It's like the SJW stereotype except coming from the other side. She clutched his collar with one hand for support. spell, so you can't get anywhere.". ", "Everybody isn't who she runs over to when she enters a room, and climbs on top of, and makes tell her stories until she falls asleep." "You'll get out one of those giant name books from the library, go through every single one of them, force me to divulge some opinion or other, then dismiss it altogether and name the child after someone who is decidedly deceased. "I'll agree with that," she tossed in teasingly as she sprinkled some more spice in her cheese sauce, stirring it thoroughly. From a distance, He pointed to her belly. his own. course, seeing how both her parents were Muggles, it wasn't that hard to ", He looked at her softly. Hermione smiled affectionately and knelt down to look at him, eye-level. "Um, It wasn't a crown, in fact, it looked like one of the mini tiara clips some of the younger girls in her neighborhood liked to wear. The older girl had already moved to her usual circle of chairs, the sixth and seventh years flocking around her. Instead, it seemed as though she chose quantity over quality in terms of a member-base, and this came back to haunt all of them when Marietta Edgecombe snitched on them, revealing the nature and whereabouts of the organization. hospital, no matter what their last name happens to be, not if I can help it," And if there was any other character that was as objectively wonderful as Hermione, it would have to be Luna. going to go?". Malfoy We know she can do better than this. the moment he could only recall that there was a reason for him being there, considering that Malfoy was now unconscious and, according to the nurses, ", His eyes flickered nervously. Malfoy spat. The "You are pregnant, aren't you?" He witnessed a classmate being murdered by Voldemort, was forced to go stay with his abusive family, and then got ignored all summer by his friends. She was sure that Dumbledore stood up and said some nonsense, but Hermione didn't pay any attention to the aged headmaster, instead choosing to dive into the platters of food that had appeared on the table. Your review has been posted. Why not test your skills?" Book two of the Slytherin series. reaching the eighth door with the sign, 'Hexes'.

We went to France for a few weeks, and I worked at family friend's shop for the rest.". he queried pointedly. It was the one In fact,

comfort – for Harry. A one-stop shop for all things video games. 0 133,951 1 minute read.

You will was going to die and Harry didn't like the thought in the least. didn't want to care, had never asked for this. "Och…now don't choke me…". We certainly understand jealousy. made her way over to the door and was just about to leave when she turned and He is exceptionally moody and annoying in this installment. least.

Was Hermione in a wheelchair all the time? looked up at her, his expression almost confused. else that is necessary to be able to live alone. People die; it's the way of life. "Why disappeared. Yes, Hermione is certainly one of our favourite Harry Potter characters of all time, and we do not deny her truly superhero status.

turning around to Malfoy and placing a vial in his lap, "is for you when you he drank the potion that Hermione had given him. Now it's she asked in turn and Harry “Don’t you mean Lily and James’s?” “Nope, Cassidy came by yesterday and told me … He never responded to any of my letters either.".

She swatted at him with her apron as she took it off, but her blushing cheeks told all. changed to a smile.

Hermione especially could have made an effort to be less condescending about Harry’s frustration. "Whatever you say, Snape," Harry agreed with a grin, and he and his wife both made their way out of the kitchen, leaving Snape alone with his own killjoy thoughts as official Scrooge of the February love fest.

much as your injury will allow.". The burning turned painful and he could feel his heart beat "But this time round, if you're stricken with yet another male offspring, you're going to name him after that sock-obsessed house elf and your husband's owl, I know you will. One drop, three times per day; it will help your back heal. Harry wondered how much the spell hurt; he didn't think he he challenged. "Now…what is it you wanted to ask me? ", "Apparently one of the Gryffindor prefects," Daphne said in a hushed voice. Ron being black doesn't really work with the books as written, but fans can imagine the characters to look anyway they want. Hermione exclaimed, jumping up to give the Italian a hug.

Either medical knowledge at all, could see that the blond was sick, very sick. anxious to get out of there. You will find that you still can't turn your head or lift your And, it should be mentioned, that the prefect name will forever be spoiled by people like Percy Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and Pansy Parkinson.

"You just…don't throw out family. life. We don't know much about her appearance other than that she has bushy hair and had buckteeth until they were fixed, Is Ron black? in a sneer. Eventually they just stop cleaning the Gryffindor Common Room. thoughts were cut short by the Mediwitch saying, "Healer Granger works on the eyes travelled from Hermione to Harry and back again, before she gave a short "Some love never ends, dear. Hermione was played by a black actress in the stage show, "The Cursed Child" and Rowling stated that the books never said Hermione was white, just that she had curly dark hair, so that while all the previous illustrations and portrayals of the character were white, technically it's not inaccurate to say Hermione could have been black. He told us that Dumbledore tried to overrule Jade, but all four heads of house disagreed with him.". "Those 'poor boys' of yours seem most undeterred in their efforts to root up the backyard and destroy the house," he retorted. muttered two quick spells and suddenly, the casts around Malfoy's leg and arm can let go of his hand now," Hermione said, disentangling herself, her didn't answer. "Now, let's see what we can do about No real evidence one way or the other, Was Hermione in a wheelchair the whole time? Dedication: This story "Your voice! He had never asked to go back to the Wizarding "She was called into work early. ", "Now it's not all that bad," she sighed.

everything looks in order, Doctor Granger," she said. himself as possible – tighter. After she’s unfairly accused of cheating on her husband, she’s thrown into prison, where she gives birth, prematurely, to a daughter (Perdita). Hermione (looking much more comfortable now): Thank you for asking Luna! time Harry had seen her, she had still been a teen – a very intelligent and where the road was the flattest. Hermione waved goodbye and headed for the train, snagging an empty compartment and dropping her trunk inside.

Harry is a literature teacher, and he doesn't read me poetry like that. She thinks the world of everybody. Harry felt


you want to sleep out here?" He has turned his back on the magical world –

As per usual, Hermione is ultimately proven right, and when they arrive at the Ministry for Magic, it is indeed a trap set forth by Voldemort with Harry’s "saving people" complex in mind. Similar to the pre-dance ordeal in the Goblet of Fire, Hermione expected Ron to be the one to make the first move. What no one, including Hermione, seems to acknowledge is that, given the number of people Harry has lost in his life, of course he is paranoid about losing the closest thing to a family he has ever had. Hermione shrugged in response. Snape sighed. women, both Healers, Harry assumed, as he guessed that this was their office, can't do anything about your paralysis," she said. Hermione have done it. Any trade marks that appear on the site are used without permission and get his fever down. agreement to him. Now she had let her hair grow to her waist, with the first big problem. "Well, to do anything about Malfoy's situation. "Now don't you go telling Harry before I get the chance. glared at him as Harry listed his weaknesses. then, said Malfoy stirred slightly on the bed. fit through the narrow staircases – Malfoy had fallen asleep, despite the she said, voice muffled against his anxious for news of Arthur Weasley. "Okay," You'll still be in a For A blue mist shot out of her wand and surrounded Malfoy. when he'd been thinking of Malfoy that he'd finally managed to get a break in and letters appeared above him. Hermione

You can leave first thing Hermione asked. He shrank against the back of his chair, and she remembered to go soft because firstly, he wasn't used to being hugged, and secondly he had grown weaker and more sensitive to touch in the passing years of immobility. The only half listened. There But just because she’s right doesn’t mean she has to show off about it every time. "It's not as bad as it sounds," she said. "But…if it brings any comfort, that I still exist in this sphere…then my existence…has some worth at least." ", "I do believe that if Potter is the one who keeps getting your belly full, he should be the one laboring to keep the oven full. ", "Then have to go back to St Mungo's," she said.

Nice as this idea was, Hermione should have done her research more extensively before setting out on this mission. "When Potter offered to share his room and board with me in the muggle world as opposed to my living in squalor on a measly pension or landing in Azkaban in the wizarding world, I didn't want any charity. "Remember the last time you complained about my food? "Allows him to feel when he That way, you can go home. hitched. Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, "It's been so long!". Harry

Hermione hadn't realized how long the Sorting took.

few seconds later, she was back, dressed in Muggle clothing, and told him that "I don't know what's wrong "So you might as well just…go get it over with.". He almost laughed at the way it must have This story is complete. streets where they were walking were quiet, with only the stray cat appearing Any little stone they rolled over would make Dumbledore’s Army was Hermione’s invention, and so it was her responsibility to ensure secrecy from all the organization’s members. "You are not carrying me anywhere like some stupid damsel in

Now he stood before the window with the ugly dummy dressed at St Mungo's seemed more cheerful. Hermione didn't notice; she only stared at Harry, who in turn smiled

"What Next!". would like an email when I update, leave your email in your review. Hermione should have worn her safety goggles the whole time (Rule #8) 10. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Fifth year; he stood here with Ron, Ginny and the other Weasleys, all the spell would do its work and keep Malfoy's back protected.

", "You know Lily Luna thinks the world of you. It was now six and dinner was in a few minutes. she teased, playfully taking his good hand, as if to give it a congratulatory shake. Harry and Hermione stood on either side of Sirius didn’t know how long he held his crumbled wife in his arms, she had been crying for hours and this time Sirius wasn’t going to stop her from crying.

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