The version of Heavy Traffic shown on Amazon was the 77 minute X-rated version. I wanted the X-rated version only as a collection item so the R version was useless to me. ( Log Out /  The "real" Michael destroys a pinball machine after it tilts and walks out onto the street. "[11] This sequence was deleted from Heavy Traffic, but the same action appeared in the film Down and Dirty Duck.

Heavy Traffic is everything you've heard it is... laced with some kind of bizzare sexual reference every other second (it seems) as well as totally insane violence, this brutal, bizarre and strangely sad film is worth one viewing, if for no other reason that to show that in the early '70's, Bakshi was pointing towards a concept of animated film that is only now hinted at. An "underground" cartoonist contends with life in the inner city, where various unsavory characters serve as inspiration for his artwork. This movie was very surprised because of its 6.7 rating and got about 1565 user reviews.

Heavy Traffic Voices from famous character actors, made the cartoons real. Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2009. Bakshi soon developed Heavy Traffic, a tale of inner-city street life.

For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. please tell me homer simpson was based off the father in this. While his wife screams at him, Fritz lights up a joint and reminiscences about what could have been. We ad-libbed a lot, and he usually got what he wanted in three or four takes.   |  A soundtrack album was released in 1973. Bakshi's fucked up tribute to fucked up 70's New York and being a poor cartoonist. At one point the original version "A" of Maybellene existed. As the two walk out with the dead man's cash, Shorty arrives and shoots Michael in the head. I saw Heavy Traffic in a sale promo from Amazon. The version of Heavy Traffic shown on Amazon was the 77 minute X-rated version. Meanwhile, Angie tries to use his Mafia connections to put a murder contract out on his son for "disgracing the family" by dating a black woman. You can use them to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. And though it starts off that Michael maybe this unfortunate kid doomed by his surroundings and perceived as a 'geeky virgin'. Who do you see? Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2000., Films about organized crime in the United States, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 18:21. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool Ralph Bakshi fan then this is a must see, Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2017. not for the faint of heart. It was a 2 for $10 sale and I ordered six pairs. |

[7] Ralph Bakshi was the first person in the animation industry since Walt Disney to have two financially successful films back-to-back. Im a Ralph Bakshi fan, even though his work will seem quite primitive and basic in todays modern comparisons. Rentals include 30 days to start watching this video and 48 hours to finish once started. The viewer quickly learns Michael is fairly comfortable in his own skin, and at ease - if not controlling of his surroundings. Still sharing his run-down apartment with his middle-aged parents, an oafish slob of an Italian father and a ditzy nut-case of a Jewish mother, he is ridiculed and looked down upon by his friends, hypocrites who run with violent gangs and the Italian Mafia, and a shallow Black girl who makes her living downtown with the pimps and pushers. The lone survivor of a crushed village fights back as does the king of Fire Keep. Or are about to leave the predictable surroundings for a surreal adventure? The unemployed Michael dabbles in cartoons and often wanders throughout the city to avoid family skirmishes and to artistically feed off the grubbiness of his environment. The scene then transitions into an animated and dangerous New York neighborhood. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool Ralph Bakshi fan then this is a must see. Tim's Toons review: Last Days of Coney Island. The two are seen briefly arguing before they finally take each other's hands and begin dancing in the park. ( Log Out /  Some of the finest illustrations to some of the poorest, Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2016. [11] Roger Greenspun, of The New York Times, wrote in his 1973 review: 'People who felt that his earlier feature, Fritz the Cat, merely debased a cherished original, can now judge Bakshi's development of his own material. "[7] Bakshi found Krantz's claims to be dubious, as the producer had recently purchased a new BMW and a mansion in Beverly Hills. Another scene I can recall doing multiple versions of was the guy in the racing cap, pissing on the fat black guy's ass. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 7, 2018. Watch Heavy Traffic Online 1080p Heavy Traffic is one of best movie released on 17 November 1973 starring Joseph Kaufmann, Beverly Hope Atkinson, Frank DeKova, Terri Haven, Mary Dean Lauria. And then I watched on YouTube : "Fire & Ice," "Cool World" (live action/animated), and this film "Heavy Traffic.". Link your DIRECTV account to Movies Anywhere to enjoy your digital collection in one place. According to animator Mark Kausler, Krantz was so nervous about showing too much nudity and sexual activities that he had several versions of some sequences animated, for instance, in the "Maybellene" animation sequence. [5][6] However, Bakshi was uninterested in the kind of animation he was producing, and wanted to produce something personal. Where do you hide? 12 August 2016 [7] Bakshi and Vita were also experimental in their photography: Bakshi requested that the lab technicians produce several prints for every photo, each print increasingly out of focus, giving the backgrounds a fuzzy quality. Read Less. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 22, 2011, If you were born in the 50s or 60s and have (shall we say) an alternative sense of humor youl love this cartoon its a bit in the viene of fritz the cat (I loved that too) similar release time. I covered a lot more cartoony foreplay scenes with a simple close-up of the fat black man's face with his hand covering his eyes.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Who do you see? You should take Heavy Traffic as your wishlist movies or you will be regret because you have not watching it yet in your life. The next day, Krantz locked Bakshi out of the studio, reportedly tapping Bakshi's phone because he was wary of his loyalty as an employee. Looking for some great streaming picks? Watch Heavy Traffic (1973) full movie watch cartoons online. In 1974, the film was cut and rereleased with an "R" rating, replacing the previous "X" rated version. First I must say that this is one of my favorite films of all time - I was a little worried that it would be the r rated version, but luckily like the dvd it is the fully uncensored X rated original edit! Great mix of live action to animation. [7] During the film's production, Krantz attempted to maintain some level of control by issuing memos to Bakshi and other artists requesting various changes. The film also featured songs by Sérgio Mendes and Brasil '66, The Isley Brothers, Dave Brubeck, and Chuck Berry.

Other music featured in the film included the songs "Twist and Shout," performed by The Isley Brothers, "Take Five," as performed by the Dave Brubeck quartet, and Chuck Berry's "Maybellene." All these things had to be somehow represented on film. The film, which begins, ends, and occasionally combines with live-action, explores the often surreal fantasies of a young New York cartoonist named Michael Corleone, using pinball imagery as a … Use the HTML below. However, Shorty eventually meets up with Angie and agrees to fulfill the contract.

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