BIOTA leg. [4] It is placed in the same subfamily, Sicariinae, as Sicarius:[3] We are here to answer any question you may have about our Agency. Leg femora in both sexes with scoop-shaped enlarged dorsal setae (Fig. where the apical part is thin and pointed (Fig. Our results point to the monophyly of Sicariidae and its two genera as currently delimited, with the identification of novel synapomorphies for all of them. Your email address will not be published. While hunting, it uses its front legs to catch the prey. Neotropical xeric habitats provide an ideal system to test the relative roles of climate and geography on diversification, as they occur in disjunct areas with similar biotas. M. Burger leg. Hexophthalma hahni. Most Hexophthalma species, though, including H. hahnii, have only been studied in vitro, and the detailed effects of their venom in humans and other vertebrates are unknown. 11-15.

information about building their web is available. [6], CS1 maint: DOI inactive as of September 2020 (, "Phylogeny of Sicariidae spiders (Araneae: Haplogynae), with a monograph on Neotropical, "Acidentes causados por aranhas e escorpiões no Estado do Ceará, Nordeste do Brasil: casos subnotificados e superestimados baseados na distribuição geográfica das espécies", "Spider bite and its treatment in southern Africa",, CS1 maint: DOI inactive as of September 2020, Articles containing potentially dated statements from July 2018, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 18:05. Most speciation events took place in the Miocene. NAMIBIA: ♀, Outjo [20°07′ S, 16°09′ E] (SAMC 7057). Thin apical part of embolus without embolus keel at base (Fig. Werden Wochentage Im Englischen Groß Geschrieben. The code “ARC (NCA)” is used on the specimen labels, (M. FitzPatrick). It doesn’t have a good direction sense at all.

Nacional de Ciencias Naturales-CSIC, Madrid, Spain; Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid CSIC, Spain. 23), differing from the setae, of all other species.

Hexomma (Karsch) Karsch, 1878 (preoccupied by Hexomma Thorell, 1877 in Opiliones) Hexophthalma Karsch, 1879 (replacement name for Hexomma Karsch, 1878) References Primary references . 2009, J. Irish & R. Scholtz leg. The following spiders are now known to be medically important in southern Africa: Latrodectus indistinctus (neurotoxic), Chiracanthium lawrencei (cytotoxic), Loxosceles sp. have been collected in desert areas, by pit traps and by hand. Photos are not included, as they are not of publishable quality, palps were photographed and compared.

The Six Eyed Sand Spider (Sicarius hahni) is a medium-sized spider found in deserts and other sandy places in southern Africa. It camouflages itself with sands of the desserts.

The six-eyed sand spiders are potentially venomous as their bite might include hemolytic and necrotic effects. NAMIBIA: ♀, Kaoko Otavi [18°18′ S, 13°40′ E], Apr, yellow-brown. (NMNW. H. spatulata, enlarged femoral seta (not to scale). n. (♂♀ from South Africa) are described. M. Mansell leg. H. hahni (Karsch, 1878). However, niches are labile at a smaller scale, with several shifts from deserts to SDTFs. — Newlands 1986: 51. Hexophthalma albospinosa (Purcell, 1908) Hexophthalma binfordae Lotz, 2018; Hexophthalma damarensis (Lawrence, 1928) Hexophthalma dolichocephala (Lawrence, 1928) Hexophthalma goanikontesensis Lotz, 2018; Hexophthalma hahni (Karsch, 1878) Hexophthalma leroyi Lotz, 2018; Hexophthalma spatulata (Pocock, 1900).

H. goanikontesensis sp. 22), whereas the embolus of all the other species have thin apices. 2017;Lotz 2017.

The spider also looks brown as it stays covered with sands. Its local signs and symptoms were first reported in 1872, and over the years, a large medical literature has been accumulated; unfortunately, it is not always trustworthy.

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