The chair made out of a tree stump is called the Devil’s chair but in actuality it is a Mourning chair that has been taken out of most graveyards due to vandalism. I turned, seeing no one. ‘That old man passed away a few days ago.’. The answer might lie in a phenomenon that’s been labelled legend tripping.

If you sit on a certain cemetery seat in Galveston, you’ll have visions of all your family members suffering terrible deaths. A complex knot of folklore seems to have grown up around Devil’s chairs in general, a folklore whispered through high schools and colleges and bandied about on social media. Some say a hex was put on it by a Native American woman whose baby died there. Settlers to the area in the early 1800's continued burying their dead here, and in 1857, the cemetery was incorporated as Greenwood Cemetery.

The words ‘Perry’ and ’49 years’ are visible, along with – possibly – the word ‘missed’. Engaging in legend tripping is a way for youngsters to demonstrate their daring and courage as well as their independence from parents, teachers, preachers and other authority figures.

Is this place really haunted? The cemetery became incorporated in 1857, but burials took place there much earlier than that. Civil War phantoms have been spotted on the site of the Battle of Saratoga, a few miles from the town.

The Devil is sometimes said to appear to anyone so bold as to sit in the chair. If a woman struggling to get pregnant sits in the seat, she’ll be expecting within a year. We could not compute where this smell came from as because there was no fire in sight.

The Mourning Chair. The Stacys were prosperous – Mr Stacy was a judge and he and his wife Mary had five children. (Photo: a grave interest). Residents and police guard the graveyard on these nights, turning back or arresting young adventurers.

You were very brave to keep calm and talk to the spirit in an attempt to help him. Gangs roved it after dark and cults carried out bizarre rituals there.

It can be found on the corner of the city’s Congress Park. After the judge died, Mary visited his grave every day for 17 years, sitting for hours on the granite seat.

A psychic who sat in the Baird Chair is said to have lost her ability to speak and is now in a psychiatric hospital, having never come out of the trance she fell into.

The vast majority of information provided on this web site is anecdotal, and as such, should be viewed in the same light as local folklore and urban legends. Others receive tragic news on the day they sit on the seat. At the end of this period, the Evil One will return and demand your soul as payment. Devil’s Chairs – 7 Cemetery Seats that Acquired Macabre Legends. I didn’t know what the meant but as we began to approach this wooden chair, I got goosebumps.

It’s said that if you sit on the chair, you’ll be transported back to the early 1900s.

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Known as ‘Devil’s chairs’, ‘haunted chairs’ or ‘witches’ chairs’, these pieces of graveyard furniture have generated the weirdest and most alarming legends. It seems that Grassle, on a trip to Italy, saw a carved chair among some ancient ruins. Old widows and spinsters – often being both needy and vulnerable – tended to be resented in their communities. I felt the boy pulling my hand back, away from the chair, urgently. Visitors also flocked to Saratoga for less wholesome reasons as the area gained a reputation for casinos and horseracing. Stories sprang up – especially among youngsters – about the chairs being portals to contact the Devil, witches or spooks. The thief was detected when they were found sitting in the chair dead in the middle of the street. (Photo: a grave interest).

at night is not for the faint of heart. There are various legends of haunted household chairs, which will inflict consequences on those brash enough to sit on them. Might these older folktales and archetypes have transferred their focus to previously innocuous cemetery benches and grave markers? Most of the folklore promises dire results for those who park themselves on these benches and – even when good things are guaranteed – this is often at the price of trading in one’s soul. On the island of Torcello, near Venice, is a stone seat known as the Throne of Atilla. : / ˈ b æ n ʃ iː / BAN -shee ), from Irish : bean sí [bʲæn ˈʃiː] ("woman of the sídhe " or "woman o... Archon (Gr. We saw no sign of anyone and we were too far from the city for the sound to have come from anywhere but the cemetery itself. In England, there are even natural features of the landscape known as Devil’s chairs.

In the 1950s, hundreds of, You can unsubscribe at any time – see our. You will get anything you want for seven years. This mourning chair is of a naturalistic design, with its stone carved to resemble a tree trunk and branches. GREENWOOD CEMETERY in the south end of Decatur, is possibly one of the most haunted sites in the Midwest. The only thing that really seems disturbing about the site are the pentagrams and words like ‘Lucifer’ scratched into the wall and bench. ... A White Lady is a type of female ghost reportedly seen in rural areas and associated with some local legend of tragedy. The case got into the press and a TV programme was made, resulting in a mass invasion of the graveyard one Friday the 13th. But can legends of Devil’s chairs be completely dismissed with these rational arguments? I believe he crossed over. Grassle and Baird showed off the chair at their marble workshop to draw in customers. Cemeteries in Decatur, Illinois, a Find A Grave. That was not the case, standing about 20 feet from us was a man dressed in a uniform and he was holding a long rifle kind of across his chest. If you’re crazy enough to go back and sit on it again, a curse will be placed upon you. What might well be America’s most famous Devil’s chair, in Cassadaga-Lake Helen Cemetery, Florida. Your email address will not be published.

John C. Baird was a stone mason and businessman, dealing in marble funerary monuments along with his partner, a Mr Grassle. The examples above are just some of the Devil’s chairs found across the United States.

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